Pit Boss Troubleshooting Guide [Common Issues + Easy Solutions] 

Beyond infusing mouthwatering wood flavors into dishes, undoubtedly, the Pit Boss pellet grill proves to be a go-to tool for a spectrum of cooking applications. But the unexpected twist starts when the grill stops working as it should, demanding an effective Pit Boss troubleshooting guide to fix the hiccups.

Though the Pit Boss grill is of top quality, as a seasoned griller, I’ve encountered many challenges with my Pit Boss grill from time to time. For example:

  • The grill won’t start
  • The grill is not producing enough smoke
  • Excessive or unusual smoke production 
  • Igniter is not working
  • The Auger is not turning on or fails to stop
  • The pit boss fan is not working 
  • Problems using the Pit Boss app

Don’t worry! I have years of experience dealing with Pit Boss. From that hands-on experience, I am going to share my insights, solutions, and tips to help you overcome these common hurdles like a Pit boss master. So here we go!

Possible Reasons & Solutions For Pit Boss Common Problems [Quick Overview]

Before heading over to the detailed troubleshooting, let’s have a short glimpse at all of the common problems on Pit Boss with quick fixes:

Pit Boss Problems Possible Reasons Recommended Fix 
The grill won’t turn on > Faulty power supply 
> Tripped GFI
>Damaged power cord connection
> Blown fuses in the control board 
> Verify that the smoker is plugged into an operational power outlet
> Replace the cracked or damaged power cord
> Replace any blown fuses on the control board
Grill won’t produce smoke > Poor quality or moist wood pellets
> Too high-temperature setting
> Jammed auger or firepot
> Replace the wood pellets with high-quality dry ones
> Set the temperature between 180°F and 257°F 
> Clean the auger and fire pot thoroughly
Hot rod igniter not working > Damaged wiring connection to the control board
> Faulty hot rod igniter 
> Blown fuse on the control board 
> Clean the grease and dirt build-up in the auger
> If needed, replace the bad auger motor
> Replace any blown fuses on the control board
Pit Boss auger not turning > Rust build-up in the auger 
> Defective auger motor 
> Having wet pellets in the auger tube 
> Clean the grease and dirt build-up in the auger
> If needed, replace the bad auger motor
Auger won’t stop > The Auger motor has failed 
> Using poor quality or moist wood pellets
> The wiring connection between the auger and fan is reversed 
> Replace the wood pellets with fresh ones
> Inspect the wiring connection between the auger and fan. Fix any faulty connection
> If required, replace the auger motor
Pit Boss fan not working > Faulty wiring connection between the fan and control board 
> Bent fan blades or stuck dirt particles in the fan assembly 
> Bad control board 
> Inspect the fan for blockages and remove any obstructions
> Fix the faulty fan wiring connection to the control board
> Replace the bad control board.
Smoke in the hopper > Using too many pellets in the hopper 
> Bad quality pellets
> Fan not working 
> Poor ventilation
>Dirty grill 
> Inspect the hopper and adjust the amount of pellets 
> Ensure the use of high-quality pellets
> Examine the functionality of the induction fan and replace it if required
> Clean the grill thoroughly
Pit boss app not working > Poor internet connection 
>Placing the Wi-Fi router too far from the grill
> Bugs in the app
> Unplug your pit boss grill and reset it.
> Reset the Pit Boss IT app as well as ensure a snug internet connection to your smart device
> Install the updated version of the app

Pit Boss Troubleshooting Guide [Causes With Easy Fixes]

Here we’ve compiled a detailed troubleshooting guide, explaining common Pit Boss smoker issues, the corresponding responsive factors, and effective fixing methods to diagnose the issue like a pro!

1. Pit Boss Won’t Start

Last winter, I was preparing to enjoy one of my lovely weekends in the garden grilling. All things were set up; I just pressed the power button on my smoker, and then what?

