Cozy Wall Heater Troubleshooting [14 Easy Solutions]

The common Cozy Wall heater problems are the too-large flame, yellow burner flame, gas odor, delayed or failed ignition, burner not turning off, low heat, furnace turning on and off by itself, too much heat, and noisy flame.

Plus, burner and pilot flame going out, incorrect gas input, floating flame, and burner not turning on can be the troubles you may face while using your Cozy Wall heater.

Whatever your issues, from now, you won’t struggle anymore because our Cozy wall heater troubleshooting guide will help you to solve your Cozy wall heater problems instantly.

You won’t have to bear any hassle if you follow our instructions. So, without any more delay, let’s get into it.

14 Most Common Cozy Wall Heater Troubleshooting

There are many things that can go wrong with your Cozy wall heater. But fortunately, every problem has simple solutions. Let’s explore them…

1. Too Large Flame

Cause: Your wall heater flame can be too large due to,

  • Defective operator section of the valve
  • In case the wall heater is installed above 2,000 ft
  • If the burner orifice is too large


What you can do in this case is,

  • Repair or replace the valve
  • Consult a professional and get the properly sized orifice
  • Replace the orifice or repair it
  • Install the wall heater within 1,000 ft from the ground

2. Yellow Burner Flame

Cause: There can be a yellow burner flame in your wall heater in case,

  • The burner ports are clogged
  • There are obstructions around the vent cap


If you face these problems, then try to follow these points,

  • Remove the main burner to check for obstructions stuck in the ports, throat, and orifices
  • Clean out all the obstructions but do not enlate the orifice or the ports
  • Properly clean the area around the vent cap and ensure that the vent system is sealed

3. Gas Odor

Cause: You can get the gas odor from your device due to gas leakage. 


This is a serious problem. In this situation, you have to maintain the following points,

  • Don’t light any appliance
  • Don’t touch any of the electrical switches
  • Don’t use phone in the building
  • Consult a professional immediately
  • In case you cannot contact your gas supplier, call the fire department

4. Delayed Ignition

Cause: The ignition of your Cozy wall heater can be delayed if,

  • The pilot flame is too small
  • Burner ports are clogged at pilot
  • The gas pressure is low
  • The pilot light decreases in size when the main burner lights up 


Take the following steps to solve this problem,

  • Adjust the pilot flame in the perfect manner
  • Make sure that the burner ports are clean
  • Check the gas supply pressure
  • Consult the local gas company to solve the issue

5. Failed Ignition

Cause: The following issues can cause ignition failure

  • The main gas is off
  • The thermostat is not set high enough
  • The burner orifice is clogged
  • The thermostat is defective or incorrectly wired
  • The valve is defective


In this case, you have to maintain the following instructions,

  • Open all of the manual gas valves
  • Set the thermostat to a higher temperature
  • Make sure that the burner orifice is properly cleaned
  • Do not enlarge the burner orifice
  • Make sure that all the wiring and valves are in perfect condition
  • Replace the thermostat if needed
  • Replace the valve if damaged

6. Burner Will Not Turn Off

Cause: Your wall heater’s burner may not turn off due to,

  • Damaged or defective thermostat and thermostat wire
  • The faulty positioning of the thermostat
  • Sticking valve
  • Damaged valve
  • Excessive gas pressure


In case of this type of situation, you have to,

  • Remove the wire from the valve terminal and make sure that all the wirings are okay
  • Replace the wire or the thermostat
  • Position the thermostat in the perfect location
  • Clean the valve, or replace it if necessary
  • Contact a professional

7. Incorrect Gas Input

Cause: There can be the problem of incorrect gas input due to,

  • Unchecked gas input
  • Clogged or damaged orifice


In this situation, you have to,

  • Re-check the gas input and make sure that everything is in right order
  • Clean the orifice using a smooth wood toothpick
  • Be careful so as not to enlarge the orifice

8. Inadequate Amount Of Heat

Cause: Your wall heater can generate an inadequate amount of heat due to,

  • Undersized furnace
  • The thermostat is set too low
  • Insufficient supply pressure


