Cozy Wall Heater Won’t Turn On [5 Easy Solutions]

The cozy wall heater won’t turn on due to a faulty power supply, defective thermostat, and circuit breaker.

Besides blocked air filters and activation of overprotection safety switch is responsible for this as well. To fix this issue, you need some effective steps.

And our today’s guide is all about it. So, go on reading…

Cozy Wall Heater Won’t Turn On [5 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we have triggered the most common reasons behind your Cozy wall heater not turning on and their simple solutions.

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1. Faulty Power Supply

When your cozy wall furnace doesn’t turn on, the first culprit may be the power supply. For fluent operating, every electric device needs adequate energy and power supply. If somehow there is a lacking, it starts malfunctioning. Causes of faulty power supply stand:

  • Damaged wall heater switch
  • Cracked wires
  • Defective power cord
  • Faulty outlet

Anyway, our following steps will guide you in this case. Here you go:


  • First off, check the power cord deeply. If you see any brown stain or damage over it, replace it.
  • Then, check all the visible wires of the furnace carefully. Don’t be late to replace worn-out wires.
  • Now verify that the plugin connection of the heater is well-working.
  • Sometimes, the switch is the enemy. If needed, replace it.
  • If above all impossible right now, connect the furnace to a different outlet.
  • Also, always install the heater on an even and flat surface.

2. Defective Thermostat

After solving the power problem, it is time to check the thermostat. If still, your hater is not turning on, a defective thermostat may be the major reason. 

The thermostat is the most vital part of any heater that helps to regulate the temperature. There are various reasons for malfunctioning it. Some primary reasons are:

  • Uneven heating
  • Incorrect temperature setting
  • Dead batteries
  • Improper installation
  • Loose wiring.

Don’t worry. After following the below methods, it will seem very easier to fix it.


  • First, unscrew the thermostat and check the batteries. If it has so long to change the batteries, it is the right time.
  • But before that, go through some cleaning process. Clean the inner and outer surfaces properly.
  • Now, look at the wires. Replace all worn-out wires and tighten all existing ones.
  • Screw the thermostat. Always place it away from any heat-producing element.
  • Finally, check the temperature. If it is set to “Auto” or “Heat” mode, raise it to the highest setting. Always keep the temperature higher than your current room. 

 3. Malfunctioning Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, the circuit breaker starts creating a problem, and the connected heater is not turning on. In various cases, we connect several devices in one breaker. When it exceeds the power limit, it fails to supply adequate power to all appliances. 

As the circuit breaker says to be the main power source of any house, we should check it as well while fixing the power problem of your heater. In some cases, blown fuses are responsible for this. However, here are the solution procedures that you have to follow sensibly:


  • Before starting, disconnect the heater from the main source.
  • Then, come to the fuse box. 
  • If you see blown fuses there, replace them quickly.
  • Also, reset the tripped circuit breaker.
  • At this time, don’t miss to check the wirings. If you see any cracked or damaged wires, inspect the wires accordingly and replace them. It would be better to contact the manufacturer.
  • Finally, plug in the heater and turn it on. Hopefully, you have been successful this time. If not, scroll down. We have many more ideas to solve it. 

4. Blocked Air Filter

If still, your cozy wall heater won’t turn on, the air filters may be the responsible factor. The air filter is such an important element of any wall heater. So, only properly cleaned air filters ensure the fluent operation of the heater. 

If there is a blockage, it will flow the air poorly. Poorly air flows overheat the furnace and create problems, including not turning on. If it is so long period to clean your heater, your next step should be it. Here are the effective procedures to clean it.


  • First, disconnect the heater by unplugging it from the mainline.
  • Let it be cool if it is heated.
  • Now, take a microfiber cloth and start cleaning the exterior surface of the heater.
  • Then, unscrew the heater.
  • Clean the air vents with an air-compressed duster. You may use a brush-attached vacuum cleaner. It will help to suck the debris very easily.
  • Don’t use any aggressive detergent or soapy water here. It will harm the entire component.
  • After cleaning, reassemble it and plug it in.
  • Then, turn on the heater. 

5. Tip-Over Overheat Protection

In every furnace, there features a safety switch for various safety purposes. It mainly detects the heat and temperature of the heater.

When it finds any uneven temperature, it will suddenly turn off the heater. The only solution is to reset the heater. Here is the right process to reset it:

How To Reset The Cozy Wall Heater?

Step 1: First, inspect the heater and find the control knob. 

Step 2: Turn the knob on and then push it down to the ignition button but very slowly.

Step 3: Repeat the same process twice or thrice.

Step 4: Now, press and hold the ignition button for 10-15 seconds.

Step 5: Then go to the settings and set the temperature. Make sure you are doing it very slowly and gently. 


Why does my wall heater keep turning off?

The major reason is the lack of airflow. It happens for clogged air filters that need to be cleaned. Also, defective heating elements and cracked wires lead to this issue. 

Do wall heaters shut off automatically?

Some wall heater features advanced technology. It may turn off after reaching the set temperature on the thermostat. Again, when it needs to heat the room, it will turn on. 

Wrapping Words:

Hopefully, our guide was helpful enough to you, and you could fix your heater not turning on issue.

If you have any more quires, let’s know through comment. We’ll be glad to help you out. 

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