Dyna Glo Heater Problems [6 Easy Solutions]

Looking for solutions to Dyna Glo heater problems? We’ve got you back. It can be a pain when your heater isn’t working properly and you don’t know what to do.

Hopefully, with our Dyna Glo heater troubleshooting guide, you’ll figure out what to do and save some money along the way. Servicing a heater is pretty expensive these days! So get your reading glasses on, we’ve got a problem to solve.

Dyna Glo Heater Problems [6 Easy Solutions]

In this section, you’ll learn about all the common problems faced by Dyna Glo users and troubleshooting a Dyna Glo heater. So keep scrolling!

1. No Spark at Pilot/ODS When Igniter IS Pressed

In gas-fired appliances like your furnace, water heater, and gas fireplace, a pilot light is a small flame that is maintained ablaze. 

Gas is released to the main burner when you switch on your appliance, and the pilot light ignites that gas to turn it on and generate heat. The ODS is a safety pilot system for oxygen sensing. 

It’s designed to turn off the heater’s gas supply if the oxygen level in the room falls below 18 percent from the usual of above 21 percent. 

In this case, the pilot flame actually lifts off the thermocouple, cooling it and closing the gas valve, and turning off the heater. There can be a few reasons why your ODS is malfunctioning.


Any number of the following causes can be behind your problem.

  1. The ignitor electrode is incorrectly positioned.
  2. The ignitor electrode has failed.
  3. There is no connection between the ignitor electrode and the ignitor cable.
  4. The ignitor cable has been squeezed or has become damp.
  5. The ignitor cable has been damaged.
  6. Ignitor or ignition module failure.
  7. A faulty battery


After you’ve identified the cause that is behind your pilot not working. Perform the solution that corresponds with the same serial number as the cause that you’ve identified.

  •  Get rid of the ODS.
  •  ODS should be replaced.
  •  Change the ignitor cable.
  •  If the ignitor cable is squeezed by any metal or tubing, it must be freed. Keep the ignitor cord dry at all times.
  •  Change the ignitor cable.
  •  Replace the ignitor or ignition module if necessary.
  • Replace the battery if necessary.

2. Heater Keeps Turning Off

This is a relatively common problem that, if not identified and addressed right once, can lead to higher utility costs and costly furnace repairs. If the problem is left unattended for too long, the furnace may need to be replaced.

Furnace brief cycling occurs when your furnace cycles on and off. We’ll go over some of the more typical reasons why this might be happening in the section below.


These are the most common causes of the heater turning off prematurely.

  1. Low Airflow: low airflow can be a result of having dirty air filters, a dirty blower wheel, and closed or blocked air supply vents.
  2. Faulty Thermostat: Your thermostat regulates the temperature of your heating system completely. So, if your furnace continues turning off and on too quickly, it’s possible that your thermostat is faulty or malfunctioning.
  3. Dirty or Corroded Flame Sensor: It’s possible that the flame sensor is rusted or dusty. If the flame sensor is unclean or damaged, the flame will not detect, and the gas valve will be turned off, causing your system to shut down.


You can inspect your air filters, blower wheel, and air supply vents and clean them if needed. You may need to repair or replace the thermostat or flame sensor. For that, we recommend you hire a professional. As it can be complex to fix these parts.

3. Pilot Flame Goes Out When Control Knob Is Released

Sometimes the pilot light will only stay lit till the control knob is pressed in. As soon as you release the control knob the pilot flame will go out.


Here are the reasons why your pilot light may be malfunctioning this way.

  1. The control knob is not pressed in.
  2. The control knob hasn’t been pressed far enough.
  3. The shutoff valve for the equipment is not fully open.
  4. The connection between the thermocouple and the thermometer is slack.
  5. The thermocouple is broken.
  6. The control valve has been damaged.
  7. The inlet gas pressure is excessive.


Let’s take a look at the solutions. Choose the one that fits the cause behind your issue.

  • Fully engage the control knob.
  • Keep the control knob pressed for 30-60 seconds after the ODS/pilot lights up.
  • Open the equipment shutdown valve completely.
  • Tighten by hand until snug, then tighten another 14 turns.
  • Replace the thermocouple with a new one.
  • Get in touch with customer service. They’ll take care of your Dyna Glo propane heater repair if your warranty is still active.
  • Check and adjust the inlet pressure with your gas supplier.

