Dearborn Heater Troubleshooting [5 Easy Solutions]

Searching for a Dearborn heater troubleshooting? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many users find different issues with their dearborn heaters. But the problem can be solved. 

Yes, from now on, you don’t have to search for the dearborn heater troubleshooting help. Through our article, you can fix the problems on your own. So, keep reading it to kill your dearborn haters’ problem forever. 

5 Most Common Dearborn Heater Troubleshooting

Though the performance of the Dearborn heater is impressive, it has some limitations. You may face some problems with your Dearborn heater. But, Don’t worry, remedies for every issue are available. Here are five possible issues and simple solutions: 

1. The Furnace Does Not At All Produce Heat

Sometimes, the reasons why a furnace doesn’t produce heat are. It may occur because of :

  • Broken thermostat or abnormality in the thermostat setting, gas valve, pilot light, ignition, etc.  
  • The thermostat is being set too low
  • An out-of-pilot light 
  • A blown fuse or circuit breaker 
  • Or problems in ignition or pilot light


  • Be sure the thermostae is inthe heat mode.
  • According to manufacture directions, clean or replace the filter.
  • Check the battery level in the thermostat.
  • Simply replacing the battery.
  • Ensure the new thermostat matches your furnace. 
  • Replace the blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
  • If nothing works, replace the furnace. 

2. The Furnace Does Not Produce Enough Heat

It may be due to obstructed airflow or an incorrectly driven gas burner. A dirty heater air filter obstructs the airflow. 

To solve the problem-

  • Replace the air filter. 
  • If the problem is not solved, a technician should be present to adjust the burners. 
  • It must see that there is no airflow obstruction in the combustion air chamber.

3. The Blower Continuously Running

You can set the thermostat to an uninterruptible fan setting. Your heater may have a faulty fan limit control switch. 

To fix the problem:

  • Adjust the thermostat fan setting. 
  • You may need to reset the fan limit control switch in your heater. 

4. The Dearborn Heater Turns On And Off Very Quickly

This behavior is a problem of heat expectation in the thermostat. There is a problem with the blower motor or any dirty heater air filter. 

  • Start by replacing the air filter. 
  • If the problem is not solved, adjusting the thermostat’s heat expectation or solving the blower motor problem may be necessary. 
  • The blocker motor may require lubrication at the lubrication points. adjust its belt (if it is too loose), or replace (if it ignites). 

5. Noise Operation

The cause of the high noise reactor needs to be determined. Shaft bearings may need oiling at higher noise. And, sometimes you may notice the blower belt is slipping. The term low pitch means the pilot light is poorly adjusted or the gas burner is dirty. 


  • The blower motor lubrication ports need to be oiled and checked for proper belt tension. And also check the belt is not fetal. 
  • Ajust the pilot lights, gas burners and clean the gas burners.  
  • If not solved, call a professional to repair the heater.

5 Things You Can Do To Avoid Dearborn Heater Problems:

A dearborn heater, like any other gadget, has several flaws to avoid. Throughout this post, we will reveal advice on how to avoid dearborn heater difficulties. 

The following are 5 things you can do to avoid Dearborn heater problems: 

1. Cleaning The Heating Systems

It must be cleaned and kept in good condition to keep the heating system in excellent working order. Replace the floor registers and vacuum up any spills that may have occurred around them. Anything that gets into the vents might limit their performance. 

2. Clean Or Replace Your Filter

Dearborn Heater’s filter is quite essential. A filter is usually placed where your furnace’s return pipe enters. It filters out particles from the air before it enters the heater. A filter heater removes all types of particles like stains, dust mites, pollen, and much more.

They mean to capture a large proportion of the pollutants flowing into the house. So, clean the air filter regularly to keep it in good condition. Or if you find it worn out, replace the air filter with a better filter and keep you healthy.