I found nothing from my smoker, no fan or auger noise, just a complete absence of activity.

Then I inspected my grill and luckily found some major points responsible for this problem, which I would like to share with all of you!

Your Pit boss pellet grill won’t turn on due to any of the following reasons:

  • The unit is not plugged in correctly
  • Tripped GFI
  • Faulty power outlet 
  • Using a damaged power cord
  • Blown fuse on the grill

How To Fix:

First up, inspect the power outlet where your pellet grill is connected. Make sure it is in good working condition. Then check the extension cord or power cord to see whether it is damaged, broken, or has any obstructions. Replace the bad cord.

If your Pit Boss keeps tripping the GFI, wait a few minutes and reset the circuit on your fuse box.

Last but not least, check and ensure that your pit boss doesn’t have a blown fuse. If there is a blown fuse, replace it.

2. Smoker Won’t Produce Smoke

While seasoning your favorite grill item, you may notice that your pit boss smoker isn’t producing smoke as expected. For instance, you might be assuming that your smoker is broken and needs replacing.

But, wait!! It’s best not to panic, let’s track down what may be causing the problem:

  • Using poor-quality or moist wood pellets for grilling 
  • Too high of a temperature setting 
  • Your auger might be jammed where the pellets can’t move from the hopper to the fire pot
  • Or, using the clogged firepot

How To Fix:

Start by inspecting the temperature setting for your pellet grill. Keep in mind that to get more smoke out of your grill, you’ll need to cook things at a lower temperature.

But still, you’ll need to be hot enough to ignite, at least. For instance, it’s better to set the temperature between 180°F and 257°F to ensure “low and slow” cooking with optimal smoke.

Next, head over to the hopper and check the condition of the pellet. Make sure pellets are not moist or wet, as they aren’t going to ignite and produce smoke at all! Additionally, check and ensure that the auger isn’t jammed with old pellets. 

check and ensure that the auger isn’t jammed with old pellets

Next, check the firepot and see if there is a lot of ash and grime in the pot, creating a jam. As the best solution, consider cleaning the fire pot with every cook. Use a vacuum to remove the ashes thoroughly.

3. Hot Rod Igniter Not Working

A hot rod igniter is a metal rod inside your grill’s fire pot that is designed to heat up during ignition to ignite the pellets. The pellet grill is highly known for its quick start-up, and the igniter plays a crucial role in achieving this efficiency.

hot rod igniter not working

But what if your igniter is not working as it should? Certainly, your Pit Boss pellet grill won’t ignite and prevent your grill from reaching the desired cooking temperature.

Anyway, here are a few responsible factors to blame for a quick troubleshooting trick:

i). Degradation in the power supply

When it comes to igniter issues on a pellet grill, a malfunction in the power supply is the first factor to blame. For instance, you may have a blown fuse or the wrong wiring connection between the control board and igniter wires.

Also, if you’re using an extension cord to plug in your grill, it could be faulty, resulting in the Pit Boss not igniting.

How To Fix:

Start by unplugging your pellet grill and inspecting the fuses on the control board. In general, the Pit Boss grill uses a 5-amp, 120-volt fast-blow fuse on the control board.

Replace the blown fuses on the control board.

replace the blown fuses on the control board

Next, inspect the wiring between the control board and igniter for any damaged or loose connections. If required, replace the faulty wires.

While doing the above, don’t miss the extension cord and the power outlet where your grill is connected. Check for cracks or open wires to your extension cord. If the cord is faulty, replace it or it’s better to plug your Pit Boss grill directly into the 110v outlet.

ii). Faulty Hot Rod 

If the above methods don’t work, there may be a problem with the igniter itself. Check for damages in the igniter and consider replacing it if it is faulty.

Contact Pit Boss customer care to provide a replacement for you. Or, you can follow out this effective video to replace the part by yourself.

