Why Pit Boss Display Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

Pit Boss display not working because of tripped circuit board fuse, tripped GFI, insufficient GFI AMP, faulty extension cord, and Pit Boss not connected to the power supply.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on all these problems and their solutions. By the end, you will be able to fix your Pit Boss display easily. So if your Pit Boss display is not working, just scroll through these instructions and fix everything by yourself for free. Let’s start….

Why Pit Boss Display Not Working [Easy Solutions]

Here we have elaborated on the 5 main reasons why your Pit Boss display not working. Take a closer look at these causes to understand and solve the issues properly.

Reason 1: Disconnection With Power Supply

A simple reason that is often overlooked is the power connection. If the unit is disconnected from the power supply, your Pit Boss display will never come on. 


Just check if your Pit Boss unit is connected to power. Once you ensure this, there shouldn’t be further problems.

Reason 2: Tripped GFI

You need GFI with Pit Boss grills mainly to ignite the flame in the unit. However, the GFI can trip if too many heavy accessories are connected to it or if the GFI is broken itself. No matter what the case is, a tripped GFI will turn off your whole Pit Boss unit along with the display.


There are a lot of things you can try out. Firstly, detach all the appliances connected to the GFI except for the Pit Boss smoker. If your unit doesn’t work even when the GFI is not connected to anything else, you need to do further checkups. 

Connect something else (e.g. refrigerator) to your GFI and see if it’s working. If your device doesn’t work, then call a professional to fix the GFI. However, if other appliances work perfectly, then it is the fault of your device.

If the latter one is the case, then don’t worry, because it can be easily solved just by replacing your ignitor. Here’s how to do it properly,

  • Unscrew the bottom panel of the Pit Boss smoker
  • Locate the red wire connected to the ignitor
  • Detach that red wire from the Molex connector
  • Unscrew the ignitor from the burn pot and pull it out
  • Put a new ignitor in its place and make sure that it’s tightly set
  • Put everything back on and secure the wire connection as well

Now power up your device, and it should work perfectly. Your display will be on as well.

What If You Don’t Have The Time?

Replacing the ignitor is really simple. But it can take a bit of time. Moreover, you can’t really do anything about it unless you have a new ignitor near your reach. So what can you do if you face this problem during a party?

Fortunately, you have the option to operate your Pit Boss pellet grill manually. Just light up a flame using papers and cardboard in the burn pot. Then keep supplying pellets here manually to keep the fire burning. Though this is a troublesome way, it can save you in an emergency.

Reason 3: Insufficient GFI AMP

If your device doesn’t work on a particular GFI, it can mean that specific GFI is faulty. The best way of ensuring this is checking the amperage of the outlet. If it’s less than 15, then your GFI is the reason why your Pit Boss is not getting enough power to keep its display on. 


You can always use a different GFI for your Pit Boss smoker. However, if there is only one GFI in the suitable spot for your Pit Boss unit, then try replacing it. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Turn off the main power supply in your house
  • Remove the GFI’s faceplate out of your way
  • Unscrew the GFI outlet and pull it out
  • Detach all the wirings
  • Take a new GFI outlet and attach the wirings in the way it was
  • Screw the GFI back to its place along with the faceplate 
  • Turn on the power supply in your house.

Now check its amperage. If it’s still above 15 AMP, your Pit Boss display will work again the moment you plug it in.

Reason 4: Faulty Extension Cord

The extension cord supplies power to your Pit Boss system. If this cord is longer than 25 feet, it will allow only a bit of electrical supply in the unit. Damaged extension cords can generate an incompatible amount of electricity as well.


No matter the cause, you have to replace these cables if the issue is with the cords. Just take a Pit Boss extension cord shorter than 25 feet and attach its Molex connector to the control board wires. After that, your Pit Boss smoker will get back to work with its display on.

Reason 5: Tripped Circuit Board Fuse

There is a fuse in your Pit Boss smoker circuit board. If this fuse trips due to an over-supply of power, the whole unit will shut off immediately. As a result, the display will turn off as well. 


Replacing the fuse is the only solution in this situation. It is very easy. Here’s how to do it,

  • Take a new Pit Boss fuse
  • Unscrew the control board panel
  • Find the fuse near the wires in the control board
  • Use a pair of pliers to tightly hold the fuse and pull it out
  • Place a new fuse in its place
  • Put everything back to where they were

And now your Pit Boss display should be back on along with the whole unit. However, if the fuse keeps tripping as soon as you start the device, you should call up an electrician. 

These 5 issues are the main causes behind a bad Pit Boss display. Though these solutions are very effective, they may not work if the display itself is faulty. This is why, when nothing works, you have to replace the Pit Boss display.

How To Replace Pit Boss Display

Replacing the Pit Boss display is very easy. You can do it in 5 simple steps in the following way.

[Have a display for pit boss smoker, and disconnect the power supply before jumping into the process]

Step 1: Unscrew the bottom panel of the Pit Boss grill control panel. Once you do that, you will see the back-side of the Pit Boss grill control board clipped there.

Step 2: Detach the four clips holding the control board there and give it a little push to pop it out.

Step 3: Once it’s out of the unit, disconnect the wire connectors of the old control panel and attach it to the new one. You can detach and secure the connections one by one to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Once all the connections are secured, put everything back in its place. Don’t forget to screw up the control panel at the bottom.

Step 5: Now power up the Pit Boss unit.

After this, you will have a perfectly functioning Pit Boss display. So follow our easy guide and get your device fixed today.


How do you reset a Pit Boss pellet smoker?

Unplug the Pit Boss smoker and reconnect it to reset the whole unit.

Does Pit Boss have a fuse?

Yes, Pit Boss smoker has a 120V, 5 AMP fuse in its control board.

Why will my Pit Boss grill not light?

The most common reasons why the Pit Boss grill won’t light are faulty extension cord, bad electrical outlet, damaged control board, and blown fuse.

Why does my pit boss have no power?

A bad electrical outlet or damaged extension cord can be the reason why your Pit Boss doesn’t have power.

How much does Pit Boss smoker display cost?

A new Pit Boss smoker display costs around $50.

To Conclude: 

If your Pit Boss display is not working, this article will help you fix it. Once you have understood all the reasons and applied the solutions, your Pit Boss display blinking will not bother you anymore. But if you face any trouble following these procedures, comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Why Pit Boss Display Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]”

  1. I started up my grill today to do our Christmas turkey and everything works fine except I have NO digital display at all. DEAD!!! Fortunately eveything else is working, so I have a turkey on and cooking now. Also, I had a bluetooth remote meat thermometer, so not being able to use the one that came with my unit didn’t hurt. Some people may not be that lucky!!!

    I read all the trouble shooting tips, none seem to apply here due everything else working great.
    I’ve only had the unit a couple weeks, I’m registered with Pit Boss, so I assume the year’s warranty covers this malfunctioning display.

    • Hi Donald

      Usually, the grill’s digital display takes some time to warm up. Because of the knob problem, you may have this issue. Press the knob for a few minutes and allow 200 degrees to heat the grill. Try again and you may surprisingly see that your display is working.


    • Hi Donald,
      Did you tried again?
      I had this same issue, I started the smoker (Austin XL) and everything was working fine, then when the brisket reached the 150 degrees the display went off but seemed to be working OK, I could hear the fan and the auger working but no display at all. In the doubt I wrapped the meat and finished it in the oven. The next day I turned it back on and everything was working normal. Now I don’t trust the controller but I will give it another opportunity before replacing it with a different one, and if the failure repeats I will check the knob problem that William commented.


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