Why My Comfort Zone Heater Keeps Shutting Off [Solved]

Most often your Comfort Zone heater keeps shutting off when its two safety features get activated.

Besides, a burned-out quartz tube, mitch match thermostat setting, damaged thermostat, and a bad thermal cutoff are also the reasons why your Comfort Zone heater won’t stay on.

comfort zone heater keeps shutting off

Plus, poor or faulty power supply, tripping circuit breaker, dirty air filter, and a defective heater element are also some culprits that cause the heater to shut off repeatedly. 

Fixing those issues, you can again get the warm temperature to burn the frigid condition of your room. Fortunately, we will show you how to fix the problems that turn off the heater continuously. So, keep scrolling.

Why Comfort Zone Heater Keeps Shutting Off [9 Easy Solutions]

If you don’t have any idea about shutting off the space heater repeatedly, take a look at the following reasons and solutions. 

1. Safety Features Get Activated

Comfort Zone Space Heater has two safety features:

  • One is the tip-over.
  • And the other one is the overheating safety feature.

Activation of one of these safety features will shut your space heater automatically. For example, an internal switch will shut your heater off if the heater gets tipped over. 

Similarly, the overheat safety feature will shut off the unit automatically if the internal components reach a certain temperature that could cause an overheating or possible fire. 

How To Fix:

If the space heater gets tipped over, restore its upright position and the heater will reset automatically. Turn on your heater by using the remote control or the on/off switch on the control panel to continue operation. 

Secondly, unplug the heater immediately when it gets overheated and let it cool by leaving it for 20 minutes.

Then, plug your space heater into the wall outlet. Then, turn on the master switch and the on/off switch as well. 

2. The Quartz Tube Gets Burned Out

A burned-out quartz tube is another culprit that keeps your space heater shutting off whenever you turn it on.

Generally, the heating element of a heater is enclosed in a quartz tube. The purpose of this quartz tube is to protect the heating element.

However, this tube experiences a sudden buildup of heat. So, there is a chance that it could burn out from the excessive heat coming out of the heating element. Consequently, your Comfort Zone heater won’t turn on

How To Fix:

Replacing the quartz tube will be the simple solution to this problem. You can find replacement quartz element tubes on Comfort Zone.

So, get one from there. Make sure you hire qualified personnel when you attempt to replace this part. 

3. Thermostat Set Lower Than Room Temperature

Your space heater will cycle on and off to maintain the desired room temperature. If you set the thermostat too low than the room temperature, the unit will automatically keep shutting off. 

How To Fix:

Setting the thermostat to a higher position can easily fix this shutting-off issue. You can easily increase the temperature by pressing down the + icon on the remote control or the control panel.

The set temperature indication will vary from 59F to 86F. Make sure you set the thermostat higher to prevent the continuous shut-off cycle.  

4. A Dirty Air Filter

A filthy air filter is also responsible for your space heater shutting off repeatedly.

If the air filter gets clogged by debris, enough airflow fails to oscillate through the heater. It reduces the ability of your device to cool down when operating or after operating. 

And you know a heater that doesn’t cool down will get overheated quickly, triggering the internal sensors to go off.

Indeed, it causes the overheat safety feature to turn on, which automatically shuts the unit. 

How To Fix:

We recommend you clean the air filter every month to avoid this issue. If you don’t know how to clean an air filter on a space heater, check out this tutorial. 

5. A Defective Heating Element

A heating element on your space heater is the component that produces heat and distributes this heat to warm you.

However, your space heater will function intermittently if the heating element gets damaged. A broken heating element will cause your Comfort Zone space heater to shut off repeatedly. 

How To Fix:

First off, inspect the heating element for damage. You can easily do this in mint condition. Just turn on your space heater and take a quick look at the items. 

A heating element at optimal condition will glow bright orange. On the other hand, a damaged heating element will glow faintly. 

You should replace the heating element if it gets defective. We recommend you hire a certified technician to do this task for you. 

