Blaze Grill Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]

The Blaze grill troubleshooting guide has the solution to all its major problems like the grill won’t stay lit, knobs getting hot, the igniter not working, the grill’s low flame, and yellow flame.

The guide will also help you to fix the grill issues as the grill is not getting hot enough, the grill is too hot, the burner blows out, and excessive flare-ups. 

blaze grill troubleshooting

To fix any grill problem, first, you should adjust and reset your grill’s regulator because the faulty regulator is mostly responsible for causing almost all problems.

If resetting the regulator doesn’t solve the trouble, you should replace your Blaze grill’s defective parts to fix all the above hitch. 

However, stay connected and keep reading till the end if you want to fix your grill or have any trouble by yourself.

Blaze Grill Troubleshooting [9 Fixing Ways]

Throughout this troubleshooting guide, we explained the exact reasons and solutions for all those factors causing Blaze grill problems. So, let’s dive into the discussion: 

1. Blaze Grill Won’t Stay Lit

The most common problem is that your Blaze grill lights run for a few seconds and then shut off.

blaze grill won't stay lit 

That means your blaze grill doesn’t operate continuously or won’t stay lit. There are several reasons why the grill flame keeps going out. Those are: 

  • Inadequate fuel amount or empty propane tank
  • Faulty spark plug 
  • Flawed or broken pilot burner 
  • A weak stream of gas, even if the fuel tank is full 
  • Defective igniter or faulty igniter system 
  • Clogged burners 
  • Inside the regulator, the bypass valve in a closed or half-closed situation gets stuck 
  • Closed control valves 


You light your Blaze grill, but its flame doesn’t stay on, and it’s quite frustrating. After running for a few seconds, the burners are turned off, and that’s why the flame also goes off. The easy resolving ways are: 

  • Refill your grill’s propane tank and ensure adequate fuel in it 
  • Replace the defective spark plug, broken or faulty pilot burner, and malfunctioning igniter
  • Test your grill’s igniter system 
  • After refilling the propane tank, make sure the gas flow is adequate 
  • Remove the burner’s clog by adequately cleaning it 
  • Check the regulator and remove the closed or half-closed stuck bypass valve 
  • Before lighting the burners, make sure the control valves are open 

2. Blaze Grill Knobs Get Hot

One of the common Blaze grill glitches is its knobs get too hot or heat up to the maximum point that you can’t touch during grilling. The knob is made of Bakelite, so it can’t burn or melt but can get too hot.

blaze grill knobs getting hot

Using the grill’s control knob, you will fail to adjust the flame lower or higher if it becomes too hot. The accountable factors for it are: 

  • Too old, cracked, or defective O-ring on the shaft fails to control the flame 
  • Faulty knob unit 
  • Dirt or debris build-up around the knob
  • Heat escaping and flowing excessively in the grill’s control panel area  
  • Gas leakage 


During the grilling session, if your grill’s knob gets too hot, you need to follow the solutions below to fix it: 

  • Replace the cracked, old or faulty O-ring, defective knobs
  • Make sure the O-ring on the shaft is properly controlling the flame 
  • Clean the knob areas of dirt or debris build-up 
  • Make sure there is no gas leaked on the grill and heat is not escaping and flowing in the control area 

3. Blaze Grill Igniter Not Working

A malfunctioning igniter or igniter that stops working is a common problem that Blaze grill users often encounter. The propane tank supplies gas, and the igniter lights up the gas or creates a spark to generate flame in your grill.

Igniter stopping working means no flame in your Blaze grill. The main factors for which the igniter stops functioning are: 

  • Insufficient fuel supply or empty propane tank 
  • Low gas flow or gas leakage 
  • Grill’s defective regulator 
  • Clogged burner tube 
  • Damaged battery 
  • Faulty insulator or spark module malfunction  
  • Rained igniter system 
  • Broken, loosed, damaged, or shorted igniter wire 
  • Igniter and control module’s disconnected wire 
  • Dirty or corroded igniter 


Blaze grill igniter replacement is the prime solution to the above trouble. But before replacing this part, check your grill’s igniter and identify which culprit is hindering its functioning. The practical solutions are: 

  • Refill the propane tank and ensure sufficient fuel supply 
  • Check the gas leakage and ensure adequate gas flow.
  • Replace the faulty regulator, damaged battery, malfunctioning spark module, bad insulator, and broken, loosed, or damaged igniter wire 
  • Properly clean the dirty igniter and remove the burner tube clog. 
  • Connect and tighten the igniter and control module’s wire connection 

Here you can also read our comprehensive guide on how to fix your Blaze grill igniter when it won’t work.

