Comfort Zone Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Are you suffering from the problem that your comfort zone heater won’t turn on? Then probably you are going through the issue of overheating fan, heater stops operating, a faulty thermostat, internal control problems, faulty air filter, etc.

comfort zone heater won't turn on

Suppose you face any of these problems in your heater, these troubleshooting tips are for you. Properly go through all the information, and you will be able to detect and fix your comfort zone heater problems

Comfort Zone Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Suddenly your comfort zone heater may stop turning on, and you may see no lights on the control panel. Usually, for the following reasons, the heater stops turning on. Let’s discuss: 

1. Heater Stop Operating

When the comfort zone heater stops operating correctly, your heater may not turn on. The causes for which the heater stops working are the following:

  •  No power supply in the heater
  • The electric cord is not correctly plugged in the outlet
  • Remote’s battery become damaged or out of date
  • Room temperature is higher than the thermostat setting


If you see your heater stop operating, you should do the following:

  • Make sure your comfort zone heater is getting the proper power supply
  • Plug the heaters cable into the outlet
  • Check whether the circuit board is providing required power or enough volts 
  • Increase the setting of your thermostat temperature above the room temperature. Use the remote control for increasing the temperature setting
  • replace the damaged or expired remote’s battery

2. Heaters Fan Overheats

If your heaters fan overheats unusually after using it for some time, your heater may not turn on. The following factors are responsible for the fan’s overheating. 

  •  Fan blade blockage
  •  Faulty fan motor
  • Fan fails to reach the maximum speed


Blockage in the fan blade hinders the fan’s speed from reaching its maximum points. Solve the fan blade blockage problem by doing the following: 

  • Clean the hair, dirt, and debris from the fan blade to remove the blockage
  • Replace the faulty motor which causes constant overheating

3. Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat is the main component in the comfort zone heater, which controls the home temperature. A faulty thermostat may stop turning on your heater. The probable reasons for this problem are: 

  • Miscalibration /insufficient heating
  • Incorrect temperature sense
  • Thermostat’s loose connection
  • Wiring problem
  • Uneven heating


Thermostat malfunction can be a significant cause for shutting off the heater. The solutions to this problem are the following: 

  • Check the heating temperature of the thermostat and make sure that it is providing sufficient heating
  • Repair the thermostat’s loose connection
  • Contact an expert to check the thermostat’s temperature sense

4. Faulty Air Filter

The replaceable air filter is a significant element of the comfort zone heater, protecting the heating coil. If the air filter becomes faulty, it could cause stopping the heater’s operation. The other reasons for this problem are: 

  • Clogged air filter
  • Reduced airflow
  • Unsafe room temperature


If you find the air filter of your comfort zone heaters is faulty, you should do the following: 

  • Clean the dirt and debris from the air filter and remove the clog
  • Check the heaters safety sensors
  • Ensure proper airflow

5. Internal Control Problems

The comfort zone heater may stop turning on properly if there is an issue in the control system’s internal parts.

The internal control system consists of several factors. Failure in any of the features causes the entire heaters to turn off. The other reasons are the following:

  • The on/off switch fails to function properly
  • The problem with the thermostat switch
  • Issues in thermostat board


Most homeowners can’t diagnose the above problem on their own. Still, several solutions are available to solve the problem. The solutions are:

  • Call an expert, check the switch, and ensure the proper functioning of the on/off switch
  • Check the thermostat switch and board and replace it if required

6. Heater Presenting Error Code “E1”

If the comfort zone heater displays the “E1” error code, it may stop turning on for the following reasons: 

  • Overheated infrared heater
  • Heater’s unit is not getting sufficient power
  • Clogged air filter
  • The heater is not getting adequate airflow


When you see the “E1” error code on your comfort zone heater’s display, you should do the following: 

  • At first, unplug the heaters unit from the outlet. Then, wait for a few seconds and plug the heater electric cord in the point again.
  • Don’t use the same outlet for plugging various electric appliances
  • Clean the clogged air filter

7. Comfort Zone Heater Stop Working

Improper functioning of the comfort zone heater is another reason it won’t turn on. The following causes are responsible for this problem: 

  • Faulty power cable
  • Loosen electrical cord or power cable in the outlet
  • Damaged or Faulty heater switch


When your comfort zone heater stop working or stop running its operation smoothly, you should do the following: 

  • Unplug the power cord and again tightly plug it in the outlet
  • Check the outlet’s loose connection or loose wiring. In case of disconnection or loss of connection, replace the wire and connect it newly. 
  • Ensure good condition of heaters outlet switch.
  • Replace the damaged or faulty switch.


How to Clean the Comfort Zone Heater?

Use a compressed air duster to clean and remove the heater’s interior compartment’s dust, dirt, and debris. If your heaters don’t have a cover, use the nozzle of compressed air duster to clear the slats and vents of the heater. 

Why is the Comfort Zone Heater Not Working?

The tight plugged-in of the power cable is responsible for not turning on the heaters fan. Also check the electricity source or power cable, whether it’s functioning correctly or not. If you find a damaged power cable is the culprit for not working, replace it. 

How to Reset the Comfort Zone Heater?

The reset procedure of the comfort zone heater is easy. At first, take the heater’s switch at the off position and shut off the EEMP light. Next, unplug the heater’s plug from the outlet. Wait for 10-15 minutes to make the heater cool. Finally, turn on the heater by plugging the heater’s cord into the outlet.

Does Comfort Zone Heater Use a Lot of Electricity?

Yes, the Comfort zone heater requires huge electricity for operating correctly. Usually, the manufacturer writes on the label which heater requires how much electricity to run on. Generally, the smooth operation of this heater requires electricity of 1,500 wattages.

Why Does the Comfort Zone Heater Keep Turning Off?

When the heaters unit fails to receive sufficient air supply, it keeps turning off. Again, improper functioning of the control switch or thermostat is another reason for turning off the heater. You can resolve the problem by ensuring proper air circulation to the heater.


Hopefully, from the above troubleshooting guide, you learned why the comfort zone heater won’t turn on. After reading all the above problems, still, you are unable to figure out any issue, you can inform us of the case.

Drop your comfort zone heater problem on the comment box, and we will take care of it.

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