Dewalt Propane Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The major Dewalt propane heater problem is heater won’t stay lit, keeps shutting off, and won’t light. These Dewalt propane heater problems paved the way for other problems like the heater not igniting and the fan not working. 

When you face these not working issues, there is something wrong with any inside parts of your heater so try to look for that first. If you can find out the parts, then replace them immediately. To sort out these problems, you should check the conditions of the parts inside your heater.

If these aren’t the problems you need to solve, go through this Dewalt propane heater troubleshooting guide. You’ll certainly find the trouble and solution you’re looking for. Let’s start! 

Dewalt Propane Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

If the solutions mentioned above couldn’t help you find what is troubling your heater, here are a few other reasons for Dewalt Propane Heater troubleshooting. Let’s find these reasons with the solution as follows: 

1. Heater Won’t Start

Dewalt heater elements are on, but the motor doesn’t rotate sometimes, and therefore Dewalt propane heater won’t start. This happens when the Dewalt propane heater jumper does not stay lit or the heater jug doesn’t stay lit. It also occurs when the motor is not in the right condition. 


To solve this type of problem, you need to clean out all the dust and debris from the fan blade. When there is no obstruction, the motor will start rotating soon. But if the issue is with the motor, you should purchase a new one and replace it with the older one. 

2. Heater Shuts Off

When your Dewalt propane heater keeps shutting off, a fuse or an open circuit break can be responsible. It even occurs if the outlet or plug is defective or damaged. There’s a slight chance of a faulty connection behind this trouble. 


To fix your propane heater shutting off issue, First, replace the circuit breaker and fuse with a new one. But if it doesn’t solve your issue, check the condition of the plug and fix or replace it according to the condition. You may check out if the connection is right or not in between. 

3. Heater Fan Not Working

Many Dewalt heater users face Dewalt propane heater fan not working. This happens when the blade of the fan inside the heater is blocked. A defective motor can be another reason behind this Dewalt propane heater fan error as well. 


To deal with this issue, open up the heater and look for the things that are obstructing the blades of the fan and clean them out. If the sound remains, you have to change the motor with a new one. 

4. Overheating Issue 

A problem that Dewalt Propane Heater users often face is the overheating issue. It is either a defective motor or thermostat that is responsible for this trouble. The wrong thermostat setting can also be why the heater is not staying lit. 


If this is the problem you’re facing right now, you should try to fix or alter your motor right away. But when it doesn’t solve your problem, check both the condition and setting of the thermostat. You should find out your problem there for sure. 

5. Continuous Unit Runs 

When your heater starts running continuously, there should be a problem with the thermostat. It can either be because of the wrong setting or a piece of defective machinery. But it often occurs when the heat losses a higher amount of units than its capacity. 


If the problem is with the thermostat, then check the setting out and make it right or try to change the defective thermostat. In heat loss, just make sure that the unit is not undersized. It’ll certainly solve the trouble for you. 

6. Extreme Hot Enclosure

The enclosure gets extremely hot when the air vents are blocked, or the motor is defective. Apart from these two reasons, defects in the thermal protection cause heater’s no spark for the users too. 


To fix this trouble, you should check what is blocking the air vents and clean them out right away. But if the motor is defective, get a new one and install it. In case of defective thermal protection, you need to replace it with a new one. 

7. Not Getting Desired Temperature In The Room 

Dewalt heater users often face Dewalt propane heater pilot lights won’t stay lit, and that’s the reason behind not getting your desired temperature. It also happens when the voltage is lower than the prescribed amount. Heat loss can also be the reason behind this trouble. 


If you want to solve this problem, then find the defective parts first and fix or replace them right away. If it doesn’t solve the trouble, check the voltage out and make sure it fulfills the prescribed amount. Lastly, keep the units in their size, not more or less than that. 


Why is your Dewalt Heater shutting off repeatedly? 

When the heater is clogged with something in the filter, it keeps shutting off. The clog inside will create a void or vacuum in your heater’s filter, and therefore the repeated shutting off occurs. 

Why does your heater not functioning?

The reasons behind your heater not working are a clogged pilot tube, an unclean thermocouple, an overfilled or empty canister of gas, or a distant thermocouple. Your heater may not function because of any of the above-stated reasons. 

How can you light a Dewalt Heater? 

Find the knob for regulating the gas amount and push it to ignite. Then wait and hold the knob for a few seconds more. It’ll then automatically light the heater right away. 

How long may a Dewalt Heater last? 

Dewalt heater is one of the most durable pieces available in the market, with more than the ability to provide 13-hours service. It can keep you warm for 8-10 hours regularly and last a year or two easily. 

How can you unclog your heater? 

First, turn your heater off and vacuum all the dust and debris blocking the fan blades. Then vacuum the grids and inside of the vent holes. Now move the igniter over and unclog the flame areas of your heater. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve found out the reasons and solutions you were looking for in the first place. Dewalt Propane Heater troubleshooting requires a proper and comprehensive guide to deal with it. Therefore, we’ve come up with this one, and by following our guide, you can sort and solve any problem with your heater right away. 

But if it doesn’t solve your problem or help you sort out what the problem is, let us know in the comment section. We are always ready and happy to help you by providing you with the right solution. 

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