Delonghi Ceramic Heater Keeps Turning Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Delonghi space heater is functional, quiet to operate, and user-friendly. Also, it has safety features to avoid potential fire hazards due to overheating or if the unit tips over. That’s why thousands of homeowners trust Delonghi to warm up their spaces. 

Having these upsides doesn’t mean your Delonghi will never get faulty. In other words, your Delonghi will also start malfunctioning over time. For example, Delonghi ceramic heater keeps turning off is a common issue every homeowner suffers from. 

You won’t turn on your heater if the heater receives no power, the unit gets overheated, or a tripped ALCI plug. And this guide on Delonghi ceramic heater troubleshooting will help you to overcome those issues. 

Why Delonghi Ceramic Heater Keeps Turning Off?

In this section, we will discuss why your Delonghi ceramic heater won’t turn on and provide the solution to turn it on. 

1. You May Forget to Plug The Heater in

You can’t turn on any electric appliances if you don’t connect to electricity. And when it comes to turning on your Delonghi space heater, you need to plug the cord into an outlet. If you don’t plug the heater into a standard outlet, the heater will not receive any power- let alone turn it on. 


Ensure you plug the electric cord into a standard electric outlet. And now, press the on/off button to turn on your heater. Also, make sure the electric outlet you used to plug in a heater doesn’t get tripped. 

2. You May Set the Thermostat to the Lowest Setting

The space heater won’t turn on if you set the thermostat to the lowest setting. Therefore, you will fail to turn on your ceramic heater if the temperature of your room reaches the set temperature. 


Setting the thermostat to the maximum setting will be an easy fix for this issue. Alternatively, increase the temperature by pressing the + button on your remote control if the room temperature reaches the set temperature. 

3. A Tripped ALCI Plug

If your Delonghi space heater is equipped with an ALCI plug, ensure it doesn’t get tripped. Due to a faulty ALCI plug, your space heater doesn’t get the electricity you need to turn it on the heater. 


First off, inspect the ALCI plug for damage. If it gets defective, replace it with a new one. On the other hand, you should reset it by pressing down the reset button if the ALCI plug doesn’t get faulty. 

4. An Overheated Unit

Every space heater comes with an overheating protection feature. If your heater gets overheated, the safety switch of your heater will automatically turn off the unit. Your space heater may overheat if the air intake and outlet grilles get clogged by dirt and debris. 


In this case, unplug your space heater from the electric outlet and leave it for a few minutes to cool down the unit. Then, use an air compressor to blow out the dirt and debris that blocks the air intake and outlet grilles. Now, plug your unit into an outlet and turn it on. 

5. Maybe The Safety Tip-Over Switch Get Activate

Like other electric portable heaters, the Delonghi heater also features a safety tip-over switch.  It will turn off your heater automatically if the space heater tips over or are positioned improperly. 


Fixing this issue is simple. Just restore your space heater to the vertical position, and it will take just a few seconds to turn the unit on again. 

DeLonghi Ceramic Heater Error Codes

PF or HT are some error codes that will display your Delonghi space heater. If your heater shows the error message PF, understand the temperature sensor of the heater is not working properly. On the other hand, your heater gets overheated if it displays this error code HT. 

In the case of fixing the temperature sensor issue, first, check the temperature sensor and find if it is faulty or not. Here we recommend you call customer service for this job.

In contrast, make sure you don’t cover the heater if you mounted it on the wall to clear the HT error message. Alternatively, ensure you assemble the heater feet properly if you want to use the heater on the floor. It will help to let the air pass through the unit. 

How Do I Reset My Delonghi Heater?

The following steps will help you to reset the Delonghi heater.

  • Turn off the heater and unplug it from the outlet
  • Leave your space heater for several minutes
  • Now, plug the unit into an electric outlet and turn it on again, which will reset your space heater.


Why does my heater turn off by itself?

Your heater will turn off by itself if it gets overheated or tips over on the floor improperly. 

Why does my heater turn off before reaching the temperature?

Your space heater turns off before reaching temperature if the flame sensor gets dirty or clogged up by debris. 

Why does my thermostat keep losing power?

Due to a tripped circuit breaker, your thermostat may keep losing power. 


Failure to turn on a space heater is a common issue. Some culprits like a faulty ALCI plug or setting the thermostat to the lowest setting will stop your heater from turning on. 

Following the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above, you can effortlessly overcome those issues. And of course, don’t forget to reach out to customer service if your heater won’t turn on after trying out those troubleshooting steps. 

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