Vertical Smoker Modifications [5 Easy Ways]

Today, you will learn all about vertical smoker modifications. Now the question do you need the modifications?

vertical smoker modifications

Here you need to know that the mass production of smokers is a concerning fact. Manufacturers go for mass production because they can cut their production costs but increase their profit margin. 

Yes, we get the smoker at an affordable price but don’t get the best smoking result. But, remember, a few high-quality smokers are exceptional. However, due to fast production, there are remaining a lot of issues like-

  • A lot of space between doors and the body allows air to escape.

As a result, you can’t reach or hold the ideal temperature to smoke the meat evenly. So, many of us modify the smoker to avoid these issues. The fact is- Is it safe to modify the vertical smoker?

If yes, what modifications can I bring?

In today’s vertical smoker modifications guide, we will discuss everything you need to know, step by step, that was done with the Bradley smoker modifications guide. So, let’s dive into this article….. 

Is it Safe to Bring Modifications to My Smoker?

Every smoker manufacturer recommends not making any changes or modifying their smoker. Modifying the smoker involves a lot of risky workflows. 

Most of the time, you need to make air holes at the bottom or on the side of your smoker. The holes you create will allow the sparks or ash to fall out. 

Consequently, catching fire will be a matter of time if combustible materials come in touch with those sparks. Indeed, bringing modifications to a smoker is dangerous. 

It doesn’t mean you need to live with those issues. Before making changes, consider whether the changes you make will modify the safe use or not. 

Keep in mind; no manufacturers give a single penny over a modified smoker as a lawsuit. 

Vertical Smoker Modifications You Can Bring

Whether it comes from Dyna Glo, Masterbuilt, or others, you can bring the following modifications for the vertical smokers you get. 

01. Seal Out Your Smoker Door

The first mod you can make with your smoker is to seal up the door. It helps to prevent smoke out through the door or don’t let air escape. As a result, you can control the cooking temperature to get a juicy result. To seal up the door, you need these pieces of equipment:

  • High temp gasket tape
  • High temp silicone sealant

Use the high temp gasket tape to seal the door. Where a layer will not be enough, use a double layer of gasket tape there. Then, apply the high temp silicone sealant on every nut and bolt. 

02. Seal the vent With a Plate

Sometimes it will be better to seal the vent of your smoker (especially if you have a Dyna Glo smoker and want to modify it). Regarding this, make a plate and close the vent with it. You can also use gasket tape to seal the other vents to control the airflow. 

03. Block the Drain Hole

The third modification you can bring to your vertical smoker is to block the drain hole. It prevents the drippings from storing in the firebox. In this case, clean the surface first. Apply high temp silicone sealant and then use the gasket tape to close the drain hole. 

04. Add Grommet

Adding a grommet will help you to install a thermometer probe inside your smoker with ease. Just create a hole using a hole cutter or a drill. Then, apply the grommet over the hole. Then, pass through the thermometer wire. 

05. Add wheels and a sheet of steel

You can also add wheels for carrying the smoker with ease. Of course, you should tilt the smoker to roll. Therefore, adding a sheet of steel between the firebox and cabinet will be an excellent addition. It helps to cut down direct heat. 


Are vertical smokers better?

Vertical smokers will be your go-to smoker option if you are on a budget. Plus, they are ideal for smoking and roasting meats. 

What can you cook in a vertical smoker?

The following recipe you can cook with your vertical smoker:

  • Smoked Lobster tails
  • Smoked Turkey
  • Smoked Chicken
  • Smoked rib
  • Smoked Brisket

What is the hardest meat to smoke?

Brisket is the hardest to smoke ever. 

What is the easiest food to smoke?

Sausage, pork chops, turkey, and chicken are the easiest food to smoke.

At what temperature does meat stop absorbing smoke?

There is no temperature limit on smoke absorption. However, the ring created by the smoke will stop growing when the temperature reaches 170 degrees. 

Why does my smoked meat turn black?

The environment will be responsible for turning your smoked meat black.

How do you keep the meat moist when smoking?

Adding water periodically will help to keep the meat moist when smoking. 

Should I put a water pan in my pellet smoker?

Yes, you can put a water pan in your pellet smoker as it will help you maintain the temperature and stop the meat from drying out. 


We hope you find this guide on Vertical Smoker Modifications useful. Before modifying a smoker, make sure you don’t change the safe use of it. 

Then, bring the changes we have mentioned above that will help you to achieve better smoking results. 

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