Can You Smoke A Frozen Brisket [Explained]

Often many people ask, “Can you smoke a frozen brisket?” The answer is yes, you can smoke the frozen brisket, but you will not get the same flavor just like the freshly smoked brisket.

Moreover, frozen brisket water can lead to unsafe and uneven cooking temperatures during smoking.

frozen brisket

Again frozen brisket smoking requires more additional hours compared to fresh brisket smoking. So, be careful of it. If you are not really forced to smoke the frozen brisket, you should avoid it.

Before preparing the frozen brisket for smoking, ensure it is close to room temperature and is fully thawed. It will result in greater flavor as well.

Read thoroughly this article’s each point, and you will surely learn the details of smoking a frozen brisket.

We explained whether you can directly smoke the frozen brisket or not, what is required for frozen brisket smoking, and what type of frozen meats you can smoke. So, let’s start:

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Can You Smoke A Frozen Brisket

Smoking frozen brisket is possible. But there are many things to consider before doing it. The meat must be properly defrosted before cooking it in an oven or smoker.

Sometimes before smoking, you may forget to thaw the brisket properly. But smoking the frozen brisket is not really worth the risk.

Following the frozen brisket recipe can lead to a sudden shift in smoking or cooking temperature.

Sudden temperature rising or uneven cooking will affect safety issues and lead to unsafe conditions. Thus you should not smoke a frozen brisket.

What About The Brisket That Has Been Thawed From Frozen

You may be curious or want to know if you can cook a partially frozen brisket. Actually, the answer is you can smoke the brisket that you have thawed from frozen, but you should not do that. Why? We are explaining the reasons:

Before smoking or grilling, it is easy to thaw the chicken quickly, but the other meat, like brisket or pork, is not as easy as you think. Smoking brisket means allowing the smoke’s flavors and aromas to smother the brisket.

Also, the smoke penetrates the brisket to infuse it. But compared to fresh brisket, frozen brisket doesn’t allow the smoke to smother and penetrate the meat to the same extent.

Some people often argue that smoking frozen or semi-frozen brisket is nothing but a waste of coal and wood. Smoking or cooking frozen brisket in the oven is not productive at all.

The resulting meat will surely not satisfy your demand, just like fresh meat. So the main point of this discussion is that you shouldn’t smoke a frozen or semi-frozen brisket. 

Meat Science: Do Smoking A Frozen Brisket Ensures The Same Flavor

The brisket’s quality and the freezing temperature are so much more interdependent. Water significantly affects both the frozen brisket’s quality and freezing temperature. Brisket’s significant part is water.

After freezing, water expands as well as the brisket. Like frozen water, the frozen brisket can burst and create a big mess. Thus, avoiding frozen brisket for smoking is a part of due diligence.

The brisket’s cell walls become more elastic after freezing. And the cell walls can break under cooking or smoking pressure. The cellular structure’s breaking can significantly damage the brisket, ultimately hampering the meat’s original flavors.

Good smoking or barbecued food’s key is moisture retention. But the brisket’s cellular structure damage can’t retain the perfect moisture.

As a result, your smoked frozen brisket’s quality degrades. The freezing water tear’s your brisket’s protein fibers, leading to the formation of ice crystals.

After freezing the brisket, its fibers no longer remain in their full form. As a result, the brisket can’t hold its water content. Thus smoking frozen meat has a negative effect and less impact on flavor.

What Time Requires To Smoke A Frozen Brisket

Smoking frozen brisket downwards its flavor, but even if anyone wants, they can do it. Sometimes you may not have enough time to thaw your frozen meat and need to smoke it immediately.

So without thawing straight from your freezer, you can smoke brisket without any problems.

But smoking brisket directly from the freezer requires some additional cost. First, you have to take into consideration the flavor of your smoked brisket.

And the second thing is that you require additional time compared to your normal anticipated cooking time.

You will probably require 25% more time to smoke the frozen brisket than normal cooking. One and a half longer times are required for cooking the frozen brisket.

Types Of Frozen Meats That You Can Smoke

Maybe you have another type of frozen meat other than brisket, and you want to know whether you can smoke all types of meat or not. To fulfill your curiosity, we gathered the following information on which type of frozen meat you can smoke.

Types of Frozen MeatCan You Smoke Frozen Meat?
Brisket Yes 
Chicken No 
Ribs Yes 
Pork Shoulder Yes 
Turkey No

Do The Brisket Dry Out Due To Uneven Cooking

As we already mentioned earlier, smoking the frozen brisket directly leads to rising sudden cooking temperature and results in uneven cooking.

Now the question is, does the smoked brisket dry out due to uneven cooking? The answer requires a details explanation:

A common misconception regarding smoking brisket is that its juiciness comes from its water content.

But the fact is breaking down collagen and fat in brisket creates juiciness. So during the frozen brisket’s smoking, you only have to take care of the meat’s outside drying issue.

You can spray the water mixed with apple cider vinegar per hour if you are worried about briskets outside drying out.

However, once 160 degrees becomes the smoker’s internal temperature, you should wrap the brisket in butcher paper or tin foil.

Is It Safe To Smoke Frozen Brisket

If you consider the proper food handling and food safety issues, smoking frozen brisket is not safe. Researching the smoking frozen meat’s safety aspect will disappoint you. Some of the dangerous aspects of it are:

  • Food positioning
  • An unsafe amount of bacteria grow on the slowly smoking frozen brisket
  • Destroy the brisket’s cellular structure


How do you defrost a frozen brisket?

Place the brisket in your refrigerator’s coldest part. Put your brisket on a tray so that it doesn’t mix with the other foods in the fridge. Leave the meat in the refrigerator for five days, and it will be fully thawed. If you don’t intend to smoke the brisket right now only, then you can do it.

Does freezing a brisket ruin it?

If you follow and maintain the perfect instructions for freezing your brisket, the freezer will not have any ill effect on the brisket. However, the frozen brisket may lose its texture and cellular structure slightly. But it has minimal effect on smoking.

How long do you smoke a brisket at 225?

At 225 degrees temperature, you should smoke a brisket for 6 hours, and 160 degrees F should be the internal temperature. Using foil or butcher paper, wrap the brisket and return it to the smoker. As long as the internal temperature reaches 200 degrees, you should put back the brisket on the smoker.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you don’t have any doubt, and you get the answer to your question can you smoke a frozen brisket? 

As you know the detailed pros and cons of smoking frozen brisket, you will take a step considering all these. 

If you have any other queries on this issue, comment in the comment section. We will answer your query ASAP.

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