When you are getting an inadequate amount of heat from your cozy wall heater you can try doing the following things,

  • Replace the furnace with the perfect sized one
  • Adjust the temperature setting
  • Inspect the supply pressure
  • Record the heat loss and the furnace output. Show the difference to a professional and they will take care of the rest

9. Too Much Heat

Cause: Your wall heater can generate too much heat as well. The possible reasons behind this are,

  • The thermostat is set too high
  • Cozy thermostat not working
  • The combination control valve is stuck open 


In case your wall heater is generating too much heat, you can try doing the following things,

  • Adjust the temperature setting to a lower level
  • Replace the combination control valve

10. Main Burner & Pilot Goes Out During Normal Operation

Cause: This type of situation can occur in the case of:

  • The cozy wall furnace thermocouple is too weak
  • Weak power pile
  • Input is too high
  • There are covers around the pilot lighter holes
  • Vent tubes are not properly sealed or installed
  • Faulty vent tubes 


What you can do if this problem occurs is,

  • Check the millivoltage and replace it as soon as possible
  • Check and make sure that the input rate is on the perfect level
  • Tighten up the wingnuts and secure the sight glass
  • Check and see if the gasket needs to be changed
  • Check the vent cap, exhaust tubes, air intake tubes
  • If the tubes are damaged, replace them immediately 

11. Noisy Flame

Cause: You may notice a noisy flame in your wall heater. It is actually a dangerous sign. It mainly occurs in case,

  • The pilot is noisy
  • The orifice resonates
  • There is excessive gas input


If your wall heater has a noisy flame, try doing the following things,

  • Reduce the pilot gas by adjusting the screw on the combination gas control valve
  • Repair or replace the orifice
  • Replace the complete valve

12. Floating Flame

Cause: Floating or spluttering flame can be caused by blocked venting.


In case of floating flame, you have to clean the flue passageways by removing all the blockages

13. Burner Won’t Turn On

Cause: The burner of your wall heater may not turn on because there are either of the following issues going on,

  • The gas valve is not turned on
  • There is no voltage to the valve
  • The thermostat is defective
  • There is no 115V line voltage
  • The auxiliary limit switch is open
  • The flue switch is blocked
  • The gas valve is defective


If your burner does not turn on, it basically means that your wall heater is not working. What you can do in this case is,

  • Get the gas valve to “ON” position
  • Check for the 24V in the valve
  • Inspect the wall thermostat
  • If the cozy wall heater fan not working, check the fan switch for accurate voltage
  • Restart the system with the red button
  • Replace the gas valve

14. Furnace Keeps Turning On and Off

Your furnace may keep turning on and off randomly. If you don’t trace out the reason behind the issue to solve it promptly, it could damage your heating unit permanently.

Cause: The following reasons are the main culprits-

  • Mulfunctoining or broken thermostat
  • Short cycling in the heating system
  • Dirty air filters
  • Wrong thermostat setting, near any heating source like sunlight or others


Try to find out the main reason and fix it accordingly by following the solution guide-

  • To fix short cycling, clean the air filters and place your thermostat accuratly away from any heating source
  • If you thermostat is broken or mulfunctioning, repair or replace it. Take help from a technicion if needed

These are basically the main troubleshooting that most Cozy wall heater users have to deal with. If you are fully aware of these points and their solutions, you shouldn’t have any problem maintaining your device all by yourself.

5 Possible Issues That Can Result In Major Problems & Their Solutions

By now, you know about the 13 most common cozy wall heater troubleshooting that you may have to handle. If you can successfully tackle the issues as per our instructions, your device will stay in good condition.

But to be honest, the risk of damage still remains. No matter how precise you are with your skill, your wall heater can get affected bit by bit from the smallest thing. However, if you can deal with certain factors beforehand, you will be able to drastically reduce the chance of potential damage or inconvenience to your heating device.

Knowing about such problems and their solution can protect your wall heater from severe problems and save you the trouble of calling in professionals for help. Here are 5 possible issues that can lead to severe problems with your wall heater and what you can do.

