Comfort Zone Heater Fan Not Working [5 Easy Solution]

Perhaps, the most common Comfort Zone Heater troubleshooting request from users is the fan issues.

comfort zone heater fan not working

However, ‘Comfort Zone Heater Fan not working’ scenarios can occur for several reasons. Power supply issues, damaged components, or blocked blades are the major causes. 

Whatever the reason is, our experts have got your back. In this ultimate guide, you will be exploring all the ways to solve your Comfort Zone heater fan issues. So, stick right here!

Comfort Zone Heater Fan Not Working [5 Easy Solution]

As you have gone through the possible causes, let’s emphasize the solutions in an elaborate way.

1. Power Supply Issues

The first-ever concern for heater fan malfunction is the power outage. Sometimes, the plug might be a bit loose or the wall outlet is not providing enough juice.

In addition, over-voltage or tipped-down circuit breakers can be the possible culprit. Whatever the case is, follow the instructions to kill the mishaps. 


  • Check the power outlet. Ensure that the power plug is properly connected to the wall socket. 
  • Make sure that the wall outlet provides enough electricity to power up your Comfort Zone Heater. 
  • Sometimes, due to over-voltage, your Comfort Zone infrared heater or other models may trigger the protection protocol. In such cases, check the output voltage and reset your heater.
  • Do not connect multiple heavy-duty electronics under a single breaker. It will most likely overpower the circuit.

2. Defective Switches

In minor cases, you might find a defective fan switch. You can adjust the fan speed with a rotating switch on your Comfort Zone heater.

However, if the switch is broken or damaged, it will not work. Resulting in causing the heater fan shutting down. 


  • Open up the front electronic panel while the heater is completely cooled down and unplugged from the wall socket. 
  • Now, inspect the connections of the fan switch. Sometimes, the connecting wires may be damaged. In such instances, you will have to replace only the wires.
  • However, if the wires seem to be unharmed, your switch is most likely dead. You will have to replace the switch to get your heater fan back online.
  • Contact consumer support if the warranty period is still active. If you are not confident enough to replace the switches yourself, contact a technician. 

3. Damaged Wires

We have just mentioned the possibility of finding damaged wires on the fan switch. In addition to that, other wires can also affect your Comfort Zone Heater fan.


  • You will have to conduct a full electronic inspection, especially on the fan connecting wires. 
  • Now, the wire will be burned or may discolor due to overvoltage or overheating. Change the wires before detection.
  • Make sure that you are not damaging other components or wires while fixing the damaged one.
  • Inspect the motor connections properly.

4. Blocked Fan Blades

Blocked fan blades are not a usual issue unless excessive debris forms around the blades or the rotor. On the contrary, damaged blades can also block the rotation. 

If this happens, you will have to eliminate the reason for the blockage real quick. For that, follow these steps to ensure a full blade inspection.


  • Inspect the fan blades. One trick for quickly finding the affected area is to search for scratch marks on the blade and the protective cage. 
  • Measure the distance of each fan blade tip from the center. Any asymmetrical measurement may lead us to perform a blade replacement. 
  • If you see excessive debris and dirt clogged around the fan, take the blade out and clean it with a cleaning solution or soapy water.
  • Dry the fan blade properly before reinstalling it with the motor.

5. Faulty Motor

A faulty fan motor will cause the Comfort Zone heater not to blow hot air. You can easily detect a faulty motor by following these simple steps. 


  • The first step towards finding if the motor is damaged is noise. If you hear loud screaming noise, it might indicate bad bearings of the fan motor.
  • Comfort Zone Heater fan motors are not easy to fix, especially alone. However, you can replace one by knowing some basic knowledge. 
  • However, if you have no prior experience, we suggest hiring a technician.

How To Reset Comfort Zone Heater

Resetting your Comfort Zone Heater is easy. On top of that, resetting your heater can potentially eliminate numerous Comfort Zone Heater problems. Follow these simple steps to reset the heater.

  • Turn off the heater first.
  • Pull the plug out from the wall socket.
  • Now, let it cool down for at least 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • When the heater is completely cooled down, plug it back in while keeping the heater settings on high. It will jump-start the heater and your reset is complete. 

Well, you can also read this guide to know when & how to reset your Comfort zone heater in detail.


Why does Comfort Zone Heater keep shutting off?

One of the major reasons the Comfort Zone heater keeps shutting off is heater overheating. Clogged air vents, excessive temperature, and other variables can cause such mishaps. 

How long can you run a Comfort Zone Heater?

Our experts advise keeping your Comfort Zone Heater no longer than 8 to 10 hours. Though the heaters are designed to withstand the entire night. However, avoid keeping those on for long hours. 

How do you clean your Comfort Zone Heater filter?

It is very simple. First, take the heater filer out from the back compartment. Then, dip it into a cleaning solution or soapy weather. Scrub it, wash it, and then dry it. 

What is the warranty period for Comfort Zone Heaters?

Comfort Zone Heaters come with a 3-year extensive manufacturing warranty. 

Final Thoughts

As you have now read all the causes and solutions of the ‘Comfort Zone Heater fan not working issue, you can solve it in no time. In addition to that, let us know about your precious feedback.

On top of that, if you are facing other problems regarding your Comfort Zone heater, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help you! 

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  1. I received a comfort zone ceramic heater model cz446wm a couple of years ago. It ran for about ten minutes and the fan quit. It still heats but the fan won’t run. The unit has no apparent damage.

    • Hi Wayne

      First, make sure that the wall outlet where you plug your heater provides enough electricity to power up it.

      Then, check for any loose wiring & blocked blades & fix them if needed. Also, clean the fan blades.

      Plus, inspect if the fan switch is broken or damaged, then fix the faulty issue following the solution guide in the article.

      Hopefully, you’ll get the solution.

      Best of luck!


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