Electric Smoker Heating Element Replacement [4 Easy Steps]

If you are using an electric smoker for a year at least, then at the end of the year, you must face an issue. Most of the time, you will face an issue with the smoker not getting hot enough. And then you should for your electric smoker heating element replacement.

In 6 out of 10 cases, the electric smoker heating element gets corroded (The place where wire connections join to the heating element). And in a few cases, the heating element gets worn out and then you need to have a new one to replace. But many of us can’t detect the actual issues.

Do you know why? 

Because most of the novice users fail to understand the troubleshooting and maintenance hacks of it. Turns out, they had no choice left without replacing it. The reason is obvious here. That is with the faulty connection between the heating element and the power supply. 

But what happens when you won’t need to call up a technician and save some bucks? 

Well, when you are using a Masterbuilt smoker for the first time, then guesswork will be futile. Stay with our article and try to understand how to replace the heating element of your Masterbuilt electric smoker. Hopefully, you will find new hope.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Heating Element Replacement

Welcome to the restoration journey of the electric heating element of your Masterbuilt smoker. Our tricks with this smoker troubleshooting guideline will work for all Masterbuilt electric smoker heating element replacements. For your better understanding, we have broken the guides into a few parts. So let’s begin…

Step 1: Remove Heating Elements & Chip Box

Most of the time the corrosion leaves moisture in great numbers. Turns out, the only option you have is to remove the following parts of the heating elements:

  • Starter connectors
  • Outside pan unit fixed with bolts
  • Access panel

While removing the above parts, you will need the following tools: 

  • Screw-drivers
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters and Strippers

After heating elements, you will need to remove the chip box as well, because it becomes messy. When you pull it out then you will get to see the trash and it smells like a rat inside of it. 

By the way, to remove it follow the below instructions: 

  • First off, unscrew the attached chip box to the inner wall
  • Then remove the bolts which tightly fixed to the box
  • Pull out the chip box

Step 2: Cleaning and Restoring the Corroded Connection

As we have already said, moisture is the inhabitants inside the chip box and heating element. So you must get your hands on it.

Cleaning would be the easiest restoration, indeed. To perform so, use steel wool and a wire brush. Gently take them around and inside the heating element. Once you are done, then let’ start restoring the bad connectors and turn them into a new condition. To do so, follow our instructions below: 

  • First off, a propane torch would be handy to boil down the solder connection
  • Now, you may pull out the old connector
  • Use a rotary tool alongside the sanding drum and clean them well.

Step 3: Replace All the Heating Element Connector (Male & Female)

If you have already opened things up with your smoker and fixed heating element, then you must know about connectors.

First off, get your hands on the male connector and make sure that you are using 14 to 16 AWG connectors. Now sort out which male connectors are worn out. Then replace them with a new one. 

By the way, the female connectors do the same. Commonly female connectors are more vulnerable to get corroded. 

Step 4: Re-Installation

Congrats! you have sweated a lot, we admire. The good news is you are almost done except you didn’t put the chip box, heating element, and pan together. Well, that is so easy, you will need to follow the reverse technique that we have said earlier. However, let us explain a bit.

  • Reinstall the heating parts by screwing the nut and bolts
  • Connect wiring (make sure you will switch off the power)
  • Finally cover the panel and it’s about your electric smoker heating element replacement.


How do you test an electric smoker element?

Well, it is that simple! To test your electric smoker, you will need a multimeter that tells whether it is fine or not. For example, if your electric smoker wattage is 800W then the multimeter will show that range. 

Why does my electric smoker not smoke?

There are so many reasons. Among many of them, the most common one is- your smoker corroded with moisture. Besides, the heating element has worn out, and thus it is not firing up. 

Why is my electric smoker Shocking?

The first and common reason for an electric smoker is shocking due to the exposed wire. Secondly, it responds with the static shock due to an accidental short circuit. Another reason would be with the bad wiring where water or moisture peep inside of it. 

How long do Masterbuilt smokers last?

Masterbuilt is a popular smoker for its consistent smoking. In full throttle, it will smoke for up to 6 hours. But make sure you are using regular pellets in the Masterbuilt electric smoker and attach them to its digital smoker. Again, the smoking temperature would be between 100 to 120 degrees F.


Hopefully, you come to know the hacks of replacing electric smoker element kits. Throughout our 4 steps guideline, we tried to share with you real-life-oriented troubleshooting.

However, if you fall into trouble sorting it out, feel free to let us know. 

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