4. Pit Boss Display Not Working/ Blank LCD Screen

While grilling, once I noticed that my Pit Boss grill display or controller wasn’t turning on at all whereas all others seemed in quite tip-top condition. I delved into my research and found out that the improper power supply to my pellet grill was the root cause of this trouble.

For instance, if you have the same issue, the best chances are the grill isn’t plugged in well. In the same cases, the users forget to plug their grill into the right power outlet. Other major reasons include:

  • Blown amp fuse on the circuit board
  • Tripped or bad GFI
  • Using a faulty extension cord or power cord
  • Or the faulty Pit Boss display is the culprit itself. 

How To Fix:

While grilling, I once noticed that my Pit Boss grill display or controller wasn’t turning on at all, whereas everything else seemed to be in quite tip-top condition. I delved into my research and found out that the improper power supply to my pellet grill was the root cause of this trouble.

For instance, if you have the same issue, the best chances are the grill isn’t plugged in well. In the same cases, the user forgets to plug their grill into the right power outlet. Other major reasons include:

    • Blown amp fuse on the circuit board
    • Tripped or bad GFI
    • Using a faulty extension cord or power cord
    • Or the faulty Pit Boss display is the culprit itself.

How To Fix:

Follow each of the instructions below to fix your Pit Boss display issue:

First, inspect the power outlet where your pellet is connected to see whether it is working as it should. If not, connect the grill to a different power outlet. Also, ensure the power cord or extension cord of the grill is in good working condition.

Now head to the next factor! As mentioned above, one of the most common causes of a blank screen on Pit Boss is a tripped GFI. If so, check all wiring connections to the smoker and ensure they’re fully secured.

If you suspect a faulty GFI, consider using a different GFI for your smoker. After replacing the GFI, don’t forget to check the amperage of the new outlet, which should be above 15 AMP.

In case all the above troubleshooting steps fail to regain a well-functioning display, it may be faulty and need to be replaced.

5. Pit Boss Auger Not Turning

Imagine you’re cooking something super tasty on your Pit Boss pellet grill and all of a sudden you find that your grill auger is refusing to turn. Undoubtedly this is the moment of a big frustration in the midst of a mouthwatering masterpiece.

But without panicking, let’s figure out why it has suddenly stopped running, making it challenging to continue your cooking session further. 

Anyway, from my hands-on experience with my own pellet grill, here I’ve listed some of the major causes, responsible for this issue:

  • Stuck food particles or rust build up in the auger
  • Having wet pellets in the auger tube
  • an improper connection to the control board 
  • Or a faulty auger itself 

How To Fix:

In the case of a clogged auger, a thorough cleaning will be enough to get it back on the right track. Don’t worry! You’ll need to remove quite a few pieces. Just go through it with us here:

Step #1: Remove The Bottom Panel

As for the first step, remove the bottom panel from your pellet grill. To do so, lay your Pit Boss on its backside and remove the bottom panel of the hopper.

Step #2: Remove The Control Board 

Next, remove the screws on the top and bottom of the panel and carefully feed the control board through the hopper.

Step #3: Remove The Hopper Access Panel & Bolt

In this step, remove both the back and front screws on the hopper, disconnect the lid, and place it on a flat and steady surface.

When done, use a right-sized wrench to remove the Allen head nut. Once you have removed it, let the motor hang at the bottom of the Pit Boss.

Step #4: Clean The Auger 

After removing the motor, you will find a screw holding the auger in place. Remove it and get access to the auger assembly.


clean the bit boss auger

Now start by removing all the pellets from the auger. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the broken pieces. Now take a paper towel and clean up any remaining debris and grime in the assembly. When done, you will find the auger easier to slide in and out.

6. Pit Boss Auger Won’t Stop 

The pellet grill auger is an important electric element of a pellet grill that feeds pellets into the firepot. Once you switch on the grill, the auger starts turning and feeding wood pellets into your firepot, and it stops once the pellets catch fire.

pit boss auger won’t stop 

But the frustrating twist starts here when you find that the auger is running continuously. It will cause the pellets to overflow, ending up with too much smoke and eventually no smoker in your grill.

