Bradley Smoker Troubleshooting & 12 Error Codes Solutions

The common Bradley smoker problems are the smoker shutting off frequently, the smoker not getting hot enough, insufficient power, low internal temperature, and smoke generator difficulty.

Whatever the trouble you are struggling with, go on reading our comprehensive Bradley smoker troubleshooting guide. You will get easy solutions.

Plus, we will be talking about the Bradley smoker error codes, their meaning, and simple solutions. 

So, we can declare, by the end of this article, that you will be capable of handling your Bradley smoker with the utmost efficiency. So, go on reading…

Bradley Smoker Troubleshooting [5 Easy Solutions]

While using your Bradley smoke, you may face the following problems. Now, let’s know all about the troubles and their solutions initially:

1. Smoker Keeps Shutting Off

A faulty or dirty temperature probe, blown fuse, a defective controller, bad pellets, or wrong P-setting are the prime causes of your Bradley smoker shutting down frequently.


To fix your Bradley smoker keeps shutting off issue, go for the following efforts:

  • Clean the meat probe. If faulty, replace it.
  • Replace the blown fuse.
  • Find any loose connection in the control board and tighten it. If defective, replace the controller.
  • Use the quality and right size pellets.
  • Fix the P-setting

2. Bradley Smoker Not Getting Hot Enough

Going out the heat from the smoker cabinet, faulty heating element, wrong plugin, and blocked meat probe are the reasons behind your smoker not getting hot enough.


  • Make sure the heat does not go out of the smoker. You can seal if there is any gap in the smoker door.
  • Clean the heating element. In case it’s defective, change it.
  • Make sure the plug is perfectly seated.
  • Clean the meat probe.

3. Insufficient Power

In case there is no power to smoke, the first thing you should do is check all the plugs and outlets. Once you are sure that the plugs are properly inserted into the sockets and there is electricity running in the outlet, take a look at the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).

If everything works properly except for your smoker, then the problem probably is with the internal wiring. Problems with the Bradley smoker fuse can also be the reason for this issue. Call an electrician to deal with this matter. They will probably fix the Bradley fuse. 

4. Low Internal Temperature

Bradley smoker temperature problems can occur if you don’t preheat your smoker all the way. Once you put the food inside the smoker, it absorbs most of the heat. That’s why the temperature inside drops drastically. 

Though it slowly rises again with time, by then your food can lose its moisture and get really dry. And due to the absorption of heat, the temperature of the inside will not get to the level you want.

Simply put, it will be a disaster. So, remember to preheat properly. It’s very important.

5. Faulty Smoke Generator

You can face Bradley smoke generator problems due to faulty Bisquette burners. To solve this problem you have to maintain certain things.

  • Firstly, remove the smoke generator from the tower. And then turn the generator upside down.
  • Remove the 8 screws you will find around the perimeter of the smoke generator bottom. 
  • Removing these screws will open the clamshell fashion. You have to make sure all the connections there are tight enough. 
  • After ensuring a tight connection, close the generator and screw it back again. 
  • Place it where it was in the tower. 
  • If the smoke generator still doesn’t work, then call Bradley customer service.

Your Bradley smoker can have many more issues as well. You may have a problem with the Bradley smoker door gasket or with any other Bradley smoker parts. 

But all of those issues are minor and can be solved using the Bradley smoker manual. These above-mentioned points are the major issues that you should be always ready for.

However, apart from this troubleshooting, there are 10 error codes that you may have to deal with if you are using a Bradley smoker. Take a look.

12 Bradley Smoker Error Codes, Meaning & Solutions

Bradley digital smoker error codes make it easy for you to detect problems with your smoker. But, how do you solve these problems? Follow the solutions given below to immediately fix your Bradley smoker.

1. Bradley Smoker Error Code E: (Bisquettes Not Advancing)

The E error code in Bradley smoker means that the Bisquettes are not advancing. In case the Bradley smoker puck feeder problems and the bisquettes don’t go inside of the smoke, examine the drive guide. It may get jammed with dust. 

Have a screwdriver and break the thick dust. Then clean the dust with an air compressor. Also, don’t forget to clear away all the wood chips if there are any.

Besides, try cleaning the smoke generator. It should make the Bisquettes movements smooth again.   

2. Bradley Smoker Error Code E1: (Faulty Sensor Wiring)

The error code E1 means that there is faulty sensor wiring in the smoker. The sensor wire is the wire that runs from the generator to the tower. If the connection of this wire is somehow loose then just unplug the wire from both ends.

Then plug it in again after waiting for a few minutes. This fixes the issue of faulty sensor wiring.

3. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err1

Meaning: Heat element failure

Cause: This error code is displayed when the cabinet temperature increases less than 8° in 5 minutes and the inner temperature decreases to less than 80%. 


First, cancel the alarm by pressing the rotary dial. Then, change the faulty heating elements to solve this issue.

4. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err2

Meaning: Bisquette burner failure

Cause: This indication is displayed when the temperature decreases to less than 100° and increases less than 3° in a minute.


Similar to the first solution, cancel the alarm using the rotary dial. And then change the faulty heating elements.

5. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err3

Meaning: Jammed bisquette

Cause: In case the turntable rotation isn’t detected within a minute, the rotation reverses for 30 seconds before trying to advance again. Error code Err3 will be displayed when this process fails 3 times straight.