4. Burner Won’t Light Up

When your Dyna Glo Pro heater won’t light, you know you’ve got a problem. But what kind of issue are we dealing with, and how enormous is it?

There could be a simple answer, or you could need heater repair from our professionals. In the next section, we’ll look at the common causes.


Here’s what is possibly wrong with your heater-

  1. The thermostat is set too low.
  2. The aperture in the burner is clogged.
  3. The diameter of the burner orifice is too small.
  4. The gas pressure at the inlet is too low.


You can start by turning the thermostat on to a higher temperature setting. Clean up the burner orifice as per the instructions below.

Step 1: Turn the unit off completely, including the pilot. Allow at least thirty minutes for the unit to cool.

Step 2: Remove four screws from the front panel, two on each side.

Step 3: Push forward the front panel.

Step 4: Blow air through the burner’s ports/slots and holes. Clean the pilot assembly as well. 

The presence of dust and grime in the pilot assembly is indicated by a yellow tip on the pilot flame. About two inches from where the pilot flame emerges from the pilot assembly, there is a small pilot air inlet hole. 

Blow air through the air inlet hole with the unit turned off. If you don’t have access to air, you can blow via a drinking straw.

Step 5: When finished, replace the front panel with the screws that were removed.

If after cleaning the orifice, the heater is still malfunctioning, contact customer service.

5. Delayed Ignition

You’re putting yourself in a very dangerous situation if you ignore delayed ignition. As the gas builds up, the burners will ignite, resulting in explosions. If your heater has this problem, you’ll most likely hear booming noises.


Look into what can be causing this issue-

  1. The manifold’s pressure is too low.
  2. The burner’s orifice is plugged

Whatever is causing this issue should be identified as soon as possible. If you’re not sure how to go about correcting it, hire an expert.


You can try to fix the delayed ignition as soon as possible by-

Read more about how to fix delayed ignition.

6. White Residue

Another common concern with heaters is the accumulation of white powder residue in the burner box or on neighboring walls or furnishings.


  1. When vapors from furniture polish, wax, carpet cleaners, and other similar materials are heated, they transform into a white powder residue.


To solve this, switch off the heating when using furniture polish, wax, carpet cleaning, or similar materials.


How long does a Dyna Glo heater last?

Around 15 years. The better you maintain your heater, the more chance it has of lasting longer.

How long will a kerosene heater run on a full tank?

Dyna Glo indoor kerosene heater can last up to RMC-95C6 6 hours on a full tank.

Is it safe to sleep with a kerosene heater on?

Absolutely not. You should always keep an eye on your kerosene heater. Don’t leave it on when you’re not present or are asleep.


Hopefully, now you know what to do with your Dyna Glo heater not working. 

Well, if you have any quires, feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below.


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  1. My gas bottle sweats and uses up a can of gas quick even if the burner is not on. Why is the gad going empty so quick.only if it burns for 30 min?gary

    • Hi Titus

      Generally, some issues are responsible for quick fuel consumption like a malfunctioning thermostat that is not regulating the temperature correctly, blocked vents, or a clogged filter.
      Check out these issues to find out the main culprit behind the issue and fix it.
      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.


  2. The unit will not light the pilot, I am not getting any natural gas into the unit, no gas smell at all. The unit was used last winter in my garage with no problems.

  3. Hi, My dyna-glo 50,000. after I changed the coil ( no spark issue ) It now may run 5 min and shut off. After a 1 minute shut off at the switch, turn on and it may run 2 hours or so. then, again, I turn it on and it my run 2 hours and not shut off. the next day it may not shut off even once in a 3 hour use ? ? then the next day it may shut off twice in a 1/2 hour of use. Any Ideas what to check? ? It is new enough it has the circuit board.

  4. I have a dynaflo model R18lpdg. pilot lights. letting up on knob causes pilot to go out. Have held it down as long as 20 min. Still goes out. Have dismantled total valve with nothing learned. Checked pilot completely, no answers. Used compressed air to clean while apart. No answers! Bought new pilot assembly. No luck. Help!

    • Hi Shaun

      Generally, this type of flame issue happens due to a lack of oxygen.

      Well, to fix the issue, clean the burner assembly & make sure there is a sufficient supply of fresh air.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!


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