1. Blockage In The Vent Pipe:

If there is a blockage in the vent pipe you have to deal with it as soon as you can, because such blockage can lead to heavy damage to the wall heater. Here is what you need to do in order to deal with this problem:

  • Check the vent pipe for the reason behind the blockage. Wasp nest, bird nest, twigs, leaves, or it can be anything else blocking the vent pipe.
  • Make sure to check the bottom of the vent pipe and see if the top of the draft diverter didn’t rip the inner liner. This can block the vent opening.
  • Check if there is any insulation from the header plate stuck on top of the draft diverter.
  • Make sure that the vent cap is properly installed and not shoved too far down on the vent pipe.

2. Over firing Burner:

Immediately take the following actions, if the burner is overfiring.

  • Inspect the manifold pressure
  • Check the Pressure rate and make sure it is on the perfect level
  • Make sure that the device is not placed above 2,000 ft from the ground.

3. Improper Vent System:

There can be three types of improper vent systems.

(A) the vent is too short-

  • Make sure that the vent terminate a minimum of 12ft above the floor
  • The top of the vent has to be at least 2ft above any obstacle within its 10ft radius

(B) restriction in venting system caused by offset-

  • Vents vertical direction with offsets should not exceed 45 degrees
  • The horizontal run of the vent pipe should not be larger than 75% of the vertical height of the vent

(C) incorrect vent pipe-

  • Never use transit or any other type of pipe made from ceramic for the purpose of venting. Try BW type vent pipe instead
  • Never use single wall pipe
  • While venting into the masonry chimney, make sure that the chimney is properly lined and sized

4. Vent Pipe Is Not Securely Down On The Header Plate:

When the vent pipe is not securely down on the header plate, your wall heater may not work at all. To solve this problem, you have to use a base plate on top of the header plate. 

What this will do is, it will lock the vent pipe down and prevent the draft diverter from shoving it up. This will save your device from future problems.

5. Loose Connection On The Safety Wiring Harness:

If there is a loose connection on the safety wiring harness, you can check out the connections on both the switch and the gas valve. You may need to tighten up the valves if necessary. And this is all there is to it.

Keeping your Cozy wall heater away from troubles doesn’t have to be hard. You can get it done easily if you can maintain what we have discussed here. You have to be attentive and notice the slightest imbalance in your wall heaters’ performance. 

If you only take out 10 to 15 minutes of your time to inspect the wall heater, it should be enough to make sure that everything is fine.

5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Cozy Wall Heater In Perfect Condition

Just like every other device, a Cozy wall heater has some points of proper maintenance as well. But the problem is such instructions are not widely popular. Many people don’t actually know about the correct way of handling a Cozy wall heater that will keep the device in perfect condition for years.

However, we are revealing the secrets of properly maintaining a Cozy wall heater in this article. Below we have discussed 5 things that you can do to keep your wall heater device in a good condition.

If you regularly maintain the following instructions, you will be able to use your Cozy wall heater for years. No troubleshooting or extra repairing cost will ever bother you again. Here are the 5 things you can do:

1. Oil The Bearing Motor: The bearings of the motor are an essential yet insignificant part of the wall heater. If you oil the bearings of the motor every five to six months, then your wall heater will run with constant smoothness. You can use S.A.E 20 oil for this purpose.

2. The Burner Orifice: The burner orifice is one of the most important Cozy wall heater parts. The burner orifice must be installed up to 2,000ft. If it is installed above 2,000ft, the BTU input will reduce to 8%, which will lead to a malfunctioning heater. Simply put, the Cozy wall heater will not generate heat if it is installed 2,000ft above the ground.

3. Keeping The Device Clean: Keeping the wall heater clean will prevent 50% of the problems that you can possibly face with your Cozy wall heater. So, at least once a week, clean off any dust that is on and around your device. And make sure that there is no gasoline, any combustion material, or any flammable vapor and liquids around the device.  