But why does your auger keep running and feeding pellets? Here are a few reasons:

    • The Auger motor has failed 
    • Using poor-quality or moist wood pellets
    • The wiring connection between the auger and fan is reversed 
    • The buildup of ashes and soot in the chimney

How To Fix:

First up, inspect the wood pellets you are using. Ensure they are dry enough to prevent the auger from continuously feeding the firepot. Always try to use high-quality Pit Boss pellets in your smoker to ensure your auger motor runs smoothly.

Next, check the wiring connection between the fan and Auger and make sure it isn’t reversed.

For instance, take a preview of the wiring diagram below and fix the wiring to solve the auger issue.


preview of pit boss wiring diagram

Inspect the chimney for the buildup of ashes and soot. If so, clean it thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner.

If you have tried hard but are still having the same issue, you might be dealing with a bad auger motor. Contact a professional to repair and replace the faulty auger motor for you.

7. Pit Boss Fan Not Working

The induction fan on your Pit Boss grill is an essential part of the grill that keeps the smoke and fire flowing evenly throughout the cooking chamber. You will find the Fan icon visible when the fan is in operation.

pit boss fan not working

But while you’re noticing, the icon is blinking, signifying that your Pit Boss fan is not working. At the same time, you will find the error code Err blinking on the display.

Typically, the induction fan on your pellet grill won’t work due to improper wiring connections or faulty control boards. Another major reason is that either the fan blade is bent or caught in the wire, resulting in the fan stopping rotating.

If that is not the case, jammed or clogged fan blades due to the buildup of dirt can lead to this issue.

How To Fix:

  • Start troubleshooting by disconnecting your pellet grill from the electrical outlet.

  • Now locate the fan and look for faulty wiring connections that connect the fan to the control board. It would be yellow in color.
  • Disconnect the yellow wires and reconnect them again to see whether the fan is running smoothly. In the case of kinked or damaged wires, you will need to replace them.
  • Next, inspect the fan blades to see if they are jammed or frosted. Clean all the buildup, grime, and debris on the blades, and then spin the fan manually with your hand.
  • To give the fan’s motor extra help, you can apply machine oil to the fan assembly. In some cases, you may need to replace the fan.

8. Grill Produces Excess Or Discolored Smoke 

While smoke production is quite expected, the problem starts when you notice too much additional smoke from your grill. Another curious fact users may encounter is the production of discolored smoke.

White smoke, black smoke, or billowy smoke are all things that will add a very unpleasant taste to your foods.

Here are a few reasons why smokers produce too much smoke:

  • Using too many pellets
  • Poor-quality pellets
  • Low-temperature settings
  • Improper settings
  • Having too much grease on the cooking grates
  • Problems with the induction fan

    How To Fix:

    First off, inspect the hopper to see if you are using too many pellets. If so, adjust the amount with high-quality pellets to ensure healthy smoke production.

    Discolored smoke is another major sign that there’s too much grease on the cooking grates. If so, clean the grates property.

    Take a look at the P setting on your pit boss as well and adjust it correctly.

    Also, make sure your grill is in the perfect temperature range. Lastly, inspect the induction fan to see whether it is functioning correctly. A malfunctioning combustion fan will not burn the pellets properly, ending up blowing unusual smoke.

    Replace the bad fan if required.

    9. Smoke In The Hopper 

    Are you noticing excessive smoke coming from your pit boss pellet grill, even the pellet hopper as well? 

    smoke in the hopper 

    Don’t worry, I will highlight all the major causes that may be responsible for this issue.

