Brisket Taking Too Long [5 Easy Solutions]

The cooking of brisket taking too long is mainly for air gaps in the warp, auber providing insufficient airflow, the thermometer failure to work appropriately, and huge collagen in it. If you are cooking your brisket for extended periods compared to the standard time, you should focus on relevant factors.

brisket taking too long

Here we have mentioned all the probable causes and their solution for this issue. Have a look at the article precisely. And you will definitely get the answer to your brisket cooking problem. 

Brisket Taking Too Long [5 Easy Solutions]

When your brisket cooking takes too much time, it becomes a matter of worry for you. You may have the question how long is too long to rest a brisket? Don’t worry; this troubleshooting guide will definitely answer all your questions. Let’s start:

1. Air Gaps In Wrap

If there is an air gap in wrapping your brisket, it will not help you much. Air gaps in wrap will cause the slow climbing of temperature, and it will take too long time.

Your brisket size may be small and standard, and it should not take so much time to cook. But the air gaps in the wrap are the culprit for the brisket taking longer than expected.


Wrapping makes the brisket soften. But improper wrapping may take an inconsiderable time to cook it.

When the internal temperature reaches 165-170 Fahrenheit, at this temperature, you should wrap it so that no air gaps are left in it.

Note: You can also read how to use a hot plate in a smoker perfectly while grilling.

2. Auber Providing Insufficient Airflow

Each brisket cooking takes different times, and it’s done when it gets sufficient airflow and perfect temperature.

If the Auber fails to provide adequate airflow during cooking, it will cause brisket to take forever. However, Auber gives inadequate airflow for the following reasons.

  • Moist cooking environment
  • Auber failed to keep the perfect temperature 
  • Probe tender issue
  • The user interface of Auber sucks rocks


You may have a query why is my brisket take so long to cook? The answer is inadequate airflow from Auber may cause it. However, you can combat this trouble in the following ways:

  • Ensure a dry cooking ambiance
  • Make sure Auber is maintaining the perfect temperature

3. The Thermometer Failed To Work Correctly

Another reason brisket cooking takes a long time is that the thermometer of the smoke fails to work perfectly. Improper working of the thermometer cause wandering in the temperature.

As a result, it may extend the cooking time. And you may wonder how long is too long for brisket. Many factors are accountable for thermometer error, and those are:

  • Mistreated or dropped the thermometer
  • Low-quality thermometer
  • Thermometer malfunction


Improper thermometer working is a significant cause of taking long cooking time brisket.

You should check the thermometer every six months to see whether it’s okay or not. The solutions are:

  • Don’t mistreat your thermometer and use it carefully because a malfunction in it will take an extended time to cook
  • Use a high-quality best thermometer for your grill
  • Conduct the boiling water test or ice bath test to check if the thermometers malfunction
  • Replace the thermometer if required

4. Incorrect Cooking Temperature

Correct cooking temperature is crucial to cooking the brisket in time. If you set the temperature at an incorrect level, it will take too long. The causes of wrong cooking temperature are the following:

  • Improper internal temperature setting
  • Faulty thermometer
  • Faulty circuit breaker


Accurate cooking temperature is essential in cooking the brisket; otherwise, it will cook slowly and take a long time.

Moreover, cooking at the core temperature is critical otherwise, bacteria can grow into it.

5. Grater Amount of Collagen in Brisket

The brisket consists of huge collagen compared to the other cuts. The meat with more significant collagen needs more converting time to tenderize fully.

Thus, brisket with huge collagen takes a considerable time to convert into soft gelatin. 


Naturally, a higher amount of collagen contains in brisket. As a result, it causes extensive cooking time to make it tender.

This difficulty doesn’t have any specific solutions. But it may require comparatively less time if you can break down the collagen into gelatin. 


Can you cook brisket for a too long time?

Overcooking any meat is possible, including brisket. But brisket needs to be perfect, and it’s a crisis. You can’t serve brisket as dry or undercooked, and you can not overcook it. Eating long-time-cooked brisket seems like a rubber tire.

How long does it require to get the brisket from 160 – 200?

By putting the briskets fat side down, 4-6 hours takes to smoke or as long as the temperature is 160 degrees reached. Remove it from the grill after smoking it for 4-6 hours. Next, turn the temperature to 225 degrees on the grill and cook the brisket for 6 hours.

Can you slow-cook beef brisket too long?

Suppose you leave your brisket for 10-12 hours unattended; it’s not an option. However, your tender brisket will form as much if you follow this unattended route for 10-12 hours.

Is dry brisket undercooked or overcooked?

Overcooked brisket becomes dry. You should cook brisket not according to the time but following the temperature. The meat thermometer is one of the musts pulling out things from the smoker. Pull it once the temperature reaches 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is my brisket not tender?

Tough brisket means you need to cook it for more time. However, cooking it taking more time will break down the brisket’s connective tissues, becoming tender. The people who regularly smoke brisket know this very well.  


Now you know all the factors behind the issue of brisket taking too long. We enclosed all of the relevant causes and their associated solutions.

Hope, our troubleshooting guide could help you to detect and fix your brisket dilemma. Even if you think that your problem is not in our above list, do comment to inform us.

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