Offset Smoker Not Getting Hot Enough [5 Easy Solutions]

Offset smoker not getting hot due to insufficient fuel, damp fuel, blocked venting system, lack of proper air flowing, and cracked smoker.

Also, if you are opening the lid constantly, adequate heat will not come up. Sometimes, weather affects the heating system as well.

However, don’t get in trouble if you are facing such an annoying issue with your smoker. Here, you will get the complete solution to break down this problem. So, let’s dive into deep….

Offset Smoker Not Getting Hot Enough [5 Easy Solutions]

In this section, you will explore the details of the reasosns and effective solutions to them.

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1. Insufficient Fuel or Damp Fuel Supply

To operate the smoker, fuel is a vital element. In offset smokers, wood or charcoal is used as fuel.

If there is a sufficient amount of fuel supply in the smoker, it will work fluently. On the contrary, lacking sufficient fuel, the smoker starts malfunctioning. 

Especially, it will fail to produce enough heat. Damp fuel is also the culprit behind this. So, if you are not getting heat from your smoker, it is time to check your smoke box. The below suggested step will help you.


  • First, turn off your smoker. Leave it for some while to let it cool.
  • Now open the back panel of the main chamber. You will see a small chamber which is a smoke box.
  • Make sure there is enough fuel there.
  • If not, fill the chamber in an adequate amount. Also, make sure that you are not using damp fuel.
  • In the case of damp fuel, replace it.

2. Blocked Venting System

In order to maintain adequate temperature over the unit, it is necessary to have proper venting.

It will allow enough oxygen to burn the fuel and control the loss of heat as well. If there is any obstacle or faults in the venting system, the unit will ultimately fail to keep the heat.

 If your smoker is not producing heat, blocked venting may be the culprit. To clean the odor from smoker vents, follow below steps:


  • At first, turn off the smoker. Make sure your smoker is properly cool before cleaning.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth or sponge for cleaning. Avoid abrasive tools to do this.
  • Remove all the blocked debris from the vents. Also, have a look through to the firepot also. Remove all the placed ashes from it.
  • Don’t forget to clean the temperature probe as well.
  • When your smoker is dirt-free, reinstall it.
  • Most importantly, open your smoker intake vents as much as possible to get proper airflow while using.

3. Opening The Lid Too Frequently

This reason can be said as the leading reason for causing going out of the heat. If you are opening your smoker too frequently, it allows the smoker to get cold air inside the smoker.

 Ultimately, there will be an imbalanced setting in the smoker, and too much oxygen will mix with fire. Thus, the smoker will fail to produce the desired heat.


To prevent this, you have to stop opening the lid constantly. You have to give smoker to reach up to your target temperature. In another sense, you can use a leave-in wireless thermometer. 

It will help you to know the temperature of the smoker instead of opening the lid. The meter will work effectively, and you will get proper heat to the unit.

4. Cracked or Leaky Smoker

If there are any cracks or leakages in the smoker, it will not produce heat for smoking. It is also one of the main reasons for causing heating malfunctioning. Improper maintenance of the smoker case several cracks or damages. 

Also, dirty smokers build up grease and start leaking at a time. After long usage, your smoker causes several leaks in the unit.

Anyway, to fix the heating issue, it will be best to check if there is any leakage in the unit.


  • Before starting, switch off the smoker and let it cool.
  • Now check all over your smoker and find cracks there.
  •  Repair or replace that specific component if there are any cracks or leakage there.
  • To keep your smoker well maintained, clean your smoker periodically.
  • Also, install the smoker on an even surface. Sometimes, wrong or uneven surfaces lead to fuel leaking issues. 

5. Windy or Cold Environment

The condition of your environment also affects your smoking system. When the weather is too cold or windy, the smoker will fail to produce heat for smoking. 

By applying some effective procedures, you can quickly reduce the effects of cold wind or rain. Follow our below-suggested steps:


  • Set up the smoker in a sheltered place where there is less air flowing,
  • Use some windbreaker material such as foil around your smoker. But don’t put the foil insulation too much into the firebox.
  • Or you may use flame-resistance material to keep your flame at one place for smoking.
  • It would be best to wrap the cooking chamber with a welding blanket.
  • While doing all the above things, make sure you are not blocking the venting system.
  • You will require more fuel for smoking in cold or rainy weather.


Can we use pellets in an offset smoker?

In an offset smoker, there used mainly wood or charcoal as fuel. It is manufactured in such a way, that one can conveniently use pellets. But maintain corrective ways to use this.

What are the advantages of an offset smoker?

You are getting huge advantages from this smoker like a dual chamber, larger grate, and evenly burning. It features with quality steel gauge for better heat retention. Moreover, it is more durable and budget-friendly. 

Final Verdict:

When you discover that your charcoal or wood smoker is not getting hot enough, go for the above fixations. Hopefully, you will fimd your charcoal grill is working fine.

If you still have any more queries, just leave a comment. You will get a reply with the probable solution ASAP.

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