    Several things could be contributing to this factor, and the great thing is that it’s easy to figure out the exact one. It could be related to dirty pellets or if you have too much dust in the auger tube. Other major reasons include:

    • Having pellets in the hopper
    • The buildup of excessive grease and dirt in the grill
    • Airflow or ventilation issue
    • The fan is not working 
    • The grill isn’t level 
    • Or simply, you’re going through the startup phase

    How To Fix:

    To fix the smoking coming out of your pellet hopper, first you will need to ensure sufficient airflow to the unit. For instance,

    • Ensure that the grill is on a level surface.
    • Next, check and ensure that the fan is in sound condition.
    • If required, clean or replace the non-functioning fan.

    When done, inspect the firepot for ash buildup. If needed, clean out the ash from the pot. Vacuum out the dust from the auger tube as well.

    Dusty pellets are frequently the reason for smoke in the hopper. As a solution, sift off the pallets before filling them into the hopper.

    In a simple case, there is nothing to do if you are noticing the smoke at the startup phase, as it’s normal. But if it’s occurring during the shutdown, you have a backburn issue that you will need to resolve quickly.

    Just turn your grill to SMOKE mode for a few minutes before shutting down mode to allow your grill to cool down properly.

    10. Smoker Stops After 1 Minute 

    Nothing is more frustrating than when you are enjoying your grilling session and your smoker suddenly stops on its own after a short time. You try to turn on the smoker, but it continuously keeps turning off!

    But don’t worry, as this is even more common for Pit Boss users who are regular grillers. It most likely occurs due to the poor-quality pellets you are using.

    You might be using pellets that have been stored too long and have already absorbed moisture. Besides this, ambient temperature, a clogged temperature sensor, or a power outage can cause your Pit Boss grill to shut down. In the worst cases, you will find bad control in this instance.

    How To Fix:

    Let’s start with a simple case! Inspect the plants and check their condition. If they are wet, without thinking twice, just replace them with new, fresh ones.


     replace the pit boss pellets

    Next, check and ensure that every single element of your pellet grill is neat and clean, especially the temperature probe. If not, clean it properly.

    Above all, an electric smoker ultimately cannot stay on if there’s an issue with its source of power. For instance, figure out if there are issues with the electrical plug, wiring connection, and wall outlet as well. Take professional help if required.

    11. Pit Boss Pellet Grill IT App Not Working 

    Undoubtedly, a Wi-Fi-enabled Pit Boss is a great edition from the manufacturer that lets users monitor everything from their smartphones without having to run back and forth to the grill.

    But while in use, it’s not uncommon that the app may start malfunctioning, and it’s one of the most frequent issues that users face.

    So it is worth tracking down the exact factors responsible for why your Pit Boss app is not working as it should. From my own hands-on experience and deep research, I’ve listed a few major reasons for this issue:

    • You may have a slow internet connection.
    • Or, the internet connection is not working properly.
    • You’re too far for Wi-Fi.
    • Broken Bluetooth connection [if you’re connecting to your Pit Boss pellet grill through Bluetooth]
    • Bugs in the app or the app is outdated
    • In some cases, you may find the Pit Boss servers are down.

    How To Fix:

    As an initial solution to this issue, you can simply reset the app and your pellet grill. To do so, unplug your Pit Boss grill and Wi-Fi router for 60 seconds. Reboot your phone, plug everything back in, and open the app.

    If that doesn’t work, start troubleshooting by inspecting the Wi-Fi connection on your smart device. For instance,

    Step #1: Make sure you are not too far from your router or the signal is strong enough to maintain a good connection. You can run a speed test from your phone by using the speedtest.net app

    Step #2: Next, as with any mobile app, the Pit Boss pellet grill app constantly updates to prevent bugs from appearing. As a solution, delete the old app and launch the updated version of the Pit Boss app.

    launch the updated version of the Pit Boss app

    Step #3: If you are using the app through Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi, make sure the Bluetooth is in the maximum range of 30 feet in open environments.

    Step #4: Last but not least, you may face trouble connecting the app with the grill in case you’re using a grill that is not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. For instance, verify that your specific model is Wi-Fi enabled by calling Pit Boss support.

