How to Use a Hot Plate in a Smoker Perfectly [5 Steps to Know]

Are you having problems using a hot plate in your smoker? This is a common issue that most people face. And not knowing the proper method can lead to disaster.

If you are having a similar problem, this article will help you a lot. Here you will get to know how to use a hot plate in a smoker in a perfect way. 

Along with our easy instructions, you will get to know about different types of hotplates as well as which one is best for your smoker. So let’s get started…

5 Steps to Know How to Use a Hot Plate in a Smoker Perfectly

Probably the most effective and safest way to power your smoker is using a hot plate. A quality hot plate for smoker provides a steady flow of low heat to the food. It can be said that a hot plate is the best heat source for smokers. 

Such appliances can boost your smoker’s performance a lot. In addition to that, setting up a hotplate is really easy.

Here are 5 simple steps for hot plate use perfectly in your smoker:

Step 1: Wire-Arrangement

Firstly, you need to open your smoker and place the hot plate at the bottom of it. Now thread the cord of the hot plate through the hole of the smoker. 

In case you can close the door even after threading the cord out of the side or top, you won’t need to use a side hole.

Step 2: Extension Cord

If you are far away from an electric outlet, you may need an extension cord. For this, simply attach the extension cord to the prong on your smoker hot plate, and now it will be able to reach a distant outlet easily.

Step 3: Setting Up A Hot Plate

Now it’s time to set up the hot plate. Fill the metal pie plate or cake plate with soaked wood chips and set it carefully on the hot plate. This should get the hot plate ready for the next step.

Step 4: Placing The Food

When everything is perfectly set up, you can get to cooking. Prepare your food for smoking and place it on the rack inside of the smoker. 

Step 5: Starting It Up

Now, simply plug in the extension cord and turn on the hot plate. You will need to shut the smoker lid or door. Eventually, the hot plate will heat up the wood chips and your food will begin smoking.

The above method is for an electric hot plate. If you have attentively followed each step, you shouldn’t have any problem using the hot plate in your smoker.  

3 Things To Consider While Using The Hot Plate In Smoker

Using a hot plate in the smoker is fairly easy. But this easy process can easily go wrong if you are not careful about certain issues. 

Here are 3 things to consider while using the hot plate in the smoker for the utmost efficiency.

1. Dry The Pan:

Never use a wet pan directly out of the dishwasher or the sink. This will greatly reduce the quality of smoke. And it can damage the pan and hot plate as well.

So each time before using a hot plate in your smoker, wipe it down with a clean, dry sheet of cotton cloth.  You can try wiping it in a circular motion to clean it thoroughly.

2. Avoid Certain Things:

Only use heat-resistant items on hot plates. Never put anything on a hot plate that is not heat resistant. Using non-heat-resistant items can lead to a dangerous fire. Similarly, do not forget to wear oven mitts or other types of heat-resistant gloves for safety.

3. Wrapping Up:

After you are done with cooking, it’s time to wrap it all up. To make sure that your hot plate stays in good condition and your hands remain safe, you have to keep some points in mind.

  • Make sure to turn everything off before you proceed to clean
  • Wait for the device to cool down properly, before touching its surface
  • Always use the recommended washer by the manufacturer (preferably baking soda and vinegar) 

If you can keep these 3 simple tips in mind and apply them accordingly, you will have no problem maintaining your electric hot plate. 

May it be a large hot plate or a small one, these points will work with all. Proper maintenance will keep the hot plate working for a long time.

What Is The Perfect Size Hot Plate For Smokers

From a large 12-inch electric hot plate to a smaller induction hot plate, such products come in all shapes and sizes. But what size of hot plate for smokers do you need?

Here you will know about it. The perfect size hot plate for a smoker depends on mainly three factors:

  • Installation of the smoker
  • External temperature
  • The volume of the smoker space

Different sizes of smokers generate different amounts of heat. And the heat you want is directly related to the type and amount of food you intend to cook.