3. Check The Blower Motor For Proper Operation

It operates the ventilator which circulates air through the furnace. A noisy furnace blower might indicate a problem with the electric motor or the blower wheel. High, shrill noises can be produced by two metal surfaces grinding against one another. 

It may detach from the blower wheel and harm the internal housing of the blower engine shaft. The most common cause of an electric problem is excessive cooling. A trained technician can assist you in identifying the source and making changes before the situation worsens.

4. Remove The Pilot’s Dust

Clean the pilot by blowing it off. Blowing through a drinking straw will direct air to the exact area. A filthy pilot might lead to a misleading reading from the flame sensor that the pilot did not light. 

5. Checking Annually

You need to conduct an annual inspection of your entire equipment. You can do this once a year. Check and investigate every piece of the device with precise attention. Check the Dearborn heater orifice size, if it is normal or not. If you can maintain these points correctly, your Heater might face a little problem.


How Many Dearborn Heaters Troubleshooting Are There?

Answer: In this article, we have discussed ten major troubleshooting problems. You should practice all this. It will be effective for you. 

Is This Easy To Repair Dearborn Heaters?

Answer: Yes, it is easy to repair. Now you can fix it on your own by following the steps we have shared in the article.

How Does The Dearborn Heater Turn On And Off?

Answer: Follow these three easy steps:

  • Start by replacing the air filter. 
  • If the problem is not solved, adjusting the thermostat’s heat expectation or solving the blower motor problem may be necessary. 
  • The blocker motor may require lubrication at the lubrication points, adjust its belt (if it is too loose), or replace (if it ignites). 

Is It Safe To Use a Dearborn Heater troubleshooting?

Answer: It’s safe to use. But if there are any changes to the heater explorer, then you shouldn’t use this. So try to do it after knowing the explorer. 

Can I Change Dearborn Heater To Propane?

Answer: Of course, you can do it. The process is very simple and easy. If you can manage the propane conversion kit, you can easily change the Dearborn heater to propane.


There is a solution for every problem in this world, so your Dearborn heater problems also haveWe hope you could find all the solutions from our guide and fix those simply. Yet, if you are facing any more trouble with your heater, let us know in the comment box. 

We will come ASAP with a better solution.  

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10 thoughts on “Dearborn Heater Troubleshooting [5 Easy Solutions]”

  1. Bought a house with a Dearborn heater. Vacuumed it out. The pilot lights and I have a burner flame.
    The knob has 10 settings adjust from lo to hi. But when I turn it to a higher setting, nothing happens. All I get is the low heat and nothing else.
    Sounds like I need a new thermostat?

  2. I have cleaned my Dearborn heater turned gas in and lit it. Even though I have turned the gas knob up I still get only a low flame. This is an older model, like the one in the video, so there isn’t a thermostat. What can I do to get the flame to go higher?

    • Ho Sherry

      Could you clean the flame sensor? If not, clean it. Also, check your gas pressure, you could have a gas valve problem or you could have a restriction in the air intake. I hope, you will get the solution.


    • Hi Kathy

      First, try cleaning the pilot assembly. If it doesn’t work, check the thermocouple whether it is faulty or not. A faulty thermocouple shuts off the gas valve and consequently the pilot light flame goes out.
      If the thermocouple is defective, replace it. Hope your problem will be solved.


    • Hi James

      To fix your heater’s pilot issue, first, clean the thermocouple. If cleaning the thermocouple doesn’t work, you may need to replace the thermocouple.

      Best of luck!

  3. I have a Dearborn heater that was converted into propane it has a pilot on there but when I light it it makes a loud noise and it’s like it’s shooting the propane up through the flames the flames get really really high so how do I fix that

    • Hi Kelly

      To fix the issue, first, make sure all the parts are clean & all the screws are tight.

      Also, ensure correct gas pressure, clean orifices, and burners are corroded-free.

      If you get the burners dirty or corroded, service or replace them. Plus, adjust the air shutter correctly.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best!


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