EdenPURE Heater Fan Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

The EdenPURE Heater fan not working because of blown-out thermal fuses, high temperatures, faulty outlets, clogged and jammed filters, wrong placement, overloaded circuit breakers, and overused quartz inside the heater.

You can solve these by replacing the damaged thermal fuse, checking the temperature before turning the heater on, changing the faulty outlets, and using a GFCI one.

EdenPURE heater

Placement of the heater and cleaning the filter are important too. Watch out for loose wires and screws as it keeps on tripping the power strip. 

EdenPURE Heater Fan Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

We have enlisted the most likely causes of your EndenPURE heater fan issues in greater detail.

EdenPURE heater fan not working

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1. Blown-Out Thermal Fuse

Blown fuses are the most typical cause of an electric heater not performing. Check if the circuit breakers or fuses have tripped or not.


In order to determine if this is a problem, disconnect the device and inspect the building’s fuse box for damaged or tripped circuit breakers. After that, you can change the fuse or adjust the circuit breakers as needed. Replace the plug and turn on the appliance.

2. Temperature Considerations

It’s possible that your EdenPURE heater fan won’t switch on if the environment is too heated. If you haven’t given the heater enough time to warm up after storing it in frigid temperatures, it may not work. 

In the event of an abnormally high temperature, the thermal fuse of EdenPURE heater automatically turns off the power and prevents further damage. The EdenPURE heating systems are made for temperatures below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Give it time to heat up. Check your room temperature before turning the heater on. If you have a thermostat, use it to change to a more comfortable temperature. And then turn the heater on.

Remember that, the level of insulation present in the space and the material of the floor on which the heater is placed are two additional factors that influence its heating capabilities.  

Concrete and tile flooring absorbs more heat than wood or carpeted floors. So your heater fan might stop working if you’re trying to heat up a concrete or tiled room for a long time. 

In a damp environment, such as the bathroom, an EdenPURE heater should not be used. Despite the fact that certain versions include a humidifier, too much moisture in the air might damage the metal heating plate, leaving it useless.

3. Faulty Outlet

Sometimes the outlet in which you plug in the power cord may get faulty or dead. plus, the GFI may be tripped. In both cases, your EdenPURE heater fan won’t work.


  • Check the outlet and fix it if it’s defective.
  • Make sure the GFI isn’t tripped.

4. Filter Problems

Placing furniture or other large items in front of the heater commonly causes the heater fan to stop working.

When airflow to the filter gets blocked, the unit’s ability to make power goes down, and ultimately the fan stops working. 

Sometimes EdenPURE heater gen 3 won’t turn on if the filter is impeding the flow of air. It will also turn off automatically when tipped and say ‘EdenPURE heater not level’.


You’d need to simply move it to a better location where your furniture won’t block the airflow to the filter.

Try moving the heater so that it is now leaning against one of the walls inside the room in order to get more even dispersion of heat. Plug the unit back after half an hour after you move it to a better position.

If it doesn’t work, you’d need to clean the filter thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaner to take out all the debris and dirt from the filter. Then put it back on. 

Another alternative is using lukewarm water, detergent, and a soft cloth, thoroughly clean the filter. Wait until it is totally dry to put it back in the machine.

5. Circuit Breaker Overload

Each infra-red heat source in an EdenPURE heater is capable of drawing up to 1400 watts of power, which is roughly the same as an equivalent resistive heater. 

If you notice that it keeps tripping the circuit breaker, the breaker itself may not be large enough to accommodate the heater, or the circuit may be overcrowded with other appliances.


Simply changing the circuit breaker will solve your EdenPure heater fan problem.

6. Overworked Quartz Element

If the EdenPURE fan is plugged in and turned on and you look through the front of it and do not see the infra-red element’s signature red glow, it means that the quartz is overused and damaged. 


Replace the existing component with a new one.   It’s expected to last more than 2 years.  Each unit is covered by a one-year warranty against premature component failure.

7. Loose Screws

Sometimes even after changing the heating elements in EdenPURE, it keeps on tripping the power strip, and ultimately your heating fan would stop working. This might be because of the loose screws and wires.


Check and make sure that no screw is free and moving. Keep an eye on the PCB boards to see whether or not they are making contact with metal on the underside of the board.


How long do EdenPURE heaters last?

EdenPURE heaters could last up to 15 years if you take good care of them. During this time you might need to change the quartz a few times. 

Do quartz heaters use a lot of electricity?

Quartz infrared heaters consume the same amount of energy as resistant electric heaters. Depending on the grade of the infrared element, the energy usage might reach up to 1500 watts.

End Note

Now you know everything about the EdenPURE heater fan not working and how to get rid of those problems. Just troubleshoot it whenever you want if it’s not performing up to standards.

We hope this article could help you figure out your problem. If you have any more queries, put them in the comment section. And we’ll help you out.

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6 thoughts on “EdenPURE Heater Fan Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]”

    • Hi David

      Generally, an EdenPURE Heater fan not working due to one or more reasons like blown-out thermal fuses, high temperatures, faulty outlets, clogged and jammed filters, wrong placement, overloaded circuit breakers, and overused quartz inside the heater.

      To fix the problem, you can check all the above- mentioned issues one by one following our solution guide in the article.

      Well, as your heater is a new one, you must coverage the warranty period. So, it would be wise to contact the EdenPURE customer support center or your local EdenPURE dealer before doing anything by yourself.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Charles

      Your Edenpure heater blows at low speed on a high setting may be due to a dirty motor or a loose blower belt.

      Well, to fix the issue, first, clean the blower & make sure the blower belt is okay.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a professional.

      Wish you all the best!

  1. The fan on my Eden pure heater is working and it’s still blowing warm heat, however it now has such a loud, like screeching noise I can’t leave it on, and
    you can’t turn it off?? You can turn it down, but not off? You have to unplug it.
    Any suggestions or ideas as to what is wrong with it?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Linda,

      Your Eden pure heater makes screeching noise may be the blower fan has come loose. Consequently, this type of noise is produced. Check the blower fan & fix it if you get it loose.

      Well, to fix the heater won’t turn off issue, make sure the master power switch is set to the off position.

      And keep in mind that the fans of your heater continuously run for a few minutes to let the heater cool down.

      However, if it doesn’t work, take help from a professional.

      Best of luck!


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