A smoker of 22” X 15” X 30” will require a 1200 W hot plate. This combination will get the internal temperature to 225℉. And the internal temperature of the meat will be 180℉.

In the case of a sizable smoker such as 2’X2’X4’, you will need a higher rating hot plate to attain the temperature you want. In this case, a 1500 W hot plate will be enough.

However, if you have access to a 220V supply, then you can go for a 2000 W hot plate. But in case you decide to stick with 1500 W, then 120V is what you need.

A higher voltage supply draws less current. If you have a large electric heater and a low voltage, your food won’t be properly cooked.

This is why if you want high heat, you will either have to get a small smoker with a medium voltage hot plate or, in the case of a larger smoker, use a high voltage hot plate.

If you keep this information in mind you will have a durable hot plate with the utmost performance. 

Single Burner Hot Plate VS Double Burner Hot Plate

Hot plates are very portable and lightweight. You just need an electric outlet to use these appliances. Despite having similar advantages such as even distribution of heat, there are differences between the single burner hot plate and the double burner hot plate. 

Which one do you need? Take a look to know about the hot plate, and their main differences, and make your choice. 

1. Cost:

Single-burner hot plates for cooking are less expensive than a double-burner hot plates. Apart from the price of each of these products, the amount of power supply is the main point of difference. 

A single-burner hot plate needs 1,200 Watts of electricity for a single-day usage while a double-burner hot plate consumes around 2,500 Watts of electricity.

2. Convenience:

Single burner hotplates are easier to move around. In contrast to this, a double burner hot plate can be difficult to carry. 

Due to their small size, single-burner hotplates work great as electric burners for smokers. They can be a smooth electric heat source for smokers. 

On the other hand, you can cook multiple dishes with double-burner hotplates. It can reduce time and keep your food warm and in perfect condition for consumption. 

3. Maintenance:

May you have a single-burner hotplate or a double-burner hotplate, there is not much difference when it comes to maintenance.

You may need to put a bit more effort to clean a double burner hotplate, while a single burner hotplate requires minimum maintenance. 

These are the main differences between a single-burner hotplate and a double-burner hotplate. This discussion should help you to make up your mind.


How do I choose a hot plate?

Are a few things you should consider, before choosing a hot plate:

  • The purpose of your purchase
  • How much power you can allow it to use
  • The duration of the warranty
  • The suitable brand 
  • Your budget

What type of hot plate is best?

To be honest, the answer to this question varies depending on who you ask. But according to most people, single burner electric hotplates are the best option available.

Is it safe to use a hot plate in a bedroom?

Though you can use a hotplate in a bedroom, you shouldn’t. Hotplates can initiate a fire hazard. And your bedroom obviously has tons of inflammatory objects. So it’s definitely not safe to use a hotplate in a bedroom.

What is the safest hot plate?

CUSIMAX Electric Countertop Burner is considered the safest hotplate. Its features and design make it safer to use than other options.

Can you use a hot plate in a smoker?

Yes, you can use a hot plate in a smoker. In fact, using a hotplate is the safest and most effective way of powering a smoker. The reason for this is, the hotplate provides a steady source of low heat that is highly effective when it comes to smoking food.

Can you use cast iron on a hot plate?

Yes, you can use cast iron on a hot plate. In fact, many hotplates are designed to be compatible with almost all types of skillet materials such as cast iron.

Why is my hot plate not smoking?

The possible reasons why your hotplate is not smoking are:

  • The wood chips are not properly processed
  • The temperature is not at the desired level (225-285 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Unstable supply of electricity

Final Words:

Hot plates are very popular nowadays. People are now using hotplates in smokers to make their cooking super easy. But due to not knowing the proper method of usage, many are failing to use this device properly.

But you shouldn’t have that difficulty anymore if you have read this article thoroughly. However, you can comment below, if you have further inquiries.

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