Why My Pit Boss Won’t Turn On [Reasons + Solutions]

Whenever your Pit Boss doesn’t start, either the unit is not receiving power, or its internal parts become non-functioning. Besides, your Pit Boss won’t turn on due to the blown fuses, tripping GFCI, or malfunctioning control board.

Plus, the other culprits for it are the defective outlet, faulty extension cord, and lousy igniter. 

pit boss won't turn on

When your Pit Boss grill refuses to start, you can fix it yourself if you know the causes and solutions to these above troubles. So, this article will guide you with all those reasons and fixing ways. 

Whatever the issues are, you will get a solution for every hitch in this troubleshooting guide. So, read it till the end.  

Why My Pit Boss Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Your Pit Boss can refuse to power on for several reasons. The main causes for which your grill stops functioning and their quick solutions are: 

1. Grill Not Connected To Power Source

Pit Boss grill requires power to operate, and thus you need to plug the unit into the 110-120V outlet. But sometimes, for silly reasons, your grill can stop starting such that you didn’t plug in your grill to the outlet. 

grill not connected to power source 

Your grill is not working because it is not connected to the power unit. Or you plugged it incorrectly into the electrical outlet. 


When your grill stops turning on, before making a panic, check whether the grill is connected to the wall outlet or not. Ensure your grill is connected to the 110-120 volt outlet. And make sure the power source is also functioning correctly.  

Ensure your grill is getting a minimum 10 Amp service. Reset the breaker and ensure your grill’s dry and firm wire connections.   

2. Blown Fuse

You connected your grill to the wall socket tightly. Still, if the unit is not turning on, you must check the fuse. 

 blown fuse 

The control board’s blown fuse is another culprit for which your Pit Boss smoker won’t turn on. On your grill’s control board’s back, the fuse is located. 

You have connected your grill to your wall socket tightly but still, it’s not turning on. Then you should check the control board fuse. It might be blown away. You will find the fuse on the back of your grill control bard. 

When the fuse becomes blown, the control board loses its functioning. And thus your grill stops starting. Your grill’s fuse becomes blown mainly for the following causes: 

  • Overheated circuit, ground fault or short circuit, or blown home circuit breaker 
  • Wrongly installed fuse 
  • Outdated or damaged electrical outlet 
  • Bad wiring connection  
  • The Control board is drawing too much power 


Remove the access panel from your grill’s hopper. Now holding the control board in place, press the plastic tabs. To release the controller inside the hopper, carefully pull the controller. Check whether the fuse is blown or not. 

Also, visually check for the broken wire. The black broken wire means the fuse is defective and you must replace it. The other fixing ways of the above troubles are:  

  • Avoid plugging your grill in an overheated circuit and prevent the short circuit and ground fault issue  
  • Use the correct fuse type and make sure the fuse is correctly installed in your grill inside 
  • Check and replace the lousy electrical outlet, bad wiring connection  
  • Make sure your control board is not charging excessive power 

How To Replace Pit Boss Grill Fuse

After checking the fuse, we recommend you replace it immediately if you find it is the culprit. For replacing your Pit Boss grill’s blown fuse follow the easy instructions below: 

Step 1: Turn off your grill and unplug it from the power source.  From the control panel’s bottom, remove the screws. To get the control board, you may require to cut some wire ties. 

turn off your grill

Step 2: Pull the control panel from your grill’s hopper and remove the fuse box cover. Find out the blown fuse, & remove it. And install a brand-new fuse in your grill. 

pull the control panel from your grill's hopper

Step 3: Now back to your hopper and attach the control board. Don’t leave the hanging board. Otherwise, this board can short out after giving power to your grill. After installing the new fuse, reassemble your grill’s all parts perfectly. 

Note: If your grill starts working fine after fuse replacement, then it’s okay. But when the fuse still keeps blowing and the unit won’t start, you should contact pit boss customer care service.   

3. Tripping GFCI

The GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. The GFCI keeps tripping when more amperage flows through the electrical wire beyond the wire’s capacity.

tripping ggci

And thus your Pit Boss Pro Series won’t turn on. The root reasons for tripping GFCI are:  

  • Ground fault occurrence or electrical error from storms  
  • Overloaded circuit 
  • Moisture in the circuit board or Moist receptacle box
  • Other electrical devices connected to the GFI unit 
  • Defective GFCI outlet 
  • Insecurely or loosely connected wires 
  • Broken heating element 


When your grill goes through any safety hitches, the GFCI will start tripping. Thus remove your grill’s hopper access panel and visually check all the wiring connections.  

Make sure all the connections are dry and firmly connected. Also, ensure that GFCI is providing a minimum 10 Amp service. However, the other resolving ways of the above hitches are:   

  • Fix your home electrical system’s electrical or ground issue 
  • Avoid plugging too many appliances and grills in a single overloaded wall socket
  • Replace the malfunctioning GFCI outlet and bad wiring connection 
  • Make sure the wires are securely and tightly connected 
  • Unplug the other devices that are connected to the GFI unit 

4. Defective Control Board

After replacing the blown fuse & tripping GFCI, you should check the unit’s control board if your grill still refuses to turn on. Your grill’s control board coordinates how all the electrical components on the board can work together. 

defective control board 

But the malfunctioning control panel fails to do the job. And thus your grill doesn’t get enough power to operate. However, the control board stops working mainly for the following factors:  

  • A power surge or short circuit 
  • Bad electrical source or tripping GFCI outlet 
  • Blown fuse 
  • Worn-out or faulty internal components on board 
  • Board’s damaged or loose wiring connection 


Disconnect your Pit Boss grill’s power and remove the control panel to check it. Next, check the control board’s internal components.

