Cadet Wall Heater Won’t Turn Off [7 Easy Solutions]

The Cadet Wall heater won’t turn off mainly because of a lousy thermostat, faulty primary controller, fused wall heater, faulty circuit breaker, dirty heater, burnt temperature sensor, and malfunctioning heater’s system.

If your Cadet wall heater suddenly stops shutting off, be sure that any of the above or multiple factors are the culprit behind this issue.

Keep reading and learn how to fix your heater’s turning-off issue.

Cadet Wall Heater Won’t Turn Off [7 Easy Solutions]

The following seven factors hinder the Cadet Wall heater’s turning-off process. Here we have explored all those issues and their solutions.

Note: You can also read Cadet wall heater troubleshooting guide.

1. Defective Thermostat

The malfunctioning thermostat is the most common issue for which the Cadet Wall heater stops turning off. Usually, the thermostat stops working for the following reasons:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Broken heating sensor or broken switch
  • Low battery
  • Dirty thermostat
  • A thermostat is reading incorrect room temperature
  • No display on the thermostat


First, check the Cadet heater’s thermostat when it stops shutting off. You can typically repair your malfunctioning thermostat.

But if repairing is not possible, you should replace the defective thermostats. The other solutions are the following:

  • Replace the broken heating sensor, switch, or faulty wiring
  • Check the low battery voltage and replace it if required
  • Clean the thermostat properly
  • Make sure the heater’s thermostat is reading the correct temperature
  • Contact a technician to solve the display issue

2. Damaged Primary Controller

If your Cadet Wall heater’s heating system is okay, then the heating unit’s problem itself could be the cause that hinders its turning off. The causes behind the damaged primary controller are the following:

  • Loose wiring
  • Dirty or wrong fuse


The primary controller’s mechanical issues are another culprit of this heater’s turning-off problem.

Contact a technician to find out the controller’s exact mechanical issue. Fix all those issues and repair them. You can also replace the damaged controller.

3. Malfunctioning Water Checking System

The Cadet Wall heater uses hot water or radiators to heat the home. When there is an issue in the water checking system itself, the wall heater will not turn off. The causes of the malfunctioning checking system are the following:

  • Faulty water check valve
  • Water is continuously circulating through the system


You need to contact a technician to fix the malfunctioning water checking system trouble. The other solutions are:

  • Replace the defective water check valve
  • Stops the continuous water circulation throughout the system; otherwise, the heater will not turn off

4. Fused Wall Heater

A fused wall heater is another cause for the Cadet Wall heater to stop turning off. The factors that lead to this problem are the following:

  • The heater’s blown fuse
  • Tripped breaker
  • Faulty breaker box
  • Unit’s loose wire connections
  • Defective heating element


If a fused wall heater is the main culprit for stopping the turning-off process, you should do the following to avoid this issue. The solutions are the following:

  • Replace the wall heater’s blown fuse
  • Reset the tripped breaker
  • Contact a technician to repair the breaker box
  • Check the loose wire connections and tighten it
  • Bring a new heating element if required

5. Faulty Circuit Breakers

Before analyzing too many causes behind the heater’s shutting-off problem, first, you need to check the circuit breakers.

A defective circuit breaker hinders the heater’s turning-off process. The reasons behind this are the following: 

  • The circuit breaker is off
  • Overloaded circuit
  • Short-circuiting wires
  • Loose wire connections
  • Faulty internal wiring


The wall heater will not turn off if it suffers from this defective circuit breaker issue. First, you should check the heater’s breaker and reset it to fix this. The other solutions are the following:

  • Set the circuit breaker in the “ON” position
  • Ensure that the heater is not drawing more current than the circuit can handle. Prevent its overloading
  • Reset the breaker each time it trips to avoid the short circuit
  • Check and tighten the wire connections
  • Contact an electrician to replace its faulty internal wiring

6. Burnt Temperature Sensor

Sometimes the Cadet Wall heater doesn’t turn off due to the burnt temperature sensor hitting the preset heat’s degree.

The damaged temperature coil is a significant issue that hinders the heater’s easy turning-off process. The following causes lead to this issue:

  • Bad electrodes
  • Electrics short-circuit
  • Extreme temperature exposure


Replacing the burnt temperature sensor is the leading solution to this issue. You can also contact a technician to repair this part. The other keys are the following:

  • Contact an electrician and replace the bad electrode
  • Take precautions to avoid short-circuit
  • Protect the temperature sensor from extreme exposure

7. Dirty Heater

After years of use, dirt and dust accumulate inside the heater. And this dirt and residue build-up in the heater is another significant cause of why your Cadet Wall heater doesn’t turn off.


Cleaning the dirty heater is the only solution to this trouble. Before starting the cleaning, make sure that the heater is functioning properly. The cleaning steps are the following:

  • Turn off the wall heater
  • Take off the removable cover plate
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the build-up
  • Use a damp rag and wipe the Cadet Wall heater
  • Clean the vent openings
  • Air-dry the heater and reassemble it

Alternatively, you can watch the video given below on how to clean an electric wall heater.


Where is the reset button on my Cadet Wall heater?

The heater grill’s lower-right section contains the reset button. If your Cadet Wall heater faces the limit to trip issue, you can reset it to fix it. Turn off the unit and wait for 10 minutes to cool it. Then press the reset button using a ball-point pen to reset it.

Do wall heaters stay on all the time?

Yes, the wall heaters can stay on all the time. The manufacturers said that leaving the heater to keep on all night is not dangerous. But remember, you can leave it off for some hours for safety purposes.

Why does the heater keep running after it has reached the set temperature?

Because of the faulty blower motor, the heater keeps running after it has reached the set temperature. Check the heater’s blower motor and ensure that it is running correctly. Various factors lead to blower motor malfunctioning. Check it.

How do you reset an electric wall heater?

To reset your electric wall heater, follow the steps. At first, locate the wall heater knob’s position. Then turn on the pilot knob. After turning on your pilot light, hold the heater’s ignition button for a while. Release it to complete the process.

How do I turn on a wall heater without a thermostat?

You can turn on your wall heater without a thermostat by turning the dial to Pilot. After dialing the Pilot, press the ignite button down. Again and again, you need to press it. Press it until you receive a spark from the heater’s pilot light.


Now you know all the reasons and solutions for which the Cadet Wall heater won’t turn off. If you face such an issue, hopefully, now you can fix it by yourself.

Still, if you think your trouble is different from the problems mentioned above, you can let us know. We will help to fix that one.

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  1. The heating element comes on and off appropriately. However, the fan stays on all of the time now. This just started a couple of day ago. Any advice?

    • Hi Lisa

      To fix your wall heater’s fan issue, ensure the thermostat wiring is perfect. Plus, inspect the fan limit switch & replace it if you get it faulty.

      Hopefully, your wall heater problem will be solved.

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