Beckett Nx Burner Problems [7 Easy Troubleshooting]

A burner like Beckett NX Oil Furnace Burner works by taking both air and fuel mixture. It burns the fuel to create heat and distributes the heat to keep your home warm and toasty in the winter. 

Over time, the furnace may get defective or stop working like other electric appliances. For example, the furnace burner won’t turn on, it makes a whining noise, and more are some common issues you can experience.

And undoubtedly, you should fix the burner problems immediately to bring back the warm environment. 

And this guide on Beckett Nx Burner Problems will let you know some of the common issues of your burner. Also, we will let you solve those problems.

So, keep reading…

7 Beckett Nx Burner Problems & Their Solutions

From this chapter, we will let you know the potential problems of your Beckett Nx Burner you will go through over time. Also, we will deliver their solutions. 

1. Burner Won’t Start

Your Beckett Nx Burner won’t start for the following reasons:

  • There are no lights on the Genisys Primary Control.
  • When you power up the burner, you can find the lights on the Genisys Primary Control. But it will turn off again after a second.
  • Maybe the flame light is on.
  • The red reset button is flashing or blinking.
  • Red reset button stays on solid


If there are no lights on the Genisys Primary Control, we bet there is no power or electricity to your burner. To solve this problem, inspect the voltage between L1 and L2 terminals. Don’t forget to check the voltage at the operating limit if there is no voltage. 

Secondly, the lights on the Genisys Primary Control will turn off after 1 second if- the boiler may not receive voltage from the boiler control.  On the other hand, the thermostat doesn’t close the circuit if this is the problem with your furnace. 

To fix the boiler issue, make sure the jumper wire is between TW and TR. Also, ensure 120-volt is present at L1 to L2. In contrast, inspect the thermostat if there is a problem with the furnace. Follow the below steps if you encounter this issue ‘Flame light is on.’ 

  • Turn off the power to the burner. And make sure there are no exposed wires. 
  • Pull out yellow cad cell wires from the back of your Genisys Primary Control. 
  • Now, turn on the power, and the light should go on the Primary Control.

Fourthly, the red reset button will blink if the Genisys Primary Control may lockout. Your Primary Control may experience soft lockout for the following reasons.

  • Get an unacceptable flame signal
  • Excessive recycle attempts
  • A flame when purging cycles

You can easily fix this issue by resetting the control. Just press and hold down the reset button for a second to reset the control. Do the same thing if the red reset button stays on solid. But this time hold down the reset button for 15 seconds. 

2. Burner Runs, Ignites, and Then Stops Again.

The Beckett Nx Burner may run and ignite. But it will stop again. Due to the following problems, you will experience this issue with your Beckett Burner. 

  • Flame failure
  • Flame is present, but its sensor gets weak or intermittent signals.
  • Faulty burner setup
  • Lack of retention


Firstly, inspect the fuel supply and correct it. Don’t forget to check the nozzle and air settings and correct the incorrect air settings. Therefore, check the electrode conditions. If it gets defective, replace the electrode and correct its settings. 

Secondly, check the flame sensing circuit and the wirings. If any wirings of the flame sensing circuit get faulty, tighten the wires or change the wiring if needed. 

To solve the defective burner setup, we recommend you hire a professional or call customer service. And lastly, check the chamber and draft oil supply to fix the ‘lack of retention’ issue. 

3. Nozzle Afterdrip

Nozzle after drip will occur if there is air in the oil supply or air entrapped in the nozzle line assembly. Plus, the nozzle will get clogged due to oil expansion in the nozzle line. Nonetheless, a faulty pump shut-off valve is also responsible for the nozzle after drip. 


First off, attach a clear hose to the pump bleeder port to check for air in the oil supply. Secondly, fix the oil expansion issue by increasing air settings to lower the CO2. And eliminate excess heat by putting a post-purge on control. Lastly, inspect the pump shut-off valve and replace it if it gets defective. 

4. Flue Gas Analysis Not Correct

These are the culprits that are responsible for incorrect flue gas analysis. 

  • High CO- The level of CO will increase for excess air, leaky heat exchanger, and insufficient combustion air supply. 
  • Too high CO2- Not enough air supply to the boiler room will raise the level of CO2. Plus, an incorrect firing rate is also responsible for high CO2 levels. 


Start with inspecting the flue, heat exchange, and chimney. If they get clogged, clear the blockage by removing dirt, dust, and debris. Inspect the burner head and nozzle combination. If anything gets faulty there, solve the issue. An oversized furnace is also responsible for a High CO level. So, replace the furnace. All of these will help to reduce the High CO.