    12. Pit Boss Wi-Fi Not Working

    While using the app, it is not uncommon that you notice your Pit Boss Grill app is refusing to connect with Wi-Fi effectively. I even encountered the same issue several times while operating the app or while connecting it with a Wi-Fi connection. Several factors are contributing to this. Like:

    • You’ve recently changed the Wi-Fi router or password.
    • The grill isn’t well-paired with a Wi-Fi connection.
    • Long distance from the router.

    How To Fix:

    Here are a few possible fixes you can try out to deal with the issue:

    i) Check your grill’s Wi-Fi settings.

    First off, make sure that your grill’s Wi-Fi is turned on and that you have the correct Wi-Fi password. To check, navigate to MENU > WIFI INFORMATION.

    ii) Check your home Wi-Fi network.

    This time, check your home Wi-Fi network settings to ensure that your grill is within range of the router. It should be within 30 feet (9 meters) of your router. Also, remove any obstruction between the router and your pit boss that is affecting the connection.

    iii) Check Your App’s Setting.

    First, ensure that you are using the updated version of the app. If required, clear the app’s cache to enhance its overall performance.

    iv) Reset Your Grill’s Wi-Fi

    If you have tried all of the above steps and still it is not connecting to your Wi-Fi network, you can try to reset your grill’s Wi-Fi. To do so, just click on the plus icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen and then attempt to pair again.

    13. Pit Boss Temperature Problems 

    While in operation, you will experience such an issue when the grill set temperature fluctuates up and down all the time. It occurs due to several reasons. Like:

    • Broken temperature probe
    • Grill in ambient temperature
    • Insufficient airflow to the unit
    • Frequent grill lid opening 

    How To Fix:

    Pellet grill temperature fluctuations mainly occur due to ambient weather when it is too hot or too cold outside. In this instance, make sure the grill unit is away from direct sunlight or avoid grilling on windy, rainy days.

    Then roll your eyes at the overall condition of the grill to see if it is too filthy. If so, we recommend vacuuming out the ashes in the firepot and auger to ensure good temperature control.

    Besides, don’t forget to check the pellets you are using or clean the RTD temp probe sensor to let it provide accurate readings.

    clean the pit boss RTD temp probe sensor

    i) Pit Boss Overheating On Smoke Setting 

    If you are noticing that your pellet grill temperature is exceeding the desired and set level, potentially affecting the cooking process and the quality of your food, here are some possible reasons:

    • You’re grilling at direct sunlight or in an area with high outdoor temperatures
    • Using too many wood pellets in the firepot and hopper
    • Grease buildup in the grill grates and temp probe
    • Or a bad control board

    How To Fix:

    To fix the overheated Pit boss pellet grill, here are the simple steps to follow:

    Step #1: First up, verify whether your grill is in direct sunlight. If so, move your pellet grill to a shaded area.

    [Always turn off the grill before relocating it to prevent accidents]

    Step #2: Next check out the P setting in your Pit Boss. The higher possibility is that the P level is set too low. If so, adjust it correctly through the following:

    pit boss p setting
    • Make sure the temperature dial is set to Smoke.
    • Then press the P setting button and turn up its level. It will increase the time interval between each pellet cycle and lower the ambient temp.

    Step #3: If the problem persists, turn off your grill and inspect the firepot where mainly wood pellets burn. Make sure the fire pot is neat and clean before firing up the grill. Also, make sure that there are no excessive pellets in the firepot and hopper.