4. Blaze Grill Not Getting Hot Enough

If your Blaze grill fails to get hot enough, it will lead to low temperature and low flame and stop your grill’s smooth functioning.

blaze grill not getting hot enough

When your Blaze grill’s propane regulator fails to control the gas flow from the propane to the grill, it causes the Blaze grill to low heat. The responsible factors for it are: 

  • Defective, broken, or unadjusted propane gas regulator 
  • Inadequate or insufficient gas flow 
  • Dirty or clogged grates, hoses, burners, and other components 
  • Blocked grill burner tube 
  • Malfunctioning burner knobs 
  • Broken or corroded seal 
  • Too much wind during grilling 
  • Kinked or bent fuel hose 
  • Improperly adjusted air shutter 
  • Too low preheating time 


Even after turning the grill’s knob in a high position, if your grill generates low heat or not enough heat, you should follow the solution below to fix this hitch. 

  • Replace the faulty or broken gas regulator 
  • Reset the regulator to function correctly 
  • Ensure proper gas flow from the tank to the grill 
  • Using a stiff brush, gently scrub the dirt and debris away from your grill’s hose, grates, burners, and other components
  • Check and replace the defective burner knobs, corded or broken seal, kinked fuel hose
  • After completing the grilling session, turn off the propane tank regulator and burner 
  • Avoid grilling in windy or extremely adverse weather 
  • Properly adjust the air shutter 
  • Preheat your Blaze grill for at least 15 minutes before starting the cooking 

5. Blaze Grill Too Much Heat

Too high a flame causes excessive heat on your grill. If you keep your grill unclean and leave the unit with residue and grease after completing the grilling session, it will get too hot in the next cooking session.

blaze grill getting too hot

The dirty grill becomes too hot, and it will release excessive heat by burning more. The other reasons behind this hitch are: 

  • Low or uneven temperature 
  • Unadjusted or bad fuel line regulator 
  • Not using your grill’s regulator 
  • Wrong orifice type
  • Damaged or no orifice 
  • Spider webs in venturi tubes 
  • Closed gas propane valve all the way 
  • Grill’s flawed components 
  • Hose insulation problem 
  • Clogged burner 
  • Improper gas pressure and supply 


Uneven temperature or heating too quickly can cause excessive heat on your Blaze grill. Thus monitor your grill’s temp and make sure it is even. Also, don’t leave the grill unclean after completing the grilling. Properly clean the grill’s residue and grease. The other resolving ways are: 

  • Check your grill’s temperature and make sure it is even and not low 
  • Adjust the fuel line regulator and replace the lousy one 
  • Use your grill’s regulator to control the flame 
  • Make sure you are using the correct orifice type and replace the damaged orifice 
  • Clean the venturi tube’s spider webs, dirt, and other foreign objects, and remove the burner’s clog 
  • Make sure all the way the gas grill propane valves are open 
  • Replace your grill’s damaged components, and faulty hose insulator
  • Ensure the grill’s proper gas pressure and supply 

6. Blaze Grill Low Flame

Another common problem is Blaze grill low flame. Your grill may produce low flame regardless of how high you set the knobs. The tepid flame on your grill signals that the propane line’s safety regulator is tripped. The leading causes of it are: 

  • Turned on the LP tank valve 
  • Faulty hose and regulator 
  • All the grill knobs are on & open control knobs 
  • Faulty knobs 
  • Grill’s close hood 
  • Burners become On before opening the propane tank 
  • Soot and debris build up in the burner hole 


The grill regulator is designed to respond whenever the hose inside faces low gas pressure. But your grill will produce a low flame if the regulator accidentally becomes tripped. The ways to solve the above difficulties are: 

  • Check the LP tank valve and make sure it is turned off 
  • Replace the lousy knob, defective regulator, and hose, and reconnect these two 
  • Make sure all the grill knobs are off 
  • Open the grill hood 
  • Make sure the burner doesn’t open before the propane tank’s opening 
  • Remove the burner hole’s dirt and debris build-up and adequately clean it 

7. Blaze Grill Yellow Flame

Your Blaze grill should show a blue flame with yellow tips. But instead of it, if your gas grill produces a yellow flame, which means there is something not right.

blaze grill yellow flame

Simply the burner adjustment issue or your grill’s failed components can cause it. The leading factors that create a yellow flame in your grill are: 

