Edenpure Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

The EdenPure heater won’t turn on because the power outlet may not be getting the power it requires. In case of this issue, you need to plug in other electrical appliances to check the functionality of the outlet. If it doesn’t work with that, then you should get a new one. 

EdenPure heater won’t turn on often due to the safety switch issue. It won’t turn on until it reads a specific temperature inside the room. So, if you change it to a higher option, your heater will turn on immediately. 

If these two solution doesn’t fix your issue, then read through the whole article to find out the issue and fix it right away: 

Edenpure Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

    If you haven’t found the right solution for which your EdenPure heater won’t turn on from the above, then check the following solutions out. These easy fixes will certainly turn your EdenPure heater on in no time. So, let’s dive right into the solutions as follows: 

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1. Warm Room

EdenPure heaters may not turn on when the room is already warm enough. They’re designed in a way that only when the room reaches less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, it’ll start working. Therefore, if your room is having a temperature more than 75 degrees, then it won’t turn on.  


Even if you require the service of a heater in a warm room, then you should change the temperature settings from 75 degrees to a bigger number. Then it’ll turn on even when the room is quite warm. 

2. Dead Outlet

The power outlet of a heater plays a pivotal part in turning it on. Without power, it is very simple that your heater won’t turn on. So, you better make sure that the outlet you are using to get the power supply to your heater is not a dead one. 


Go and check the outlet where your heater is plugged in. If the outlet is compromised or dead, then purchase a new one and replace it. Your heater will turn on right away. 

3. Not Getting Enough Time To Warm Up

In case of freezing weather, you need to look for whether you stored your heater in low temperatures. If you’ve done that, then your heater will require some time to reach the high temperature and warm up again. 

So, not getting enough time to warm up can be a reason why your EdenPure heater won’t turn on. 


When your heater is not turning on because of this issue, you need to wait for 10-15 minutes. The given time will be enough to warm your heater up and then it will automatically turn on.  

4. Tripped GFI

Sometimes a tripped GFI can create an obstruction for the heaters to turn on. When the GFI of your heater will get tripped off, then it won’t be able to pass the air out of the heater. Therefore, it’ll start working soon and your heater won’t turn on after that. 


To deal with the tripped GFI, you better need to locate the GFI at first. When you find the GFI, then you can decide what to do with it. If the condition of your GFI is fine, then just place it to its right position. 

But when it is tripped because of any breakage or leakage, then you need to replace the tripped GFI and outlet with a new one.

5. Dirty Filters

EdenPure heater won’t turn on if the filter is obstructing the airflow. This is why you need to check the air filter out to see if there is anything on it or not. When the airflow gets impeded by anything in the filter, the heater won’t turn on. 


To solve this issue, you need to clean the air filter first. If it still doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to replace your air filter. Installing a new filter should solve your trouble in no time. 

6. Tipped Filters

Tipped filters are another reason for which your heater may not turn on. Filters get tripped due to any obstruction inside the heater often. Then, it will stop the airflow and therefore your heater won’t turn on. 


To fix a tripped filter, you need to open your heater. Find the tripped filter and move it to its previous position. That will do that work for you. 

Even if it doesn’t turn on after that, try getting a new one to replace it. It should solve the issue right away. 

7. Thermal Fuse Malfunction

Last but not least, a malfunction with a thermal fuse can be the reason behind your heater not turning on. When a thermal fuse got damaged, the whole system of the heater collapsed. And therefore, it won’t turn on when the room temperature is low. 


To fix the issue of a malfunctioned thermal fuse, you should get a new one without any second thought. Once any thermal fuse gets malfunctioned, it can’t offer you the same service after a fix. So, going with the new one is the right solution to turn your heater on. 


Can You Replace the Heating Elements of EdenPure Heater? 

You can replace the heating elements of your EdenPure heater when they break down or stop functioning. If that happens during the given warranty period, then EdenPure company will replace them. Otherwise, you have to buy it yourself. 

How To Clean The Air Filters Of EdenPure Heater? 

To clean your filters, remove it first and then vacuum the filter. After that, take the filter in a water sink and rinse it with hot water. Try not to use detergent or soap or water of high pressure. 

Why Does the EdenPure Heater Is Not Heating The Room Properly? 

Try to place your heater in a zonal area from where it can spread through the whole house. When you place the heater in a congested place, then your EdenPure won’t heat the room properly.  

Can You Move Your Heater Around When It Is Functioning?

We won’t recommend you move your heater around while it is still functioning. Though the EdenPure heater is a portable one, moving around with an operating machinery is not such a good idea. 

Can You Use Any Extension Cord In Your Heater? 

You cannot use any extension cord in your heater because it can get overheated and then it can cause a fire. So, if you want to keep your heater in perfect condition, you better not use any extension cord in it. 

Final Verdict

We are hopeful that this article has shown you the issue for which your EdenPure heater won’t turn on and sort you the right solution for it too. So, without wasting any more of your time, get down on fixing your heater following our easy guidelines by yourself. 

But if you still face any issue after following our solutions, then let us know in the comment section. We would be happy to offer you a new solution. 

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