Blaze Grill Igniter Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Blaze grill igniter not working due to low fuel in the LP tank, gas leaking, blocked burner tubes, and faulty regulators. Also, the damaged battery, rained igniter system, defective spark module, and insulator are responsible for causing this problem.  

blaze grill igniter not working

Eventually, there needs repairing methods for each problem. In today’s article, you will find all the solutions clearly. Stay connected with us to fix your igniter problem. 

Blaze Grill Igniter Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Before going through the solution part, you should figure out the actual reason behind this igniter malfunctioning. For that, we have assembled seven probable reasons with their causes and effective solutions.

Our suggested methods are quick-working and blaze grill tech-related. So, without any delay, let’s get started. 

1. Insufficient Fuel IN The Propane Tank

If your grill igniter is not working, there is a possibility of not having enough fuel or low fuel in the propane tank.

A full LP tank allows sparks to come through the burner gas. So it is necessary to keep enough fuel in the propane tank. Now check your propane tank by following our below methods.


  • First, have to inspect the propane tank from the gas hose. 
  • Also, turn the valve counterclockwise to open it.
  • Now check the tank water there is enough fuel or not. But before, don’t forget to check the surface of the whole LP tank.
  • For that, just rotate the tank and see if there is any damage or dents there. You should fill the tank unless repairing t it. If needed, replace the tank.
  • Now connect the empty yank with a supply tank. Use a connector hose in this case.
  • Fill the tank up to 80%. 
  • Now screw the valve again tightly and connect the tank to the gas hose. If you take it hard, contact the local gas station. 

2. Gas Leaked Or Low Gas Flow

If the LP tank process does not work, it’s time to check the gas line. The ignite problem may occur if there is a leaking gas line in the appliances.

Also, low gas flow leads to this problem. Now the question is how you can check both processes. Don’t worry. Just go through the following methods.


  • Take a match or lighter to check if the burner is getting normal gas flow. 
  • Now turn in the gas and put the flame on the burner. 
  • If the burner gets lights, it means there has normal gas flow. If the burner doesn’t light, check whether there is a gas leak.
  • To do that, turn off all burners and open the gas lid.
  • Also, turn off the valve. 
  • Now, take the soapy solution water and brush it on the gas line connections.
  • Turn on the valve. If bubbles come, be sure that there is gas leaking. Here you have to repair or replace the leaked components.
  • If bubbles do not come, it may be a clogged burner problem. 

3. Blocked Burner Tubes

You should not avoid checking the burner if there is any clogged debris. Blocked burners will easily bring the ignition problem.

Also, unbalanced burner connections cause this issue. Anyway, it needs to clean the burner correctly. We have described the methods. Here you go:


  • First of all, shut off the tank valve and remove Braze grill burner valves. 
  • Removed the flame tamers and cooking grates. Check if there is any corroded burner. If so, braze grill burner replacement process will work in this case.
  • Now start cleaning. Take a stainless steel bristle grill brush and clean the debris from the outside surface first.
  • Then, disconnect the tubes from the burner. 
  • Clean the inside of burner tubes properly. Use a long and stiff wire in this case.
  • After cleaning, reassemble the burner correctly. If the process to not works, it’s time to check the regulator hose. 

4. Faulty Regulator

If there is a problem with your blaze grill regulator, the igniter will stop working. Sometimes, the regulator hose is stuck closed and prevents emitting the gas to the burner.

Only, a gas grill regulator reset will relieve from faulty regulator problem. Here is the process described below:


  • First, turn off all the burners.
  • Open the gas grill.
  • Now shut off the valve of the propane tank by turning it clockwise. 
  • Then, unscrew the regulator hose from the LP tank.
  • This time turn all the valves in a high position.
  • Leave this for about 5-10 minutes to clear the pressure from the gas line. 
  • Now turn off all control knobs.
  • Re-connect the regular hose to the propane tank.
  • Then, slowly open the LP tank valve.
  • The regulator is being reset. Try lighting the burner with the lighter or match. 

5. Damaged Battery

There may have a damaged battery if the problem is not solved after resetting the regulator. If your gas grill igniter not sparking, you have to go through Braze grill battery replacement procedures.

Don’t get hassle. We have already described all methods to replace the igniter battery.


  • Start turning off all the control knobs and let the gas grill be cool for a while.
  • Next, turn the valve clockwise on the propane tank to get it to shut off.
  • Now, you may find a battery compartment on the side of the appliance. Turn counterclockwise the battery cover to remove it.
  • Then, replace the old battery with the brand-new one.
  • Then, reconnect the battery cover and screw it clockwise.

6. Defective Spark Module Or Insulator

If there are cracked insulators in any igniter electrode, it limits the sparking of the burner. Ultimately burner fails to ignite the gas.

Also, a defective spark module causes the same situation. You should measure the DC voltage between the electrode and the burner regularly. Have a look at the processes.


  • First of all, remove the battery cover. Also, remove the battery and mounting nut at the same time. 
  • Now disconnect the spark module and the wires.
  • Then reconnect the battery and cover it with the battery cap again.
  • Take a multimeter and touch one probe to the module spade. 
  • Besides, touch the other probe to the bare metal.
  • If you don’t find any voltage there, replace the spark module.
  • In the case of the damaged insulator, it would be better to replace it. For that, contact Braze grills customer service.

7. Rained Igniter System

If your gas grill igniter system has just rained, it prevents igniter electrodes from generating sparks. Anyway, dry out the igniter system by the below methods:


  • Before starting, turn off all the burners. 
  • Then take a clean, dry cloth. Start wiping from the igniter tip. 
  • Don’t forget to wipe out the wire to the back of the control panel. 
  • There may enter water into the battery compartment also. So, wipe the complete battery area properly.
  • Also, dry out the cooking grates, flame temper, and burner tubes.
  • Make sure there has no water in any compartment of the gas grill.


Why there is excessive heat on my gas grill?

There is too much heat on the grill if there is damaged orifices and improper gas supply. Also, don’t forget to check the burner holes. 

What to do if I smell gas by the grill?

If you smell gas, shut off the gas supply first. Then, extinguish the flame and open the grill in order to release the gas vapor. If the problem is not short out, call your local gas supplier.  

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, our comprehensive discussion has much helpful to you, and you can troubleshoot the igniter problem by following our guides.

Still, if you have any queries, don’t forget to ask us in the comment box. Thank you for staying with us. 

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