Breckwell Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Breckwell pellet stove keeps shutting off due to faulty stove wiring, clogged stove heating elements, and incorrect pellet feeding. Also, low air adjustment and defective combustion blower are the culprits behind this annoying issue.

If you are troubled with such a problem in your unit, consider your problem fixed. Here, you are getting the complete troubleshooting that will surely break down the issue. So, let’s get started.

Breckwell Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off [5 Easy Solutions]

There are several reasons behind this major problem. Of them, five are the most common ones that are highly responsible for this. Today we will talk about all those 5 reasons along with solving process. Scroll down to lean in depth.

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1. Faulty Stove Wiring

It is claimed to be the main reason behind this type of issue on your pellet stove. Every appliance needs enough energy to run its entire components.

When there is no sufficient power supply or faulty stove wiring, the stove will automatically fail to operate properly.

Now, it is time to check the electrical system of your stove. The following steps surely guide you:


  • Check the circuit breaker: First of all, go to your circuit breaker. Make sure there are no tripped controls or defects. If so, reset the breaker and replace the damaged one.
  • Measure the voltage: Take a multimeter and start reading the voltage of the stove. It should be up to 115 volts. If not, contact the manufacturer.
  • Check the wires: Now, verify all the connected wires with the blower, igniter, and motor are well working. Replace each of the cracked or worn-out wires. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the power cord as well.

2. Dirty Stove

A dirty unit is also in the row of pellet stove keeps shutting off the problem. There are significant heating elements inside the stove that need to be cleaned to ensure fluent working. 

If somehow, there have a clog, it will fail to operate the stove and starts malfunctioning. There are a few elements that need your attention. Go through with us:


  • First, turn off your stove and let it be cool.
  • Then start by inspecting the burn pot. You will find a few broken pellets and small fuel particles in the pot. Now clean all the obstacles and debris from it. 
  • Now, take a vacuum cleaner and suck up the ashes of the burn pot surface.
  • Then, come to the hopper. Clean it properly as well.
  • But never use any aggressive detergent for cleaning.
  • Finally, clean out the ignition tube and combustion chamber.
  • After cleaning, reassemble all the parts and turn on the stove. 

3. Probably Stove Not Feeding Pellets

Incorrect feeding pellets are responsible for causing keep shutting off constantly. Pellets refer to the fuel of the ignition system. It goes wrong for several reasons. Such like:

  • Jammed Auger
  • Insufficient pellets
  • Defective auger system
  • Clogged chimney pipe
  • Improper adjustment of the hopper
  • Blocked air inlet


Go through our below-suggested steps to fix pellets problems:

  • First of all, turn off the stove and disconnect it from the main socket.
  • Then, inspect the hopper by unscrewing the stove.
  • Refill the hopper with sufficient pellets.
  • Use quality pellets for burning.
  • Don’t forget to check the hopper and its surface.
  • Now, come to the auger and find its defects. If you find any cracks, repair them as soon as possible.
  • Then, unblocked the air inlet by properly cleaning it.
  • After all the above processes, reassemble the stove and turn it on. 

4. Poor Air Adjustment May Be the Culprit

It is the major reason if you face the shutting off issue in your pellet stove. Fluently airflow is needed for any pellet stove.

The flame sensor will start malfunctioning if there is a lack of air flowing. Anyway, if the above three processes don’t work, it’s time to fix concentration on this major point. 


  • Start by cleaning the venting pipe. Remove all the clogged residues from the pipes. 
  • After cleaning, you need to adjust the pipes in a proper position.
  • Now come to the air dampers. Fix all the damage to it. 
  • Then, assemble the dampers correctly.
  • Finally, reposition your stove also. Always place your stove in such a position that the surface is not blocking the airflow. 
  • After all, connect the stove and ignite it. 

5. Defective Combustion Blower

The function of the combustion blower is to suck air to the burn pot in order to allow the combustion system. If this vital element defects somehow, the whole combustion process will stop.

Ultimately, you need will not find enough air for firing and start shutting off frequently. Quickly fix the issue by the below processes:


  • First of all, unscrew the side of the stove. But before that, make sure you have turned off the stove and it is cooled now.
  • Then remove the blower and clean it properly now.
  • Check the motor this time. It is not spin well, remove the visible obstacles. If needed, replace the motor.
  • Also, check out the attached wires. Fix or replace the damaged wires


How to check bad igniter in Breckwell Pellet Stove?

To check the igniter’s accuracy, connect it directly to the power system. After two minutes, the tip of the igniter should glow. If not, consider it bad. 

How to know the air damper is broken in Breckwell Pellet Stove?

First, you have to inspect the air dampers. You will find a plate attached to the damper rod. If the rod is not moved with the plate, be sure the air damper is broken. 

Wrapping Words:

Through this article, we have given a complete guide to fixing the Breckwell pellet stove turning-off problem. Hopefully, now you are not struggling with such a problem with your stove.

Still, if you are wondering about any queries, let us know in the comment below. We are always ready to help you. 

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    My Breckwell stove shuts of ever 20 minutes or when it body get hot? It stopped feeding! How to solve this problem?


    • Hi Bee

      Have you cleaned your stove? If not, clean it thoroughly because an uncleaned pellet stove could be the reason behind the shutting off issue. Plus, check for any faulty stove wiring, clogged stove heating elements, and pellet feeding whether it is ok or not. Also, low air adjustment and defective combustion blower are the culprits behind this annoying issue. First, try to find out the main culprit behind the issue and fix it following our guide on Breckwell Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off.

      Also, it will be helpful for you to read our instructions on Pellet Stove Keep Shutting Off .

      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Breckwell customer support center.

      Wish you all the best.


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