Why My Pit Boss Fan Not Working + How To Fix [Solved]

Your Pit Boss fan not working because of the faulty wire connections from the fan to the controller. Plus, the fan blade gets caught by wires, or the bracket around the fan gets bent is also responsible for the fan not spinning. 

Fortunately, we compiled this Pit Boss troubleshooting guide just for you to fix the fan issue. Therefore, we also let you learn how to replace the fan on Pit Boss if those troubleshooting steps fail to solve the induction fan problem. So, keep reading. 

Why Is My Pit Boss Fan Not Working + How To Fix

Here are some culprits that prevent your Pit Boss fan from spinning. 

1. Faulty Fan Wire Connections

The Pit Boss combustion fan not working is because of defective wire connections. If the wiring from the fan to the control board gets damaged or kinked, the fan will not receive any electric power. Consequently, the Pit Boss induction fan will not turn. 


Start with inspecting the wire connections from the fan to the control board. These wires are yellow. To access them, you should unscrew the hopper panel by removing the screws from the bottom of the hopper. 

On the other hand, you need to pull out the wire guard underneath the unit if you have a vertical grill to access those yellow wires. Disconnect those yellow wires by pulling out the Molex connector. Then, reattach them to see if this gets your fan running. 

2. You Mayn’t Turn The Fan Motor Before

If you don’t use the Pit Boss grill for several months or it is too cold outside, the fan may get frosted or jammed. So, the induction fan of your grill won’t turn. Besides, if you just get a new pellet grill and the fan motor has never rotated before, it requires a bit of ‘kickstart’ to let the fan run or turn. 


To turn your Pit Boss fan, you should spin the fan manually. Regarding this, you need to remove the hopper panel to access the fan. So, unscrews the Phillips head screws that hold the panel together with the hopper.

Then, rotate the fan blade with your hands. This might let your grill fan spin on its own. Spray some machine oil in the center of the motor spins to prevent the fan from happening again. 

3. Fan Blade May Catch On A Wire

If you fail to move the fan blade physically after accessing it, we bet the fan gets stuck with the wires.

Or, the bracket around the fan gets bent which prevents the induction fan from rotating. Therefore, if the metal fan housing of the vertical smoker gets bent, the fan won’t spin. 


Begin with moving the wires that come in the way of your combustion fan. Make sure the bracket around the fan doesn’t get bent.

In contrast, check the metal fan housing for the bent if you have a vertical smoker. Either way, you should contact Pit Boss Customer Care to fix the bent bracket or metal fan housing.

How To Replace Pit Boss Induction Fan?

Replacing the Pit Boss fan will be the go-to solution if the fan motor gets defective. Follow the below steps to change the fan on Pit Boss Grill.

  • Ensure you unplug the unit from the power
  • Use a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the eight screws that hold the bottom plate on the hopper. It will expose the fan and the wiring. 
  • Disconnect the fan wiring to the control board. These wires are yellow. So, detach yellow wires by pulling out the Molex connector. 
  • Now, use the Phillips head screwdriver again to remove the four screws that keep the fan in place. 
  • Next, remove the fan and replace it with a new one. Now, tighten the screws to hold the fan in its place.
  • Then, connect the yellow wires to the Molex connector.
  • Lastly, put the access panel back in its place and secure the screws.


Why is my Pit Boss not getting up to temp?

Your Pit Boss grill will fail to get up to temp if the burn pot doesn’t get enough oxygen to reach your desired temperature level. So, make sure there are no obstructions in the burn pot, air intake, and on & around the fan. 

Does Pit Boss have a fuse?

Yes, Pit Boss Grill has a 5 amp fuse. It helps to protect the control board from the igniter. 

What is the P setting for Pit Boss?

The p setting is a default setting that lets the auger operate at 18-second intervals with 15 seconds in between every cycle. This button helps you to hold the temperature where you need to be. 

Why is my pit boss temp blinking?

Your Pit Boss blinks the temperature which indicates the ambient cooking temp of your grill has dropped or is getting low. 

Why is my Pit Boss pellet smoker not smoking?

Your Pit Boss Pellet Smoker will not produce enough smoke if the burn pot gets filled with ash. Therefore, poor quality wood pellets and setting the temperature higher are responsible for not generating sufficient smoke. 


Now, you have the complete troubleshooting guide in your hand. Whenever the induction fan of your grill will not turn, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned. You can fix the fan issue by checking the fan wire connections or spinning the fan manually.

However, you should call Pit Boss Customer Care if the bracket around the fan gets bent. 

Plus, the comment box is free for you, just let us know your issue. We will be back with a solution ASAP.

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  1. Hello, my pit boss pro will not ignite, I replaced the fuse and the hot rod igniter, the fans will not run. I can manually turn the blades, no wires in the way or damaged and the mount bracket is good.

    • Hi Gene

      As your pit boss is not igniting & the fan is not running, the problem is a lack of airflow from the induction fan that is multifunctional.

      However, your Pit Boss fan is not working because of one or more reasons like the faulty wire connections from the fan to the controller, the fan blade getting caught by wires, or the bracket around the fan getting bent.

      Well, first try to find out the main culprit behind the issue of the fan not running, then fix it following our solution guide on Pit Boss Fan Not Working.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.


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