Bradley Smoker Keeps Shutting Off [7 Easy Solutions]

The possible reasons why your Bradley smoker keeps shutting off are a faulty probe, lost electrical connection, rust buildup in the smoker, long cook on low temperature, blown fuse, bad controller, and low-quality pellets. 

bradley smoker keeps shutting off

There’s no need to get anxious. Just keep on reading our troubleshooting guide and follow along to fix your smoker ASAP.

Bradley Smoker Keeps Shutting Off [7 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the causes and their simple and easy solutions. 

1. Faulty Probe

An improperly attached probe is the first possible cause of your Bradley digital smoker keeps shutting off.

The electric smoker may detect inaccurate temperatures as a result of the malfunctioning probe. This may obstruct the smoker’s ability to function properly or at all. 


In case you suspect the probe is the issue, you’ll need to disassemble your electric smoker. But before that, unplug the unit. Remove the electric control unit. You should be able to see the probe at this point.

Unplug the probe and look at it thoroughly. Check to see whether the pins on the probe are damaged in any way.

Damaged pins are to blame for your electric smoker’s issues. If the pins are damaged, you may need to replace the probe. If the pins appear to be in good condition, return everything to its original position.

Keep in mind that everything must be properly secured. Re-start the electric smoker. In case the problem was caused by the probe, the smoker should now stay on.

2. Lost Electrical Connection

Your smoker is powered by electricity. As a result, if there is a problem with the electricity connection, your smoker will keep shutting off.

This could be a problem with only the outlet you’re using for your smoker, or it could be a problem with the entire house’s energy supply.


You must ensure that your home’s power supply is secure. Take a look at the following suggestions: First, make sure the smoker is connected to the proper outlet.

If your smoker’s electricity keeps going off and on, there’s a problem with the cable. Flickering electricity is caused by faulty wiring.

If the smoker does not turn off, the entire outlet should be changed. In this instance, hiring an electrician is the best alternative.

If the smoker’s outlet is working properly, the issue is most likely with the main fuse. Make an appointment with your electrician to get this problem looked into. If necessary, they will replace the fuse.

3. Rust Build-Up In Smoker

Rust might cause your electric smoker to cease working. Electrical connections might be harmed by rust stains. They can also shorten the life of your electric smoker over time.

Ignoring the appearance of rust will not result in a good outcome. In order to save your Bradley digital smoker, you must address the rust as soon as possible.


Get some sandpaper and remove the rust with it. You can still prevent rust from taking over your electric smoker with a lot of effort. Use the precautionary measures listed below in the future.

  • Keep it in a dry place like- your garage, a shed, or even your kitchen.
  • Invest in a smoker cover to protect it from the elements.
  • Deep clean the cooking grates after each cook. Remove the grates from the smoker and soak them in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Clean the grates thoroughly with a sponge.
  • To clean the rest of the smoker, combine warm water and apple cider vinegar and spray it while rubbing it off with a sponge.

4. Long Cook On Low Temperature

If you cook in a low-temperature environment, your Bradley smoker will most likely shut down. The fire needs a lot of fuel to generate enough heat when you use your smoker at a low temperature.

As a result, if you cook long enough, your pellets will burn out and the whole system will shut down.


In this circumstance, the best thing you can do is cook at the ideal temperature for a set period of time.

5. Blown Fuse

If the fuse in your Bradley smoker blows, you won’t be able to light it or it will continually shut off. For the following reasons, the smoker’s fuse may be blown out:

  • You may have connected your smoker to a circuit breaker that has tripped.
  • The fuse will be blown out if the draft fan consumes a lot of electricity during the startup phase.
  • Your smoker’s fuse wears out, or the auger draws more amps than usual.
  • This problem could potentially be caused by the igniter rod.


Whatever caused the fuse to blow, the only way to fix the smoker’s problem is to replace the fuse. We recommend that you contact the Bradley customer service staff to get the fuse replaced for you.

You can also ask your local electrical service providers to assist you with this operation.

6. Bad Controller

The major cause of the Bradley smoker problem is a faulty control unit or controller. If the controller is damaged, your smoker will continually switch off after 5 minutes every time you turn it on. This problem could also be caused by loose wire connections in the digital control.


To begin, unscrew the screws that keep the control panel in place. Then look for any loose wire connections on the controller. Tighten any loose wire that you find. Don’t forget to use an air compressor to clear the controller of dirt and debris.

Place the controller back into the device and power up your Masterbuilt. If the controller does not work, it is considered faulty. As a result, swap out the controller for a new one. For a replacement, contact the Bradley Support Team.

7. Low-Quality Pellets

It’s possible that you’re having a lot of flame-outs because you’re using inferior pellets. Cheap pellets burn more quickly and may not stay lighted during the cooking process. While cheaper pellets save you money in the short term, they might cause havoc with your auger over time.

It’s also possible that your pellets have collected moisture from the humidity after being stored for too long.


Buy quality pellets that will not hurt your smoker. The Bradley Bisquette burner goes very well with the Bradley smoker. 

  • The burn time of 48 bisquettes is 16 hours.
  • Chippings provide a steady stream of smoke at a regular temperature and may be used on any type of meat.
  • Choose from a variety of flavor combinations.

In the case of storage, in a climate with less than 10% humidity, wood pellets can last up to 6 months. If you live in a high-humidity environment, expect a shelf life of 1-3 months. Longer than that, your pellets can get moist and unsuitable for use.


Why is my Bradley smoker not getting hot?

The wind is the most significant thing preventing your Bradley from increasing its temperature. It seems to absorb all of the heat from the smoker cabinet. Also, Your faulty smoker heating element can be the reason for the smoker not getting hot.

What is the max temp on a Bradley smoker?

The maximum temperature is 320°F (160°C).

Are Bradley Smokers made in the USA?

No, Bradley smokers are made in Canada.

How long does a Bradley smoker puck last?

Each bisquette burns for 20 minutes, thus once you’ve filled your bisquette feeder tube, you’ll have to refill it after 8 hours.

Do smokers have flames?

While there aren’t usually any direct flames burning the food, the heat (generated by the fire in the burn pot) is still transmitted to the surface of the grill grates.


Hopefully, you can now easily fix your smoker with some help from our guide. Enjoy your meat! In case you have any questions, leave us a comment below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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