Dewalt Propane Heater Troubleshooting [5 Easy Solutions]

The major Dewalt propane heater problems are the heater won’t stay lit or won’t start at all, the heater fan not working, the heater keeps shutting off, overheating issues, and extremely hot enclosure.

dewalt propane heater troubleshooting

Find out your pain point & go through this Dewalt propane heater troubleshooting guide. You’ll certainly find the solution you’re looking for. Let’s start! 

Dewalt Propane Heater Troubleshooting [5 Easy Solutions]

Here, in this section, we have revealed the reason behind your problem & a solution to fix the issue:

1. Heater Won’t Start

Dewalt heater elements are on, but the motor doesn’t rotate sometimes, and therefore Dewalt propane heater won’t start.

dewalt propane heater won’t start

Plus, a dirty thermocouple, a distance thermocouple from the flame & blocked pilot tube are also responsible for not igniting issues.


To solve this type of problem, you need to clean out all the dust and debris from the fan blade. When there is no obstruction, the motor will start rotating soon.

But if the issue is with the motor, you should purchase a new one and replace it with the older one.

Also, clean the thermocouple & blocked the pilot tube. And make sure the thermocouple stays close to the pilot light & it senses the flame.

2. Heater Shuts Off

When your Dewalt propane heater keeps shutting off, a fuse or a faulty circuit breaker can be responsible.

dewalt propane heater keeps shutting off

It even occurs if the outlet or plug is defective or damaged. There’s a slight chance of a faulty connection behind this trouble. 

Plus, a faulty thermocouple or far existing thermocouple from the pilot light is also responsible to shut off your propane heater.

Also, clogged air filters, insufficient fuel pressure & clogged pre-heat filter can be the culprit behind the heater shutting-off issue.


To fix your propane heater shutting-off issue, do the followings-

  • First, replace the circuit breaker and fuse with a new one if they are ineffective.
  • But if it doesn’t solve your issue, check the condition of the plug and fix or replace it according to the condition.
  • Check out if the connection is right or not in between.
  • Move the thermocouple near the pilot light or replace the faulty thermocouple.
  • Vacuum the air filter.
  • Check the fuel pressure & ensure enough fuel pressure.
  • Finally, check the pre-heat filter & clean it or replace it if necessary.

3. Heater Fan Not Working

Many Dewalt heater users face Dewalt propane heater fan not working. This happens when the blade of the fan inside the heater is blocked.

A defective motor can be another reason behind this Dewalt propane heater fan error as well. 

dewalet propane heater fan not working

Well, when you get the fan turns on, then the motor is not the culprit. But if you get that the fan doesn’t start, then there is a wiring issue.


To deal with this issue, open up the heater and look for the things that are obstructing the blades of the fan and clean them out.

If the sound remains, you have to change the motor with a new one. Plus, check the wiring & fix it with sufficient free caution if you get it faulty.

4. Overheating Issue

You have to face overheating issues because of dirty or clogged air filters, which hinder sufficient air circulation. Consequently, the heater gets hotter due to a poor ventilation system.

Plus, a clogged air filter allows dust and plays a role to cover the internal parts of your heater like the coil or blower motor with dirt.

When the coil gets dirty, it prevents the heat exchanger to move heat. Similarly, if the blower motor is covered with dust or dirt, it can’t work & may overheat.

Well, this type of issue happens when you forget to change the air filter regularly.

However, at the same time, you may also face short cycling problems as well as overheating because short cycling happens due to overheating.

In fact, short-cycling occurs when the heater shuts off automatically to prevent any damage because of overheating, it starts again & quickly overheats when the heater cools down a bit. Plus, faulty wiring is also responsible for the overheating issue.


If this is the problem you’re facing right now, you should inspect the air filter & replace it if you get it clogged. Also, check the electrical wirings & fix them if necessary.

When you aren’t comfortable checking the electrical wiring, you should hire a certified electrician. However, if you are facing a short cycling issue, you should take help from a technician to inspect your system.

5. Extreme Hot Enclosure

The enclosure gets extremely hot when the air vents are blocked, or the motor is defective. Apart from these two reasons, defects in the thermal protection cause heater’s no spark for the users too. 


To fix this trouble, you should check what is blocking the air vents and clean them out right away. But if the motor is defective, get a new one and install it. In case of defective thermal protection, you need to replace it with a new one. 

Maintenance & Storage Guide

Regularly clean the heater & change the clogged air filter to avoid a few issues. Plus, you should check the heater, especially the hose, regulator & cylinder connection fitting before every use.

maintenance of the dewalt propane heater

In fact, it would be wise to inspect your heater by an experienced technician at least once a year. 

Replace any damaged heater part with the manufacturer’s part. When you are not using the heater, turn off the gas connection at the LP gas supply cylinder to avoid any unwanted situation.

Also, if you want to store the heater for a long time, you must disconnect the connection between the heater & gas cylinder. After disconnecting the cylinder, take it away from the heater & store it out of the doors.


How can you light a Dewalt Heater?

Find the knob for regulating the gas amount and push it to ignite. Then wait and hold the knob for a few seconds more. It’ll then automatically light the heater right away. 

How can you unclog your heater?

First, turn your heater off and vacuum all the dust and debris blocking the fan blades. Then vacuum the grids and inside of the vent holes. Now move the igniter over and unclog the flame areas of your heater. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve found the problem solutions you were looking for. Following our Dewalt propane heater troubleshooting guide, you can sort out and solve any problem with your heater right away. 

But if it doesn’t solve your problem, let us know in the comment section. We are always ready and happy to help you with the right solution. 

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