Why My Pit Boss Igniter Stays On + How To Fix [2 Easy Solutions]

The Pit Boss Igniter stays on when you don’t use it. A faulty igniter wire connection or a defective control board is responsible for this issue. To fix this igniter issue, you should first address those problems. 

Fortunately, this Pit Boss igniter troubleshooting guide we compiled will let you know how to correct the igniter wire connection or replace the controller board. So, stick with us till the end to solve the igniter problem of your grill. 

Why Is My Pit Boss Igniter Stays On + How To Fix

This chapter will let you know why your Pit Boss Igniter is on and how you can solve the igniter issue. 

1. Defective Igniter Connection

A faulty igniter wire connection to the control board is the main culprit behind this issue.

If the igniter wiring gets damaged or kinked, the igniter will stay on while your grill is turned off. It only goes out when you unplug it. 


It’s worth checking out the igniter wire connection to the controller. If you notice the wiring gets damaged, replace the wiring with a new one.

And lastly, replace the igniter if repairing the wire connections will not bring any luck for you. 

Note: You should disassemble the unit whether you want to check the igniter wiring or replace the igniter. If you don’t know how to replace the igniter, continue to scroll as we covered it below. 

2. Bad Control Board

A bad controller is another caveat that keeps the igniter on though your unit is off. The control board can get defective for faulty wire connections or other electrical issues. If it gets bad, you can’t operate the unit optimally. 


The only solution to get rid of this igniter issue is to replace the control board with a new one. If you are not mechanically inclined, you can call customer service to do this task for you.

On the other hand, you can follow the below steps to change the control board by yourself. 

  • Make sure you unplug the unit from power and let it cool. 
  • Remove the bottom panel by unscrewing the eight Phillips head screws.
  • Once you pull off the panel and set it aside, clip off the three zip ties that are holding all wires together. 
  • Then, disconnect all the wire connections by pulling apart the plastic Molex connectors. 
  • Now, remove the two Phillips head screws holding on the control board and pull the control board out the front side of the hopper.
  • Next, take a flathead screwdriver and loosen the screws holding the probe wires in place.
  • You can now remove the control board completely.
  • To replace the control board, first, place the probe wires into the blue box and tighten down the flathead screws. Insert all Molex connectors back in the original order.
  • Now, do the reverse and reinsert the control board into the grill. 

How To Replace Igniter On Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Here is the step-by-step guide to replacing the igniter on your Pit Boss grill. 

  • First off, remove your grill grate and the flame boiler from the inside of the unit by simply sliding them out. This will give us access to the fire pot and give us the tool we need to get the igniter replaced.
  • Once you pull out the grill grate and the flame boiler, unscrew the four Phillips head screws. 
  • After removing those screws, you can then turn the fire-pot about a quarter turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Then, give it a slight pull-up to remove the fire pot from the burn tube.
  • Remove the set screw holding your igniter in place. In this case, loosen the set screw counterclockwise and remove the igniter. 
  • The igniter can be fed back through the burn tube.
  • Next, remove the bottom plate on the popper side by unscrewing six Phillips head screws. 
  • Once you remove the bottom plate, clip the three zip ties holding your wires. After clipping those zip ties, you can pull the igniter wires back through the burn tube into the hopper. 
  • Now, the igniter will come out. Once you remove the igniter, disconnect it from the purple and white wires. Then, replace the igniter with a new one. 
  • Finally, do the reverse to put everything back into its place.


How long does the pit boss igniter stay on?

The igniter will stay hot or on for the first five minutes, and it gets turned off then. 

Why is my Pit Boss pellet grill not igniting?

Your Pit Boss pellet grill won’t ignite if the electric outlet gets defective, the fuse on the back of the controller gets blown out, and the extension cord gets faulty. Therefore, a defective control board and a bad igniter can also be the culprits behind this issue. 

How long does it take for the pit boss to heat up?

It takes only three minutes for Pit Boss to heat up. 

How long do you smoke a brisket on a Pit Boss?

Place the brisket on the cooking grate and let it smoke for 8-12 hours. Indeed, it takes that amount of time to smoke the brisket evenly. 

Why won’t my Pit Boss heat up?

Your Pit Boss won’t heat up if there are no pellets in the hopper. Also, too many ashes in the fire pot can be the culprit behind this issue. Therefore, a faulty igniter or a jammed auger will also prevent the pellet grill from heating up. 


The igniter will help you ignite the pellet grill to cook the mead. If it gets defective, you can’t fire up your Pit Boss Grill to smoke delicious meat. Fortunately, the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above will help you solve the igniter issues. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to call customer service for help. 

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