Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Tripping GFCI [3 Tips To Fix]

Masterbuilt is an amazing smoker. Every time you turn it on, it gives you the safest experience due to having a GFCI outlet. So during any abnormal situation, the Masterbuilt keeps shutting off. 

It seems a hazard that you need to fix but it avoids any risk of an electrical fire. If you are facing the same issue with the Masterbuilt electric smoker tripping GFCI, then here you will find a solution.

Well, you are a few steps behind it, just need to read this article, that’s all!

Why Does My GFCI Outlet Keep Tripping?

Every modern electrical smoker comes with a GFCI outlet. Masterbuilt is not an exception here.

The GFCI outlet prevents any ground fault in your smoker. We know electrical smokers often get moisture, debris, and water leakage issues. When they get into the heating element of your smoker, the system trips the GFCI breaker and shutdown the smoker.

Why does it?

Because they are highly susceptible to catching fire at any time. As you can see now, there are multiple reasons to protect your electrical wire out of GFCI outlets.

So what causes your smoker to keep tripping is not a single issue. There would be many. For example, damage to any appliance, electrical abnormal shocking, water leakage, moisture, etc.

We sort out the following reasons. So check out them before you are fixing your outlet: 

1. Overloaded Circuit:

If your smoker wattage capacity has 750 wattages and the electrical flow is higher than that then this will make trip the outlet. 

2. Worn Out Insulation:

From day-to-day use, the smoker will decay and insulation will be worn out which is another factor. 

3. Conductive Debris or Dust:

Most of the time, from the back panel or inside the coil of a smoker, the dust and debris come to reside. Consequently, from the time being, it causes leakage. 

4. Moisture:

This one would be the most common one. However, you can get rid of moisture by taking care of your smoker

5. Bad GFCI Outlet:

We know, all electrical components degrade from using them from time to time. So the same goes for the GFCI outlet, once you sort it out then make sure you are going to replace it soon. 

3 Tips for Fixing Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Tripping GFCI

Most of the time with the tripping issue, we find abnormal temperatures. Well, there is a quick fix that will take you to a different flight. We’ve tried it out and bingo works! So let’s follow a few tips ahead below: 

Tip 1: Check the Condition of the Circuit Breaker and Unplug Multiples Line

You must come to know whether their multiple lines come out from the circuit breaker and whether one of them is your smoker or not. If yes, unplug them first. Afterward, try again and hope the issue will resolve here. If not check out the upcoming steps. 

Tip 2: Check Your Heating Element Using Digital Multimeter

Get your hands on the digital multimeter. Then check the heating element to see its resistance level of it. Besides, test the wires coming out towards the electric smoker heating element are not worn out. 

We may need to replace the heating element if you get it defective. In this case, it’s better to hand over the task to an expert.

Alternatively, you can check out this article on how to replace the heating element of an electric fireplace yourself.

Tip 3: Check Out your Coil and Remove Moisture

This is the most common one which we will tell you to resolve in a step-by-step process. So follow them below: 

Step 1: The first step is to open up the pan to see the coil whether you have moisture issues or not. If yes then follow our next steps onwards. 

Step 2: Alright, so you have moisture issues right inside the coil and alongside the pan. The worst thing is to use cleansing chemicals and try to remove moisture.

This will deteriorate your smoker and you will have more issues aside from tripping off. Use a heat gun instead of it. 

Step 3: As you put your hands on a heat gun so use it across the coil a number of times. Turn it on for 3 to 5 seconds and let it go across the coil. After multiple times of applying it throughout the coil for four minutes, the issue will resolve. 

Step 4: Now the time comes up to check out your temperature probe. Set it to the lowest level. Hopefully, now you won’t see any abnormal temperatures up to 200 degrees. 


What to do if GFCI keeps tripping?

First off, you will need to check out whether you put multiple lines into the same outlet or not, then fix the moisture, dirt, and debris from the coil, these are the most common issues. Afterward hopefully, you will get rid of tripping off. 

Can an appliance trip a GFCI?

A GFCI outlet protects a number of appliances however, it has a limitation. If the number rises abnormally then the cumulative effect will trip the GFCI.

What is nuisance tripping of a GFCI receptacle most likely to be caused by?

A ground fault is considered a nuisance tripping of a GFCI. Due to the long extension cords, the flow of current would be captive and combined leakage may occur. Once it occurs, then we call it nuisance tripping

How many amps does an electric smoker pull?

It varies from one smoker to another. Commonly Masterbuilt smokers draw close to 7 MPS when you see the wattage would be 800. 

Why does my smoker keep turning off?

In most cases, a smoker keeps turning off due to the tripping of the GFCI outlet. Besides, the faulty heating element would be another cause.

Can I have 2 GFCI outlets on the same circuit?

Yes, one can have as many GFCI outlets as he wants to put on the same circuit. On the other hand, the circuit breaker must need to put 2 wires at a time to the circuit. 

Final Words

We have covered the ways to fix your Masterbuilt electric smoker tripping GFCI issue. Hopefully, you find a way out. The smoker tripped in many ways. we sort them out all. Among them, a ground fault is the most common issue.

Also, the moisture issue, overload circuit, and worn-out insulation are responsible for it. However, you can get rid of it once you follow our instructions.

Last but most important advice for you is to wear a few safety guards, especially hand gloves. Don’t forget that at all. 

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