Why Electric Heat Generator Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

Electric heat generators help you by increasing the air quality of your home. Also, an electric heater generator provides ultimate comfort in emergencies and increases the value of your property. 

However, the electric heat generator gets faulty or starts malfunctioning over time. When your generator doesn’t heat your room, you should know insufficient and excessive airflow are some issues that cause your electric heat generator not to work. 

To let your heat generator function properly, we bring this troubleshooting guide. This guide breaks down what causes your electric heater to make defective and the way you fix it. So, continue to read. 

Electric Heat Generator Not Working [5 Reasons & Solutions]

If your electric heater generator doesn’t get any power, it will not start properly. Like this, you can learn more problems that stop your electric heater from working. Therefore, we also provide the solution to those issues. 

1. Insufficient Airflow

Electric heat generators won’t work for various reasons. Insufficient airflow is one of them. The following issues may be responsible for generating inadequate airflow, causing your electric heater to malfunction. 

  • The intake damper of the heater doesn’t open fully
  • Faulty duct connection
  • The supply grills may remain closed
  • Inaccurate fan rotation
  • Dirty Filters


First off, check out the damper linkage to see whether it gets damaged or not. If it gets tripped, we suggest you replace the damper motor. 

For fixing a faulty duct attachment, inspect the duct and its connection to the electric outlet. Ensure the duct connection to the outlet is straight. Just open and adjust if the supply grills get closed. 

On the other hand, if the fan of your electric heater is not rotating in the right direction, verify it rotates in the exact way that is shown on the rotation label. For the dirty filters, the easy solution is to clean them evenly. If the condition of the filters gets worse, it would be best to replace them. 

2. Excessive Airflow

Excessive airflow can also stop your electric heater from functioning properly. The following causes may increase the airflow of your heat generator. 

  • You don’t install the filter.
  • Extra-high blower speed
  • The pressure of your duct static is lower than the design.


Install the filter first to reduce the airflow to an acceptable stage. An increased rate of fan RPM is responsible for doubling the blower speed.

Also, it is the reason behind lowering the pressure of your duct static. So, decrease the RPM rate of your electric heat generator fan to fix both these issues. 

3. Fan Inoperative

As the heat generator is an electric appliance, it also starts malfunctioning at any time. Fan inoperative is a problem that may cause your electric heater to function properly. The below reasons are responsible for this issue. 

  • Blown fuse
  • You may place the switch position from On to Off.
  • Incorrect motor wiring
  • Damaged fan belt
  • Motor starter overloaded


Ensure you inspect the amperage, circuit breaker, and fuse if the fuse gets blown out. Replacing the damaged fuse is recommendable if needed. Don’t forget to check the switch position of your electric heat generator. If it is in an Off position, turn it on. 

Incorrect motor wiring also causes your electric heater to get defective. In this case, check whether the wiring connection is well or not. Make sure you connect the wiring with the wiring diagram located on the fan motor. 

Replacing the fan belt will be an easy fix if it gets broken. Lastly, reset the starter and inspect the amperage to solve the overloaded motor starter problem. 

4. Motor Overload

The electric heat generator also doesn’t function properly if its motor gets overloaded. Your heater’s motor may overload for these reasons:

  • Excessive fan speed
  • You may set the overload starter to its lowest setting
  • Lowest motor HP


Reduce the RPM if you find the speed of your fan is too high. If you mistakenly lower the value of the overload starter, set it according to the FLA value of your motor. On the other hand, determine what HP power you need to run the unit smoothly. 

5. Excessive Vibration & Noise

When the vibration and noise of your heater go up, understand something is fishy there. It also causes your electric heater to malfunction. And the below reasons are responsible for your heater to make vibration and noise. 

  • Unbalanced or defective wheel
  • Bearings are not well-lubed
  • The belt gets worn out
  • Oily or dirty belts


For unbalanced wheels, just spend some bucks to get and replace them with new ones. Sometimes the motor gets overheated due to the lack of bearings lubrication. So, to fix the wheel defect, apply grease to lube the bearings. On the other hand, if they get damaged, change them. 

When it comes to the belts, clean them if they get dirty. Alternatively, replace them if the belts get worn out. 


How do you transfer heat in ic2?

You can transfer the heat in ic2 by direct contact from the heat-generating machine to the consuming one. 

How do you power a blast furnace?

Just use coal as its fuel source to power a blast furnace. 

How do I increase the heat in my Industrial Blast Furnace?

You can increase the heat in your Industrial Blast Furnace by including the heating coils to heat capacity. You can also add 4 Nichrome Heating Coils to boost up the heat capacity. 

Why does my blast furnace not work?

Your blast furnace won’t work if you don’t add coal as its fuel. 


Electric heat generators will not function unless you take care of them. Lack of fuel, fan inoperative, and insufficient airflow are some culprits that stop your electric heater from functioning. 

The solutions we mentioned for fixing the furnace issues will work. So, you don’t need to hire a professional to solve the problems. 

However, it would be best to call an electrician if you fail to fix the issues by yourself. 

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