  • Spiders, insects, or other obstructions in the burner inlet 
  • Bad or unadjusted regulator 
  • Incorrect gas type set on the orifice (The grill is set for propane, but you are using natural gas)
  • Dirty orifice 
  • Excessive gas coming from the orifice nozzle 
  • Air and gas’s lousy mixture or unadjusted burner air intake 
  • Low gas pressure due to stuck regulator 
  • The control valve, burners, and manifold are not lined up 
  • Incorrectly aligned venturi tube 


Before stepping out to fix this problem, check the burner whether just one burner or all the burners are generating yellow flame. Then follow the ways below to fix the troubles, and your grill will produce a blue flame. 

  • Check the burner inlet and remove its obstructions, including the spiders and insects 
  • Replace the faulty or stuck regulator and adjust the regulator 
  • Set the correct gas type on the orifice and clean the unit 
  • Make sure the orifice nozzle is not supplying too much gas  
  • Install the gas flow limiting device
  • Adjust the burner’s air intake 
  • Ensure the grill’s adequate gas pressure 
  • Make sure the manifold, control valve, and burner are appropriately lined up 
  • Correctly aligned the venturi tube 

8. Blaze Grill Burner Blows Out

Blowing out the burner hampers your grill’s smooth functioning. For the following factors sudden burner can blow out in your Blaze grill: 

  • Defective burner 
  • Burner’s clogged holes 
  • Incorrectly installed burner over the orifice 
  • Improperly adjusted air-to-gas ratio 
  • Improper gas pressure and inappropriate gas supply (plenty of gas in propane tank) 


The effective fixing ways to get rid of the above difficulties are: 

  • Replace the faulty burner and remove the burner hole’s clog 
  • Correctly install the burner over the orifice 
  • Properly adjust the air-to-gas ratio 
  • Ensure the grill’s correct gas pressure and supply

9. Excessive Flare-Ups

If you find your Blaze grill is flaring up in an extensive amount, it will destroy your food taste.

excessive flare-ups 

Any soft spots or metallic failure in your grill’s flame disbursement system or burner can cause this issue. The other causes are: 

  • Dirty grill & grill grates
  • Excessive grease or guts build up in heat plates and cooking grids 
  • Broken or damaged heat plates or grids
  • Heat plates or burner has a large hole  
  • Fatty meats or using excessive sauce 


Excessive flare makes the grill dirty and spoils your food. To prevent it, take the following actions:

  • Periodically clean your grill 
  • Properly clean the heating plates and grids and remove the grease and guts from it 
  • Replace the damaged or broken plates or the heat plate that contains a large hole 
  • Avoid using too much sauce or cooking excessively fatty meats 

How To Adjust The Gas Grill Regulator

The unadjusted or faulty regulator is responsible for various problems on your Blaze grill. You can fix those hitches by adjusting your grill’s regulator. The easy steps are: 

  • Open your Blaze grill lid and shut off the propane tank gas. Then disconnect the tank’s gas line 
  • Turn up your grill’s all control knobs in a high position along with the side burner 
  • Wait for 60 seconds and again turn off the entire control knobs 
  • Now reconnect your propane tank’s gas line and gradually turn on the tank’s gas 
  • Finally, light your Blaze grill, and hopefully, it will adequately light up and heat


Why is gas not coming out of the propane tank?

Gas is not coming out of your grill’s propane tank because the valve is turned on all the way. Also, a kinked hose, inadequate or low gas in the tank, and a dirty nozzle are responsible for this difficulty. 

Why is my grill propane tank running out so fast?

Your gas grill’s propane tank is running out quickly due to the defective propane regulator, grill, and propane tank’s lousy connection, obstruction in the gas line & faulty grill unit. Fixing these issues will help you to keep your propane tank from running out.

How do you unclog a gas grill line?

To unclog your gas grill line disconnect the gas lines and tank and ensure there is sufficient fuel in the propane tank. Now disconnect the propane tank and adequately clean the entire gas line. After cleaning, reassemble your gas grill’s complete setup. 

Wrap Up

Now you know all the major problems with your Blaze grill and their solutions. Resolve your grill’s hitches by yourself at home when it arises just by reading our comprehensive Blaze grill troubleshooting guide and thus save your pocket. 

However, if you struggle with any other issue with your Blaze grill, don’t hesitate to ask for help just by commenting. We’ll help you ASAP to solve your grill trouble. 

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