Cabela’s Pro Series Pellet Grill Shutting Off [7 Easy Fixes]

Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill keeps shutting off due to the running out of pellet, dirty firepot or excessive ash on it, pellet’s low quality, and dirty RTD temperature sensor.

Also, the sudden power outage, lower temperature problem, and defective hot rod are responsible for your Cabela’s pro series pellet grill shutting off.

cabela's pro series pellet grill keeps shutting

This article includes the in-depth details of each problem’s causes and solutions. So, go through our following guide and learn the factors causing your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill turning off issue.

And then, following the mentioned solutions, fix your grill’s trouble by yourself. 

Cabela’s Pro Series Pellet Grill Shutting Off [7 Easy Solutions]

Suddenly turning off your Cabela’s pro series pellet grill in the middle of the cooking is quite annoying. The following factors are the culprit of this issue. Let’s discuss all these factors in detail: 

1. Inadequate Pellet Supply

Pellet’s running out or inadequate pellet supply is one of the main reasons for which your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill keeps turning off. When the pellets run out, and the grill’s auger becomes empty, the grill’s temperature drops.

As a result, automatically, the grill shuts off by itself. Pellet’s quick consumption is one of the main culprits for its fast running out. The causes of it are: 

  • Too hot burning of fire 
  • Cold weather 
  • Cooking temperature’s high setting


The pellet grill’s fire dies down because of the pellet’s running out. Thus, ensure that there is enough pellet in your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill.

Periodically check the hopper and supply enough pellets even if your grill is running. However, to avoid the pellet’s fast consumption, you can do the following: 

  • Set the cooking temperature at a medium level so that the fire burning requires less pellet 
  • In freezing weather, avoid using the grill outside

2. Excessive Ash in Firepot

Excessive ash accumulation in the firepot is another reason for which your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill keeps turning off.

The pellet grill in its firepot burns the pellets and creates heat and smoke. But the firepot’s too much ash accumulation from cooking hinders the grill’s easy working process. The causes of it are: 

  • Pellet’s incomplete burning 
  • Excessive moisture or low-quality pellets
  • Excess smoke accumulates the ash 
  • Excessive debris around or in the fire 


Although low maintenance is enough for your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill, regular cleaning and maintenance of your grill will ensure your grill’s smooth running. To solve the above issues, do the followings: 

  • After completing every 3-4 cooking sessions, properly vacuum clean your grill
  • Ensure that the firepot is clean and there is no dirt or debris around it
  • Check the pellet’s burning situation and ensure that the grill is burning the pellet completely
  • Cook at medium heat and avoid creating excessive smoke
  • Use high-quality shots which will generate less ash by burning properly

3. Wet or Low-quality Pellets

The performance of your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill greatly depends on the pellet’s quality. High-quality pellets burn perfectly and produce great smoke.

But the wet or lower quality pellets create jam in an auger. The jammed auger ultimately leads to the grill’s flameout issue. 

Another problem with the wet or moisture pellet is that it expands during the burning. As a result, again, it creates inconvenience within the grill, and the grill automatically shuts off. 


The prime solution to this trouble is to use high-quality and dry pellets in your grill.

First, ensure that your grill’s pellet and hopper are away from the moisture. Then, discard the unusable pellets which expand in touch with water. 

4. Filthy RTD Sensor Probe

The RTD sensor measures the grill’s internal cooking temperature. But the RTD sensor gets dirty because of your grill’s overuse or usage over time without any maintenance.

The dirty RTD sensor fails to detect the grill’s actual temperature, whether it is too low or high. 

As a result, the grill shuts off when the temperature becomes higher or lower. As the sensor fails to realize the grill’s perfect cooking temperature, it also causes feeding pellets in more or fewer amounts. 


Cleaning the dirty RTD temperature sensor is the leading way of getting rid of this issue.