    Step #4: Clean the buildup of grease on the grill grates and temperature probe. Use a wire brush to clean the grime off the grill and grates, and then wipe it down with a damp cloth.

    clean the build-up grease on the grill grates

    Step #5: Last but not least, unplug your pellet grill and examine the condition of the control board. Consider replacing it if required.

    ii) Pit Boss Grill Not Heating Up 

    When your Pit Boss grill isn’t heating up as you desire, it can be frustrating! There could be multiple elements influencing the problem. Let’s take a look at each of them together with the necessary resolution procedures:

    Ash & Debris In The Firepot 

    Your pellet grill fire pot has air inlets around it that allow oxygen into the firepot and let the grill fire up effectively. If it is clogged with ash debris, it is obvious it will restrict her airflow, and pellets will burn slower than desired, resulting in the grill not heating up.

    How To Fix:

    Use a vacuum and clean up all debris from the firepot. If required, use a brush and clean all the air inlets of the firepot.

    use a shop vac and clean up all debris from the firepot

    In many cases, you may need to replace the burn point as a whole.

    Grilling In Harsh Weather

    If it is too windy or cold outside, it can expose your pellet grill to too much oxygen, causing a temperature spike. Or even too much wind can blow out the flame in the firepot easily.

    To fix the issue, relocate your pellet grill to an area protected from strong winds. You can place it in your garage or in a protected place where the wind won’t affect it.

    Using Old and Wet Pellets

    If your pellets absorb too much moisture, they will break down into dust in the hopper, resulting in an inconsistent burn. This is the number one reason why you are encountering heating issues with your pellet grill.

    Empty your pellet hopper, load fresh, high-quality wood pellets there, and then start the grill!

    Malfunctioning Parts

    As with the previous reason, a higher possibility is that you have a faulty hot rod, a defective combustion fan, or the auger might be broken. Inspect the malfunctioning parts and replace them if required.

    iii) Pit Boss Flashing Temperature or Dots 

    Are you struggling with the flashing temperature numbers on your pellet grill LCD screen? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone here. I’ve also faced the same issue several times on my overall Pit boss journey.

    Flashing dots on your control board screen are a clear indication that the igniter is on. Most of the grills have a relighting feature in which the igniter turns on when the temperature drops below 130°F (54°C).

    Besides, the flashing temperature control board screen signs that the temperature is under 150°F on Cook mode or under 110°F on Smoke mode. The flashes will continue until the grill is hot enough.

    In the meantime, you can check the primary reasons below causing this issue:

    • Dirty temp probe
    • Insufficient pellets in the unit
    • The auger might be jammed

    How To Fix:

    Start by inspecting the temperature probe to see if your pellet grill is too dirty to detect the correct temperature. If so, clean the probe properly. Use a sponge with soap and water for cleaning.

    Also, ensure a snug wiring connection between this element and the control panel.

    Next, check for the fuel amount in the unit. If not enough, load more fresh pellets into your grill. Then inspect the auger motor for any obstructions. It’s better to add oil to the motor and auger tube to allow them to run smoothly.

    Temperature dial issues can occur due to several factors. Bad weather conditions are also one of them.

    For instance, verify that you are using your grill in the appropriate weather conditions.

    Pit Boss Error Codes [Full Checklist]

    While using your pellet grill, you will find several error codes appearing on the control panel from time to time. The process of troubleshooting then begins with understanding the actual indication of that error code and figuring out the responsive factors for that error.

    For your convenience, here I’ve compiled a comprehensive Pit Boss error code list for you, highlighting the exact meaning and the corresponding solution procedures:

    Error Codes Error Indication How To Fix 
    ErH> The unit is overheating > Clean the entire unit. 
    ErP> Incorrect shutdown or power outage while the unit is in operation > Reset your Pit Boss pellet grill. 
    Er1 Or ErL> RTD probe connection fault > Check the wiring connection to the RTD temperature probe.
    > Fix or replace the damaged wiring. 
    4P1> The control board is failing to sync up with the program correctly> Replace the bad control board 
    noP > Faulty meat probe > Secure the meat probe connection or replace the bad probe 
    Er2> Fire not established > Check the hopper for adequate pellets 
    > Clean the clogged auger or replace the bad auger motor. 
    > Replace the faulty hot rod igniter as well. 
    Er3> Fire has gone out > Same as Er2.
    > Additionally, replace the bad induction fan 

    Pit Boss Pellet Grill Care & Maintenance [Quick Steps To Follow]

    After exploring various challenges with your Pit Boss, the key takeaway is that understanding troubleshooting tips won’t be enough to deal with the issues. You will have to ensure regular care and maintenance to allow your pellet grill to operate at its best.