6. Bad Thermal Cutoff

The thermal cut-off gets bad or a loose connection is also a caveat behind a malfunctioning space heater. You can easily understand if the thermal cutoff gets defective.

Your unit would turn on for a little bit and then shut off. Later, it will shut off completely. 

How To Fix:

Just change the thermal cutoff sensor and you can easily fix the issue. However, you should be mechanically inclined to replace the thermal cutoff.

So, it’s better to hand over this task to a certified technician. You can also watch this tutorial to learn how to replace the thermal cutoff.

7. Damaged or Defective Thermostat

The thermostat on your Comfort Zone Heater will work as a temperature regulator. You can use it to set the desired temperature to warm your indoor space. The thermostat can easily get damaged if the unit gets overheated. 

Therefore, thermostat wiring gets loose from its contact points if you tip over the unit accidentally. 

Due to this reason, your space heater will keep shutting off unless you adjust the position of the thermostat or replace it. 

How to Fix:

You don’t need to replace the thermostat if it’s in good condition. Just check the thermostat wiring and tighten it up if it gets loose. 

On the other hand, replacement is the only solution if the thermostat of your space heater gets damaged. We recommend hiring a certified technician to do this task unless you are mechanically inclined.

8. A Weak or Faulty Power Supply

A defective or insufficient power supply is one of the root causes behind the constant heater shut-off issue. 

If the electrical outlet gets damaged or burned out, you can’t get any power to operate your space heater. Besides, a worn-out power cord is responsible for this problem. 

Similarly, you can’t get adequate power if you plug the power cord loosely. 

How To Fix:

Inspect the electrical outlet for damage. If the outlet gets worn out, repair or replace it by hiring a certified electrician. 

Next, verify that the power cord of the space heater is in good shape, and no burnt-out sign is visible. Lastly, ensure you plug the cord properly. 

9. A Tripped Circuit Breaker

A tripped circuit breaker is also causing your space heater to shut off repeatedly. A surge of electricity through the primary grid of your home causes your circuit breaker to trip.

If the breaker gets tripped, you can’t start your space heater. However, your heater will keep shutting off if you somehow manage to switch it on. 

How To Fix:

Firstly, open the breaker box manually and flip the tripped circuit breaker back to its original position.

In contrast, you should hire an expert to replace the breaker if it keeps tripping or gets damaged or burnt. 

How To Reset A Comfort Zone Heater

Turn off your space heater and unplug the unit from the electrical power. Then, leave the space heater for 20 minutes. 

Then, put back the unit into the electrical power and turn on your heater by pressing the on/off switch on the control panel. And your heater will get reset. 

Besides, to learn more about resetting, you can check out our article on resetting a Comfort zone heater.

How To Prevent Your Comfort Zone Heater From Shutting Off

Follow the below maintenance tips to stop your space heater from turning off repeatedly. 

  • Make sure your space heater gets the sufficient power it requires to operate. We recommend you plug it into a dedicated outlet and never plug it into an electrical outlet that is used for running other appliances. 
  • Clean the air filters after every 3 months or whenever it gets dirty. Pull the handle down and outwards to remove the air intake grille. Then, wash the air filter and let it dry. Then, you should put it back in its place.
  • Ensure you clean the outer shell of this heater using a soft cloth. 


How to turn on the Comfort Zone Heater?

Just press the on/off switch on the control panel to turn on your space heater. Then, select a heat setting by pressing the Mode button. Then, set the thermostat to your desired temperature level. You can easily adjust the thermostat by pressing the + or – icon on the remote control. 

Can heater dust cause a fire?

Yes, heater dust can cause fire as it prevents the airflow from entering. Consequently, your heater gets overheated quickly, which may cause potential fire issues. 


Comfort Zone heater is a reliable space heater to break down freezy conditions. However, it will keep shutting off for several reasons. And you need to discover the culprits that turn off the unit repeatedly.

Fortunately, we have already done the hard work for you and also broken down those problems. So, follow the troubleshooting steps we have mentioned above and fix the shutting-off issue.

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