Chicken Turned Grey On Grill While Cooking [5 Easy Solutions]

If your chicken turned grey on grill, then either your chicken is the problem or the grill is causing trouble. Typically, the chicken turns grey while grilling due to a number of reasons including spoiled chicken or a cold grill.

In addition to that, an unclean grill, the use of wet wood pellets, along with blocked airflow also result in the chicken turning grey on the grill.

chicken turned grey on grill while cooking

Now, the solutions to these problems are quite simple and do not require much time. So, continue reading to know more about these problems and their solutions.

Chicken Turned Grey On Grill While Cooking [5 Easy Solutions]

Here, we will talk about the reasons that typically cause the chicken to turn grey on the grill. Not only that, but we will also discuss the solutions to these issues in detail!

1. Unheated Grill

When it comes to grilling chicken or any other meat, it is essential to make sure that the grill is heated properly and to the perfect temperature.

unheated grill

The reason behind this is that if the grill isn’t heated properly, then the chicken will turn grey and will not be cooked properly.

How To Fix It:

Before you put the chicken on the grill, make sure that the grill is heated properly. Not only that, but you will also have to preheat the oven to the right temperature. Otherwise, the chicken will either burn or turn grey.

Turn on the grill for about 10 to 15 minutes before putting in the chicken and make sure that it is heating up properly. Put the chicken on the grill once it has reached the perfect temperature.

2. Unclean/Dirty Grill

An unclean grill is often the reason why chicken turns grey on the grill. Over time, grease and food particles accumulate on the greased pan, causing the grill to become dirty.

dirty grill

The dirty or unclean grill causes the flames to change colors which in turn results in the chicken turning grey when cooked.

How To Fix It:

Turn off the grill and take out the greased pan. Clean the greased pan properly and make sure that you remove all traces of grease. Ensure proper cleaning of the entire grill as well and remove all the dirt, grease, food particles, and so on.

Make sure that you maintain a proper cleaning schedule on a regular basis. This will keep your grill clean and make sure that your chicken doesn’t turn grey.

3. Blocked Airflow

The airflow or air vents to the grill often get blocked which causes the chicken to turn grey on the grill. The reason behind this is that the grill doesn’t get the required ventilation which prevents it from burning properly.

This reduces the temperature of the grill, cooking the chicken at a cold temperature.

How To Fix It:

Turn off the grill and let it cool down completely. Examine the air pipes and air vents of the grill and make sure that they are working properly.

Ensure proper cleaning of the air pipes and vents to remove all the dirt, debris, and so on.

Do not forget to clean the pipes or vents on a regular basis. Make sure that the vents are not blocked with any furniture or object in any way.

4. Wet Wooden Pellets

Last but not least, a major reason that results in chicken turning grey on grill is wet wood pellets. Wooden pellets in a grill burn to produce a fire that cooks the food.

When the wood pellets are wet, the fire will not burn properly or produce smoke, which will cause the chicken to turn grey.

How To Fix It:

Check the wood pellets and make sure that they are properly dried and suitable for use before you burn them.

Make sure to turn off the grill completely before conducting the examination. Clean the pellet chamber and fill it with fresh and dry wooden pellets.

5. Rotten/Spoiled Chicken

A common reason why the chicken on grill turns grey is that the meat is either spoiled or rotten. When this happens, the chicken meat will smell bad and funny and will change color to grey.

It is unsafe to eat and grilling it will not change its color or make it eatable. Eating spoiled or rotten chicken can make you extremely sick.

How To Fix It:

Check the chicken properly before marinating it and make sure that it is fresh when you put it on the grill. If you realize that the chicken has gone bad, throw it out and grill a new batch instead.

How To Detect Spoiled Chicken

Spoiled chicken is one of the main reasons why chicken turns grey on grill. It is essential to identify whether the chicken is rotten or not before you put it on the grill.

This will save your time and will allow you to prepare a fresh batch for grilling. Here’s how you can detect spoiled chicken. 

If you have purchased the chicken from the store, then check the expiration date before you start cooking or preparing the chicken.

Do not cook the raw chicken if it was left in the fridge for more than 2 days. 

Take out the chicken and touch it to feel the texture and check the smell. If a bad odor is coming from the chicken and the texture is slimy when you touch it, you will have to throw it out as it is rotten. 

Examine the color of the chicken and if you notice that it has turned yellow, green, or grey. Throw the chicken out even if you notice any spots on the chicken. 

Why My Chicken Turned Grey After Cooking

There are often instances when the chicken turns grey after cooking. Now, this is a problem that not many people usually encounter and it typically happens when the chicken goes bad after you are done cooking. 

Even if you cook fresh and safe chicken meat on the grill, it can go bad due to quite a few reasons. One of the top reasons is that the chicken wasn’t stored properly after cooking.

Cooked chicken is safe for consumption up to 4 days after cooking if it is stored in the fridge properly using air-tight containers. 

Another reason that results in chicken turning grey after cooking is that it is left out in the warm temperature for a long time.

This often results in bacteria buildup which causes the chicken to start smelling and change color to grey. 

What To Do If Chicken Turns Grey On Grill Or After Cooking

If you notice that the chicken has started to smell or is turning grey while cooking or after cooking, then you must throw the chicken out.

The reason behind this is that eating spoiled or rotten chicken can cause severe illness and harm your health. Throw out the entire batch and start working with a new batch of chicken. 


How Often Should You Clean The Grease Pan?

To ensure a clean and proper grilling experience, you should clean the grease pan once every 7 to 15 days. You can also clean up the pan after each use.

How Do I Know That The Wooden Pellets Are Dry?

Dry wood pellets have a smooth and dry texture on the outside. If the pellets make a cracking sound when snapped, then the pellets are dry and ready for use.

Should I Cook Grey Chicken?

No, throw out the chicken immediately if it turns grey or smells bad. Eating grey chicken can cause serious illness and result in an expensive visit to the hospital.

Can Chicken Be A Little Pink?

Yes, one of the signs of a fresh chicken is that the meat is a bit pink. The meat can be a little pink on the inside even after cooking. 


Since we have reached the end of this guide, hopefully, you now know the reasons why your chicken turned grey on grill and the solutions to these problems. If you see the chicken turning grey while grilling, take help from this guide to get rid of the problem.

If you have any questions or queries about the grill and its use, make sure to leave a comment in the box below. We will reach out to you soon with the best possible answer.

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