Cancel the alarm by pressing the rotary dial. Clear the jammed bisquette to fix the problem.

6. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err4

Meaning: The oven is too hot

Cause: When the internal temperature of the oven increases more than 180°C, the heater and the heating indicator turn off. This error code indicates this condition.


Turn off the oven and let it cool down. After the inner temperature drops below 170°C, you can cancel the alarm by pressing the rotary dial.

7. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err5

Meaning: Cabinet temperature sensor failure

Cause: This error code is displayed when the smoker loses its connection with the sensor or when the sensor fails to perform its task. 


Firstly, cancel the alarm by pressing the rotary dial. Inspect the sensor and see if its connections are properly stable. 

8. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err6

Meaning: Bisquette burner temperature sensor failure

Cause: When the bisquette burner’s sensor loses connection or fails to function properly, this error code appears to indicate the condition.


Turn the alarm off by pressing the rotary button. Check the sensor. It may need a replacement.

9. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err7 & Err8

Meaning: Both these error codes indicate the disconnected meat probe 1 or 2

Cause: If the smoker detects probe failure these two error codes make that indication.


Press the rotary dial and turn the alarm off. Inspect the sensor and see if it’s properly connected. 

10. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err9

Meaning: This code means that meat probe 1 is not properly connected.

Cause: In case the system detects any kind of resistance of the meat probe 1, this error code will be displayed. 


Disconnect and reconnect the meat probe 1 in the proper manner.

11. Bradley Smoker Error Code: Err0

Meaning: Similar to the previous error code, this one means that the meat probe 2 is not properly connected.

Cause: The reason for this error code is the resistance of the meat probe 2.


Disconnect and reconnect the meat probe 2 to solve this issue.

12. Bradley Smoker Error Code: OPEn

Meaning: This is the most vital error code. It means all the controls are disabled.

Cause: This error occurs when the cabinet door opens.


Close the cabinet door first. Then once the functions are available again make sure the cabinet’s internal temperature is below 170°C. In case the temperature is higher than this level, turn off the smoker and let it cool down. 


Why is my Bradley Smoker beeping?

Beeping means there is a problem with your smoker. If you hear continuous beeping coming from your Bradley smoker, check the display. It will show an error code that you will have to deal with immediately.

Where is the fuse on a Bradley smoker?

The fuse on a Bradley smoker is located on the red wire inside the clear plastic tube of your Bradley smoker.

Should I clean the inside of my Bradley smoker?

Just like every appliance, Bradley’s smoker needs cleaning as well. But, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning. Wiping the smoker with dry newspaper once a month is enough. And you can clean the whole device with warm soapy water once a year. 

How long does a Bradley smoker take to heat up?

The purpose of heating up a Bradley smoker is to take the temperature to 250°C. It can take about 1 to 2 hours.

At what temperature does meat stop absorbing smoke?

Meat stops absorbing smoke at around 135-140°C. After this, the meat won’t absorb smoke anymore, rather it will “adsorb” the flavor.


The truth is you will face issues no matter what model of Bradley smoker you have. But these issues don’t have to be the reason why you should stop using your smoker. If you are patient enough, you can effectively deal with it no matter what the issue is.

So, follow our above instructions and keep your Bradley smoker safe and working. If you are having difficulty with any more issues, feel free to comment about them. We will be happy to help you.

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  1. Hi there,
    I have a digital Bradley smoker and the up and down buttons on the temperature are not working, is this an easy fix and if so could you tell me how.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Gary

      Please try keeping your finger perpendicular to the smoker board while pushing the button. It may help you. Plus, push the buttons dead center. If all these don’t work, then contact Bradley service center because the problem may be in the board itself.


  2. I have an older, non digital Bradley puck fed smoker. There doesn’t appear to be any power to the smoke chamber. The power light to the feeder comes on, but the light on the main chamber does not come on. I’ve checked the power connections, they are all tight. Any advise?

    • Hi Kim

      Beeping means there is a problem with your smoker. If you hear continuous beeping coming from your Bradley smoker, check the display. It will show an error code that you will have to deal with immediately.

      To solve the issue cold on display, take help from the Bradley smoker support center.


  3. Hi we just discovered that pucks left in the smoker can absorb humidity, swell and jam the puck feeder if you get just an e code shortly after you turn on the smoker check for that

  4. My Bradley digital smoker w/6 racks does not advance puck. It will manually no problem. I clean everything on feeder. Seems 20 minute timer is not operational. have to sit and manually advance pucks. Is there something I can replace for timer?

    • Hi Bud

      To solve the issue, first, remove all the pucks and clean the channel out with an air compressor.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Bradley smoker’s customer service center. Before that check the manual for warranty coverage.


    • Hi Larry

      To fix the issue, check the drive guide that may get jammed with dust. Have a screwdriver and break the thick dust. Then, clean the dust with an air compressor. Also, don’t forget to clear away all the loose wood chips if there are any. Besides, try cleaning the smoke generator. It should make the Bisquettes movements smooth again.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  5. Hi there,
    I have a Bradley Smoker (The Original). The pucks advance no problem but the pucks won’t create smoke. In 20 minutes they get pushed forward with no burn marks.
    I thought maybe it was the pucks so I ordered new ones and tried it as soon as they came in. Same thing not burning.
    Am hoping you can help me out. Really missing my smoking!!



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