Though cleaning it is easy, it’s highly fragile also. The RTD sensor can break by applying too much pressure during the sensor’s cleaning or moving the pellet grill a lot. Two easy methods of cleaning the RTD sensors are the following: 

Method 1:

Using an SOS pad or steel wool and vinegar, properly scrub the RTD sensor’s metal and clean it. It is the most general method of cleaning the dirty RTD sensor.

By scraping the sensor with steel wool, all its smoke build-up will clean easily. And using vinegar in the cleaning process restores the sensor’s shine. 

Method 2:

Place the paper towel around your grill’s RTD sensor, and it is another cleaning method. After placing the towel, wear gloves, and spray the cleaner onto the RTD probe.

Now, wait for 5-10 minutes. Check whether black smoke was removed correctly or not. After removing the dirt, this method will leave a shiny RTD probe. 

5. Power Outage

A sudden power outage or electricity loss is another cause for which your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill keeps turning off.

The grill’s light flickers constantly on and off due to the sudden power surge. As a result, the grill automatically shuts down by itself. The factors responsible for it are: 

  • Faulty electrical connection 
  • Bad power supply 
  • Damaged power cord 
  • Substations and power pole vehicular collisions 
  • Equipment failure 
  • Electricity overuse or overload 


Go with the following simple solutions for solving the above troubles:

  • Check your grill’s electrical connection, including the outlet, and ensure it is working perfectly
  • Ensure the grill is getting enough power supply without any interference 
  • Replace the damaged power cord and failed equipment 
  • Don’t use several electrical types of equipment at a time in a single outlet

6. Lower Temperature Issues

Running your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill’s temperature lower or below average is another reason why it shuts off.

The grill fails to sense the temperature correctly when it becomes lower. As a result, it feeds plenty of pellets and attempts to reach the grill’s set temperature. The accountable factors for this crisis are:  

  • Dirty firepot or full of wood and ash dust on it 
  • Fan not working or blocked fan 
  • Inadequate airflow 


Setting the grill’s temperature at the appropriate level is the main thing while cooking in your pellet grill.

The grill reads the preset temperature and feeds pellets accordingly to reach that temperature and create smoke. However, fix the dropping temperature issues in the following way: 

  • Properly clean the firepot’s ash and wood dust 
  • Clean the fan’s blockage and ensure the grill is getting adequate airflow
  • Replace the defective or broken fan

7. Defective Hot Rod

The pellet grill fails to get enough or required heat if its hot rod is either broken or defective. The damaged hot rod is one of the main reasons for which your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill abruptly shuts off. 

The malfunctioning hot rod fails to get the required hot, creating temperature issues within the grill. As a result, the grill flame out suddenly. Here, you can read our guide on how to tell if your grill hot rod is bad or not.


Replacing the pellet grill’s defective or broken hot rod is the only solution. If your grill works with damaged or faulty parts, it will fail to function efficiently and perfectly. Thus, replace the defective hot rod. 


Is there supposed to be a flame in a pellet grill?

Yes, there is supposed to be a flame in your pellet grill as, technically, it generates flame. But the pellet grill doesn’t follow the traditional grill’s unpredictable and direct flame-producing format. Instead, the fire burns the wood pellet steadily and slowly. 

Why is my pellet grill not getting hot enough?

Your pellet grill is not getting hot enough because of the lower airflow, firepot contains too much ash, firepot’s rusted holes, defective induction fan, overtightened chimney cap, a faulty RTD temperature probe, etc. 

Do pellet grills flare up?

Some modern pellet grill designs and features discourage its flare-ups. For example, most pellet grills give pinpoint heat-controlling solutions and allow you to regulate the temperature in regular increments. Thus not all pellet grill flare-ups. 

Is a pellet grill considered open flame?

The pellet grill, by design, considers the open flame as the food cooked on the fire. But the charcoal grill doesn’t consider open flame as the food is cooked over the heated coal. 


Now you know why your Cabela’s Pro Series pellet grill keeps shutting off. If you experience your grills turning off the issue, inspect the problem by yourself and follow our step-by-step solution guide to fix it.

And don’t hesitate to comment if you failed to solve your grill’s trouble. We’ll be happy to help you. 

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