4. Check The Vents and Vent Pipes: Your vent pipes are very likely to get easily clogged. This is why you must perform a bi-monthly check-up. You can clean off any clogs from the inside of the vent pipes with a thin metal stick. It won’t even take much of your time but will certainly save you from a lot of trouble. Make sure to check all the vents.

5. Do An Annual Checkup: You must perform an annual checkup of your whole device to make sure that no issue has skipped your attention. It is enough to do this once a year. Just take every part of the heater apart and observe each and every bit of the device with undivided attention.

And this is all. If you can regularly perform these points of maintenance, you shouldn’t have any problem with your Cozy wall heater. Winter after winter will pass and it will never fail to keep you warm.


Why does my gas wall heater keep shutting off?

The issues that can cause your gas heater to shut off are the low airflow, clogged burner, faulty wiring, inconsistent supply of electricity, Dirty and clogged air filter.

Why my wall heater is not working?

Your wall heater can stop working for blown fuse, faulty burner and tripped breaker.

How do you light the pilot on a cozy wall heater?

You can light the pilot light on your Cozy wall heater in the following method,

  • Hold a lighter or a lit match in the area of the thermocouple
  • Press down on the thermocouple button
  • Hold it for 30 seconds 

If the pilot light doesn’t ignite, repeat the process

Why won’t the pilot stay lit on my wall heater?

The pilot light may not stay lit for a blockage in the pilot tube, shortage of fuel, damaged pilot tube.

How do you relight a pilot light?

Here’s how you can relight a pilot light,

  • Locate the pilot light reset switch
  • Set the reset switch to the off position
  • Wait for 5 to 30 seconds
  • Relight the pilot light
  • Inspect the furnace to see if it has lit up

If it doesn’t work, make sure everything is in proper condition and repeat the whole process.

What do I do if my pilot light won’t light?

If the pilot light doesn’t light, the first thing you need to do is check the thermocouple. You have to make sure that the thermocouple is in proper condition. Sometimes dust and debris build up on the thermocouple and it blocks the sensor. As a result, the pilot light doesn’t light. So try cleaning the thermocouple and see if the pilot light works. If it still doesn’t, you may need to change the pilot light.

Should the pilot light always be on in a gas furnace?

Yes, the pilot light should always be on in a gas furnace. The pilot light is a tiny blue flame. It ensures that your gas furnace is active and working. It also means there is enough fuel in your gas furnace. When the pilot light goes out, it means that there is something wrong with your device.

To Conclude:

No matter what device you use, it is bound to have problems. But if you know the proper way of handling the issues, it shouldn’t be any problem for you. Having knowledge about Cozy wall heater troubleshooting and maintenance will certainly help you to enjoy its warmth without any interruption.

So keep our tips and instructions in mind, and apply them accordingly. If you have anything to share, you can comment down below.

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      Your furnace blower fan grinding because the fan has become loose and thus is creating the sound hitting against the blower casing. Plus, check if the blower bearing is ok or not. You can take help from a professional technician.



    • Hi John

      Your heater usually keeps turning on and off due to short cycling in the heating system. And short cycling can happen because of dirty air filters and a faulty thermostat setting. So, clean the air filters and check the thermostat to set it accurately. Also, place the thermostat far from any heat resource like sunlight or others. Plus your thermostat may be broken or malfunctioning. Check it to fix it.

      Hope you will get the solution.


  2. I’m replacing the fan in my DVCF 653, but first I wanted to make sure the motornis working. So i turned up the thermostat. The burners lit up, but the motor won’t kick on. The shaft of the motor turns smoothly by hand, so there’s no problemnwith bearings.

    I can find all kinds of Cozy troubleshooting advice online, but nothing about a fan motor that won’t start. I am assuming that with the front cover and the fan blade removed, the motor would start unless there is a problem with the motor, the transformer, or something else. I’d love to get any troubleshooting tips.


  3. My Cozy baseboard gas furnace has an electronic pilot. When the thermostat calls for heat, the fan starts, then the pilot ignites the gas after the appropriate delay. the Flame burns for about 25 seconds and goes out for a short time, then burns again for 25 seconds. It does this over and over.


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