    For your convenience, here are some pro-care tips for your pellet grill to enhance the longevity, efficiency, and overall performance of the appliance:

    Regular Cleaning 

    As an initial step, you will need to ensure the proper cleanliness of your pellet grill. After unplugging the smoker, cleaning the inside of the unit involves inspecting the grease drip tray, vacuuming the build-up ash, scraping the burn pot, and scrubbing the grill grates.

    Besides, cleaning the exterior of your Pit Boss smoker is equally important as maintaining its interior. Use a dry cloth to remove grease marks, dust, and dirt from the outside of your grill.

    Managing Airflow

    Besides cleaning the peel, maintaining good airflow in the unit is key to great cooking. Sufficient airflow will help to evenly spread the heat, pellets will burn well, and the cooking will be more even.

    To manage the airflow, adjust the vents according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to allow the right amount of oxygen to ignite the pellets.

    Use High-quality Fuel

    Low-quality or damp pellets lead to combustion issues and several challenges in managing the temperature. Thus, make sure you are using high-quality, dry pellets that are appropriate for your pellet grill. Plus, storage is also important. Store them in a cool, dry place to maintain their quality.

    Inspect Electrical Components 

    As your pellet grill has electrical components, such as an igniter or temperature controller, you will need to inspect them regularly for any signs of wear or damage. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and replacement.

    Make A Regular Maintenance Schedule

    It will be better if you can establish a regular maintenance schedule based on your usage patterns. More frequent cleaning is necessary for heavy use, while occasional users may perform certain tasks less frequently. But always refer to your Pit Boss user manual for manufacturer-recommended maintenance procedures and guidelines.


    If your pellet grill is kept outdoors, consider using a grill cover when not in use. This helps protect it from the elements and prevents rust or corrosion.


    How to reset the Pit Boss pellet grill?

    It is simple to reset your pellet grill. Start by turning off the grill and unplugging it from the power connection. Wait 10 seconds. And then plug your grill back into the power connection and turn it on.

    Why is cleaning your pellet grill important?

    After every grilling session, the unit collects a lot of ashes and grease on its various parts. If you do not clean it periodically, you’ll experience several issues relating to ignition and regulating temperatures.

    Should A Smoker Be Producing Smoke All the Time?

    Yes, it is quite expected to produce smoke from a pellet grill, as users demand. However, excessive smoke production is not normal, as it can make food taste bitter. Plus, the color and smell of the smoke should also be notable.

    How do I contact Pit Boss customer service?

    Contact your nearest Pit Boss customer care for any of the queries with your unit. Also, you can contact them by calling (480) 923-9630 [United States]. Their customer care service is available seven days a week from 6 AM–8 PM PST. 

    Is it safe to use an extension cord with my Pit Boss smoker?

    Yes, it is safe to temporarily connect your pit boss through an extension cord, as long as you are using a heavy-duty extension cord in this instance. Plus, make sure it is rated for your smoker’s wattage and is at least 14 gauge.

    In Closing

    The Pit Boss pellet grill stands as a remarkable companion for outdoor cooking applications. Along with imparting superb wood flavor to dishes, it is also not uncommon that, as a Pit Boss user, you encounter several issues along the way of your grilling sessions. There is no need to worry; we have already compiled a comprehensive Pit Boss troubleshooting guide for our dearest readers.

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, our guide will help you understand how to address any of the issues on your Pit Boss as well as enhance your ultimate grilling experience!

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