Why My Rec Tec Igniter Not Working + How To Fix [Solved]

Rec-Tec Pellet Grill, undoubtedly, is one of the best grills in the market. However, if you use it for a long time, chances are it may start malfunctioning. For example, ‘ Rec Tec igniter not working is an example of your Rec Tec grill issues

Several signs will let you know about a defective hot rod. For instance, the GFCI is tripping continuously, or the computer won’t turn on is an indication that the hot rod gets faulty. 

And replacing the igniter rod is the only solution if it’s (the igniter rod) not functioning correctly. To learn the way of replacing the igniter rod along with other indications of a defective hot rod, continue to read. 

Rec Tec Igniter Not Working [Know 3 Signs + How To Fix]

The igniter rod or hot rod is responsible for burning the wood pellets. If it stops working, your grill will not light or ignite. The following signs will let you know if the igniter rod is not functioning properly. 

1. Tripping GFCI or Defective Computer

A tripped GFCI (which is 99% of the time out of a hundred) will indicate that the igniter rod gets defective. The computer of the Rec-Tec Grill will not turn on. It blew a fuse that’s a 5 amp fuse which is located right behind the power button.

If the fuse gets blown out, it’s because you have got a hairline crack in the igniter rod. All of these indications will let you know about a faulty hot rod or igniter rod. 

2. Grill Won’t Light But Pellets Feeding

Ensure you turn the igniter switch in the On position. Now, pull out the cooking grate and remove the flame deflector. Now, inspect the fire pot visually, and if after 10 minutes:

Then, understand it’s the hot rod, and you need to replace it. 

3. Rec Tec Error 2

Rec-Tec Error Code 2 is a sign of a failed ignitor rod. If you find the wood pellets are feeding but overflowing, understand the igniter or hot rod is not functioning. It means the pellets are not burning due to a defective hot rod.

How To Replace Rec Tec Igniter

No matter which signs you notice, replacing the igniter rod is the only solution to let your grill function correctly. And this chapter will let you learn how to replace a hot rod on Rec-Tec. 

  • Start by unplugging your Rec-Tec grill from the power
  • Remove a total of 6 screws to pull out the cooking grate.
  • Cut and pull out all zip ties you see and free your wires.
  • Disconnect the igniter or hot rod wire from the red wire bundle. Never pull by wires. Then, cut the end off of the old igniter wire.
  • Set your grill upright and open the lid. Then, unscrew the four screws on the fire pot. 
  • Pull the fire pot toward you and spin counterclockwise to remove the fire pot.
  • Now, remove the old igniter rod from the fire pot by loosening the bolts with a 2.5 Metric Allen Wrench. 
  • Put the new igniter rod in the fire pot and tighten the nut to hold the igniter rod into its place. Make sure you don’t over-tighten the nut. 
  • Tuck the igniter rod wire into the airbox and replace the fire pot in its place & screw down all four screws. 
  • Locate the four screws holding the blower fan in place and remove them.
  • Next, locate the igniter wires. Push the hot rod wires through the grommet hole. Now, install the Molex connector to the new igniter wire. 
  • Replace the blower fan. Then, attach the new igniter rod wire to the red wire bundle. Use a zip tie to secure all the wires to prevent them from blocking the motor and fan. 
  • Finally, test the igniter rod to see whether it’s working or not.


Rec Tec Igniter Rod is responsible for burning the wood pellets. If it gets faulty, you can’t ignite the grill- let alone smoke the meat. The signs mentioned above will let you know about a defective igniter rod. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about a faulty hot rod. Just replace it with a new one to let your grill function correctly. Following the step-by-step guide, you can easily replace the igniter rod. 

However, you can hire a professional to replace the Rec-Tec igniter rod if you are not mechanically inclined. 

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6 thoughts on “Why My Rec Tec Igniter Not Working + How To Fix [Solved]”

  1. Pretty disappointed if the igniter rods already bad I’ve only had the grill for about a month and used it four times

    • Hi

      It’s really disappointing.

      Well, it would be wise to contact the RecTec customer support center to solve the issue. Plus, you must cover the warranty period as your grill is a new one.

      Wish you all the best.

    • Hi Ruben

      The auger of your grill helps to move the wood pellets from the hopper to the firepot. If the auger gets blocked by wet pellets, it can’t bring the fuel to the firepot. And guess what- you can expect your grill to ignite if the firepot is empty or no pellets in it. 


      Visually check the auger for a jam. In this case, unplug and turn off your Rec-Tec grill. Then, remove the cooking grate and heat deflector to reach the auger. Inspect whether the auger motor is turning or not in the firepot.  If it doesn’t spin, it must get clogged. So, release the blockage to let the auger turn again. 

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Plus, it will be helpful for you to read our solution guide on Rec Tec Bullseye Problems to solve the further issue with the Rec Tec bullseye smoker.

      Wish you all the best.

    • Hi Scott

      First, check wheater you install the ignitor correctly or not. Plus, check all the wire connections & outlet where you plugged the grill. Also, clean the auger if it is clogged.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck.


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