To fix the High CO2 level, we recommend you check out this Beckett Nx burner manual

5. Struggle to Get A Zero Smoke

Here are the reasons why the Beckett Nx burner is unable to gain zero smoke.

  • Inadequate combustion air
  • A defective nozzle
  • Incorrect air specifications
  • A cracked heat exchanger
  • Low-quality fuel


If there is not enough combustion air, ensure the burner’s air shutter and the band are fully open. Also, make sure there is no debris blockage in the burner’s air shutter and the band. And of course, check whether the blower wheel is tight or not. If the wheel is not tight, adjust the blower wheel. 

Secondly, replace the nozzle if it gets defective. At the same time, replace the cracked heat exchanger with a new one. To correct the air specifications, check the manual. Finally, try out different oils to get the right one for your burner. 

6. Burner Makes Whining Noise While Running

Your Beckett Nx Burner will make a popping noise if the motor bearings of the burner get defective. Therefore, the air in the pump or obstruction in the oil supply line is also responsible for the whining noise of the burner. 


The motor bearings get worn out over time, which makes a clicking noise while running your burner. Replacing those bearings will be a simple fix to reduce or stop the clicking noise. On the other hand, bleed the oil pump if there is oil in the oil supply line. Don’t forget to put a vacuum gauge at the fuel pump inlet to ensure there is no obstruction. If yes, remove the blockage. 

7. Burner Vibrates

The burner will shake whenever the blower runs! This is a sign that your burner is vibrating. A defective blower wheel or housing is the culprit behind this issue. 


To fix this issue, make sure to:

  • The blower wheel is tight on the motor shaft.
  • There is no damage to your blower wheel.
  • The motor is aligned on the housing properly.
  • Motor bolts are tightened firmly.
  • There is no debris, dirt, or dust in the burner housing.
  • The coupling is not too tightened. 

How To Reset A Beckett Burner

Resetting the Beckett Burner will be a piece of cake. Just follow the below steps to reset your Beckett burner.

  • Press and hold down the reset button for 15 seconds.
  • Release the reset button when the reset light runs out.
  • And it will reset the control. 


Beckett NX Oil Burner is a reliable heating device to warm up your home. But it may start malfunctioning over time and stop giving the temperature you need to keep you & your family toasty on the chilly days of winter.

And this in-depth guide on Beckett Nx Burner Problems highlighted all the burner issues you may experience. Fortunately, we also provided solutions to those problems. So, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above to fix a specific issue. 

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8 thoughts on “Beckett Nx Burner Problems [7 Easy Troubleshooting]”

  1. When it gets around -15 below outside my furnace shuts down and I repeatedly have to push the rest button. The furnace company said that negative degree weather impacts the Beckett systems. Although this seems plausible because the air intake is bone chilling cold this makes me leary to be able to leave my home during the cold winter months. This just doesn’t seem correct. Can anyone confirm?

    • Hi Patricia

      This type of issue generally happens due to a dirty or clogged air filter that hinders the airflow and consequently, your furnace overheats and shut down. Check the air filter and clean it. If cleaning doesn’t work, change the air filter. Plus, make sure that the vents around your home are free as blocked vents also could be the culprit for the issue.

      Hopefully, you can solve the issue.


  2. An issue that I just ran into is related to the A/C block.

    What happened?
    -When starting, as the air exchanger got to 150 F for the fan to start, there was a ‘chattering’ noise and the burner cut off. It would restart, then the ‘chattering’ reoccurred and the burner cut off again.

    Had to call for service.
    Turns out that the fan wiring went through an A/C block on the side of the burner and the 24 volt relay had gone bad. This prevented the fan from kicking in.

    Since I did not have A/C installed, the tech by passed the A/C block and wired the fan directly to the burner.

    Fixed in 10 mins.
    And, now the burner runs like a champ.

  3. Burner only fails overnight about once every 4-5 days. Usually able to restart with restart button; but, not always and have to call for service. Person who sold us the burner and installed it is stumped and won’t come back. I believe it is a problem with temperature dropping below 68 degrees, which is temperature I set for sleeping which I am not doing very well lately.

  4. my burner runs for a while then shuts off for just a second comes back on every few days goes off on reset my guy has changed the tube no the gun with a new nosil and electrodes new filter in pump new filter at tank and new electric flame eye


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