3 Essential Bradley Smoker Modifications [Boost Smoker’s Performance]

Do you know, you can make your Bradley smoker even more powerful? There are some Bradley smoker parts that you can use to boost your smoker’s performance. These Bradley smoker mods will save you bucks, smoke your food more efficiently, and keep your smoker device healthy.

What are those devices? Well, in this article we will be discussing just that. Here you will get to know about the best of the best Bradley smoker modifications. The 3 best Bradley smoker upgrades that you will learn about are,

  • Have a High Performing Heating Element
  • High-Temperature Wire
  • The Spacer Rings

Such upgrades work as Bradley digital smoker modifications as well. So, let’s get started…..

3 Essential Bradley Smoker Modifications To Boost Your Smokers Performance

You obviously want your smoker to perform better as we enjoy with vertical smoker modifications. And now you know that with 3 simple devices, you can make your Bradley smoker more efficient. But, how do these devices work and how do you install them?

You will learn about it all in a minute. And surprisingly, if you follow our instructions, the installation process will be completed in minutes. Here’s everything you need to know about the devices to install, 

1. Have a High Performing Heating Element

Having a more watts heating element for your Bradley smoker can be a beneficial addition. It’s basically a stainless steel finned strip heater.   

These devices are used as a simple method of utilizing the surface area for effective heat transfer. Such devices are marvelous heating products. It’s really easy to maintain as well. However, it can be a complicated device to install. So, follow these instructions to install smoker heating element easily for Bradley smoker,

  • Locate the heater nameplate tag. It should have the voltage information. In this case, it should be 1500 watts or more 120 V 
  • Make sure all the internal elements are properly placed and are in perfect condition. Do not attempt to install the device, if everything is not right
  • Remove the head cover of your device by turning it counterclockwise
  • Tilt the tube a bit and insert the Tempco heating element as delicately as possible
  • Arrange the wires through the conduit opening and take it through to the right path
  • Install the head cover by turning it clockwise
  • Mount the heater carefully to the tank
  • Make sure the wires are accordingly installed. The black wire is the ‘power lead’, and the green wire is the ‘ground lead’. And the yellow, blue, white, red are ‘over temperature lead’
  • Install the control and after that install the top of the sensor bulb above the bottom of the heater 

And now you are done. For the final touch, restart the device and watch it get warmer.

2. High Temperature Wire

Smokers tend to get quite hot. Among many Bradley smoker parts, only those that can sustain heat are the best.

High-temperature wires are one such element. Adding high-temperature wire to your Bradley smoker can be one of the best Bradley smoker upgrades you can do. This is why remove all the old wiring from the smoker and add the high-temperature wires for more efficiency.

3. The Space Rings

Space rings are known as Bisquette savers as well. And this name actually clears out this Bradley smoker parts purpose clearly. In general, a bisquette burns out in 20 minutes. 

Considering the huge amount of time it takes to properly smoke foods, this duration is not sufficient.  And one bisquette costs more than a dollar! But what can you do? 

There are no safe Bradley smoker bisquettes alternatives. So, it surely would have been better, if the bisquettes burned for a longer duration. The space rings do just that. They help to keep the bisquettes burning for a long time. You just have to place them properly.

Put three space rings in the stack of bisquettes in your Bradley Smoker. Place two at the end of the stack and place one on the top of it. Don’t place any bisquette in between. This will drastically reduce your smoker expenses.

How Do You Adjust a Bradley Smoker?

Maintain the following instructions to perfectly adjust your Bradley smoker in five minutes. 

  • Simply slide the smoke generator into the side of the unit
  • Now, put the smoke tower in the hole on top of the smoke generator
  • Push the smoker tower down and make sure it’s firmly placed
  • Plug the sensor cable from the back of the smoke generator to the back of the unit
  • Then, plug the short power cable from the digital smoke generator to the back of the unit
  • Plug the power cord from the digital smoke generator to the main power point
  • Put the cooking racks on each of the shelves inside the Bradley smoker
  • Slide the drip tray in at the bottom of the smoker
  • Place the drip bowl on top of it

And after that, you are done.


How do I make my Bradley Smoker hotter?

There is a simple way how you can make your Bradley smoker hotter. Add a 900 watt or a higher heating element. But, make sure that you don’t overheat your device. This is why use a temperature controller such as PID to keep the temperature at a moderate level.

Are Bradley Smokers any good?

Bradley smokers are one of the most efficient products you can buy. It’s an incredibly accessible device with loads of useful features.  Above all, its top-notch performance comes at an affordable price. So yes, Bradley smoker is a good device indeed.

Will pellets work in a Bradley smoker?

Pellets actually work pretty well in a Bradley smoker. But, you have to make sure the pellets are perfectly processed and properly dried. 

Can I use pellets in my wood chip smoker?

Yes, you can use pellets in your wood chip smoker. In fact, well-processed pellets can ensure perfect rich, permeating smoke.  But, there is one small problem here. You will have to keep replacing the pellets to maintain the smoky flavor. It can be an irritating task but it’s definitely worth it.

Can I use pellets in my pit boss electric smoker?

Of course, you can use pellets in your pit boss electric smoker. In fact, it is recommended that you do so. The manufacturer of pit boss themselves prefers pellets.

To Conclude:

Bradley smoker is a marvelous device itself. Its unyielding user-friendly performance has made it popular. But you can boost its performance to a greater level if you do some modifications. 

The Bradley smoker mod discussed in this article will definitely help you with that. So, do try our suggestions out and enhance your smoking experience with Bradley smoker.

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