And visually look for the damaged parts, and replace the malfunctioning ones. The other effective ways to settle down the above problems are: 

  • During a power surge or short circuit, turn off your grill. 
  • Replace the defective electrical source, tripping GFCI, blown fuse, board’s lousy wire, and bad  internal components      
  • Tighten the board’s loose wires  

5. Malfunctioning Outlet

You plugged your grill into the outlet perfectly, but your Pit Boss won’t start because the power source is defective. The dead, broken, or burned-out wall socket can’t supply power to your grill. And thus your Pit Boss is not turning on. 

malfunctioning outlet 

However, your home’s power supply unit can become non-functioning mainly of the following factors:  

  • Tripped circuit breaker and GFCI outlet 
  • Blown fuse 
  • Loose, damaged wiring connections 


You should plug your Pit Boss into a different electrical source when your grill is not working in a particular outlet. Using another outlet will help you to check whether the power source has become faulty or not. 

If your grill works on another outlet and turns on, that means the wall socket is malfunctioning. And you must replace it. The other effective ways to get rid of the above hitches are:   

  • Replace the tripping circuit breaker or GFCI outlet, blown fuses, damaged wire connection, and burnt out, or worn-out board 
  • Tighten the outlet’s internal wiring connections 

6. Bad Extension Cord

You plugged your grill securely into a perfectly working electrical outlet. But still, there is no power on your grill because of the lousy extension cord. Through the extension cord, your grill receives power from the outlet. 

bad extension cord 

Also, you can use this cord to increase the distance between the electrical outlet and your pellet grill. But the faulty cord doesn’t supply power. And thus your grill won’t turn on. The main factors for which the extension cord stops working are:  

  • The cord is drawing excessive power 
  • Physically damaged, cheap, or old extension cord 
  • Using wrong cord 
  • Overheating grill or outlet 

You might have planned to grill in the garden or on your lawn. Or you have wanted to increase the distance between the electrical outlet and your grill. So, you have got an extension cord. 

But, unfortunately, after plugging the power cord into the outlet, it’s not getting power. Here, you can be sure that the extension cord might be faulty.

And your extension cord may not be working because the cord while drawing excessive power, has been physically getting damaged. Or, you might be using a cheap or old extension cord.

Remember, when your grill or outlet gets too hot, the extension cord you are using won’t work. 


The old, cheap, or lousy extension cord causes a poor connection to your grill and wall socket. Moreover, the weak wire can lead to your grill’s overheating or firing issues also. However, for solving all these above problems, follow the easy ways below:  

  • Visually check the extension cord for physical damage. And replace the damaged, old or cheap cord 
  • Make sure your grill and electrical outlet are not overheating and the extension cord is not drawing excessive power 
  • Use the correct type of cord and correctly use it both in the grill and outlet 

Note: Before replacing a cord, we recommend you test it. Using the multimeter, test the connector’s ground side. The multimeter will read 0 ohms for the good cord. And for the non-functioning cord, the meter will display high or fluctuating ohms. 

7. Igniter Malfunction

A faulty igniter is another reason why your Pit Boss grill won’t power on. The igniter malfunction can cause a short circuit or blow a fuse in your grill. 

igniter malfunction 

Thus, your grill will not get power to turn on. The main factors for which your grill’s igniter loose functioning are:  

  • Corrosion or rust build-up 
  • Excessive electrical current passes through it 
  • Repeated heating and cooling cycles damaged the igniter 


Remove your grill’s grease tray and cooking grates, and check the igniter. If, after turning on your grill, the unit doesn’t start, you should replace the 5-amp fuse on the control panel’s back. 

When the igniter still doesn’t work, you should follow the solutions below to fix this problem.   

  • Replace the defective igniter 
  • Properly clean the igniter’s corrosion or rust build-up  
  • Make sure excess current is not passing through it 


Why is my Pit Boss Grill running so hot in smoke?

Your Pit Boss grill is running so hot in smoke, mainly due to the outside temperature, shutting off the grill lid too soon after starting the unit, lifting the lid frequently, etc. 

Why isn’t my Pit Boss Grill getting hot enough?

Your Pit Boss grill not getting hot enough due to the wind or outside temperature, insufficient airflow, inadequate fuel supply, obstructed vents, too low-temperature setting, etc. 

Why does my Pit Boss grill temperature swing from its set temp?

Your Pit Boss grill’s temperature swings from its set temperature mainly due to the improperly installed flame broiler, low-quality pellets, moisture in the grill, outside temperature, dirty grill, etc. 

What pellets should I use in my Pit Boss grill?

To ensure your grill’s high quality and proper performance, you should use Louisiana or Pit Boss grill brand pellets. However, you can also use pellets from other brands. 

Wrap up

So, at the end of this article, we can certainly tell you that already you know all the reasons why your Pit Boss isn’t turning and how you to fix them. So, from now, if your grill refuses to start, you can fix it by yourself by following our guide mentioned above. 

You can let us know in the comment box if you have any more queries on Pit Boss Grill. We will back to you with a possible solution ASAP.

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