Brinkmann Electric Smoker Not Hot Enough [8 Easy Solutions]

Your Brinkmann electric smoker is not hot enough because of several reasons. Lack of holes in the fire pan, dampened charcoal, insufficient coals, obstructed airflow, cold metal, cracks, leaks, defective temperature gauge, and the excessive amount of meat in the smoker are probable causes. If your Brinkmann electric smoker isn’t hot enough, examine the factors above. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss all the problems as well as their solutions. If you read the article and follow the instructions, you won’t have further problems. 

Brinkmann Electric Smoker Not Hot Enough [8 Easy Solutions]

The reasons why your Brinkmann electric smoker’s heating system isn’t working properly are discussed here. We’ll troubleshoot all the issues and come up with solutions for you. 

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1. Lack Of Holes In The Fire Pan

If your fire pan doesn’t have enough holes, then it is one of the causes why your smoker is not hot enough. The charcoal won’t get enough air to burn hotter due to the lack of holes.


It would help if you drilled your smoker to make some holes in the fire pan. You should make more than five holes around the pan which is 1.5/2” bit. The drilling process is very much easy. 

First, you need to mark the point around your firepan where you want to drill. Secondly, select the proper screw of your drill machine. And lastly, grip the handle properly and press the drill’s trigger. Making some extra holes will give more air to the charcoal for being hot for the smoker. 

2. Dampened Charcoal

You should use fresh charcoal for your electric smoker. Old and damp charcoal won’t correctly ignite. If you are using charcoal that has been lying around in the garage, then getting a hot fire won’t be possible. 


To get rid of this problem, you should urgently buy a fresh bag of charcoal. Refill your electric smoker with new coals instead of old ones. Fresh charcoal ignites appropriately and makes your smoker perfectly hot. 

3. Due To The Insufficient Coal In The Fire Basket

You need to fill your smoker with sufficient coal. If your smoker doesn’t have enough coal, it will create some difficulty. You won’t get the desired temperature due to insufficient coal in the fire basket. 


Though Brinkmann electric smoker has thin metal and has several leaks, it needs a lot of coals to produce heat. All coals can’t burn equally because of the quality. A Brinkmann smoker can maintain a 250° F to 275° F range if you fill your smoker with ¾ full of lump charcoal. 

But you also need to consider some other things such as the types of smokers, the insulation, and the weather when trying to measure the amount of coal needed for your smoker.

4. Obstructed Airflow Due To Ashes

If you smoke for a long time, the coal burns down and becomes ash. A buildup of ashes can intervene in the airflow. When the air can’t flow properly due to ashes, then the temperature of the smoker starts to decrease. Charcoal briquettes produce a lot of ashes, which might suffocate the flames. 


Ensure your fire basket is on a lower grate or is raised about an inch from the bottom. This technique will help to allow the ashes to fall through the bottom. It is worth buying the lump charcoal because it produces less ash and burns hotter than the briquettes. 

5. Cold Metal Of The Smoker

This is actually challenging to smoke in the cold climate. In a cold environment, the metal in the cooking chamber will freeze. In this type of situation, it takes some time to have the targeted temperature.


The best option is to buy an insulated blanket. It is usually made of silicon or an aluminum-covered fabric. 

Firstly, you need to ensure that no active coal and fuel are burning inside when installing an insulated blanket. Secondly, use tape to measure the inside and outside of the smoker and cut your blanket according to that. Finally, fit the blanket against the wall of the smoker. 

Make sure that the blanket covers the whole area. It will prevent your smoker from freezing and keep your cooking chamber warm. And it will allow you to cook at a normal temperature. Although, extra coal will be needed when you smoke in cold weather. You can preheat the smoker before you are ready to cook.  

6. Cracks And Leaks In The Smoker

You need to examine if there are any cracks and leaks of different parts in the smoker. It will act as an influencer to bring in the outside air inside the smoker. This will make it difficult for the smoker to reach the desired temperature. 


If your smoker has any cracks or leaks, then you need to repair it or buy a new one. The best method is to use aluminum foil. This is a quick-fix solution. 

Once you identify the cracks and leaks, fill them up with aluminum foil. This is a short-term solution. You can fix it permanently at any welding shop. It will help your smoker be hot enough.

7. Defective Temperature Gauge

The built-in thermometers that are installed on the smoker are sometimes inaccurate. You need to check it before you rely on that gauge. 

A wireless thermometer can help you to check whether it is properly working or not. You need to set the desired temperature in your smoker and follow up with another wireless thermometer. If two thermometers give you the same results, you can rely on that.  


You may use a dual-probe thermometer to avoid this problem. Having a wireless thermometer that has two probes can measure both the cook chamber as well as meat at the same time. 

Connect one probe in the cook chamber and other probes to the meat. You can get the results from both parts at the same time. An accurate thermometer anticipates and reminds you of what’s going on with the fire and the meat. 

8. Excessive Amount Of Meat In The Smoker

Brinkmann electric smokers are perfect for smoking meat, and they work correctly when the pieces of meat are smaller. The problems occurred when we put excessive meat in the smoker. A Brinkmann electric smoker can smoke 50 pounds of meat at a time. If you put more than that amount, it won’t smoke properly and reduce the temperature of the smoker. 


When you smoke, make sure that your pieces of meat and chickens are appropriately cut. It shouldn’t be cut into larger pieces. To get the desired temperature, you can’t put an excessive amount of meat in the smoker.


What temperature does a Brinkmann Electric smoker cook at?

Brinkmann Electric smoker maintains 220 degrees ideal temperature inside of the unit when it smokes something. The Brinkmann electric unit had a 1500-watt UL-listed heating element to warm its lava rocks. 

How do I check the temperature of an electric smoker?

You can check the temperature of an electric smoker with a wireless thermometer that has two or more probes. It can measure both the cook chamber as well as meat at the same time.

Should the vent be open on an electric smoker?

The best option is to open the vents of your electric smoker while you are smoking your meat. This will reduce the production of creosote on your meat. Creosote is an element of smoke. A lower amount of creosote is very helpful to create a smokey flavor which makes the meat delicious. But the vast amount of creosote will make the taste of your meat very horrible. 

How do I keep a smoker warm?

You can keep your smoker worm by adding extra coal and fuel. Or, you can open the dampers of your smoker so that more air can flow and close if the temperature gets too high.

Preheating an Electric Smoker-Good or Bad?

A Brinkman electric smoker usually takes 40-55 minutes to reach the ideal temperature. After preheating your smoker, the water has started to stream. A preheated smoker can instantly start to smoke your food. This process can save your time and smoke your food without delay. 


It is disappointing when you are trying to smoke, but your smoker can’t reach the desired temperature. There can be several issues behind these problems. 

In this article, we thoroughly discussed the problems of why the Brinkman electric smoker is not hot enough and its solutions as well. We hope that these will be beneficial for you if you are struggling with this problem.

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