Empire Comfort Systems Troubleshooting [12 Easy Solutions]

Some general problems for Empire gas fireplace are: pilot won’t stay lit, pilot light but no flame, constantly shut off, heater produces excessive sounds, burner not lighting, sparks at the pilot, delayed ignition on the burner, gas odor, and low flame on the burner. 

Anyway, to get rid of this problem, you need some quick fixing methods. For that, you don’t have to go anywhere. You will get the entire Empire comfort systems troubleshooting guide here. Stay connected to get quick solutions.

Empire Comfort Systems Troubleshooting [12 Easy Solutions]

No more hassle with empire gas fireplace constant problems. Here we are going to discuss empire gas fireplace troubleshooting.

All of our suggested methods are completely effective and empire fireplace tech supportive. So, without any delay, look through the troubleshooting section

1. Pilot Not Staying Lit

A few reasons are responsible for causing this problem. First of all, when there is a loose thermocouple connection at the valve, it may happen.

Moreover, if the thermocouple is filled with dirt or if there is no correction measure of millivolts, the pilot does not stay lit. Don’t worry. Some effective methods can solve this problem. 


  • At first, tight the thermocouple connection
  • Properly clean the thermocouple
  • Ensure the correct millivolts of it.
  • Also, check the magnet coil, if it is well-functioning or not
  • Resize the gas line correctly.  

2. Pilot Light But No Flame

Sometimes, when the control knob is released, the pilot light, but there is no flame. When the control knob of the gas is not pressed or pressed not enough, it may cause this problem.

The damaged thermocouple and control valve or loose thermocouple connection at the control valve is another reason behind this. Also, manual shutoff is not opened, the flame will go out.


  • First, start pressing the control knob for up to 30 seconds
  • Then, open the manual shutoff entirely.
  • Perfectly tighten the thermocouple. 
  • If the control valve or thermocouple is defective, replace it.
  • Also, make sure that there is enough gas pressure. 

3. No Ignition But Sparking At Pilot

When the air enters the gas line, this problem may create. Also, if the control knob is not in the pilot position or pressed perfectly, it may cause sparking.

Other reasons are clogged ODs/pilots with dirt, the regulator of the gas not set correctly, or maybe the gas supply is turned off. However, have a look at the solutions.


  • At first, unclogged the pilot or replaced it if needed.
  • Check the gas supply if it is on or off.
  • Turn and press the control knob perfectly in the pilot position
  • Hold down to remove the air from the gas line. Continue this operation.
  • Assemble the gas regulator accurately to replace it.

4. Ignition Delay On Burner

If you face this trouble with the fireplace, first look through the reasons behind this. Inlet and outlet gas is not inaccurate gas pressure, clogged burner and burner orifice, wrong size of the orifice, incorrect air shutter setting, incorrect position of gas logs and glowing embers, and improper installation of the front glass.

No worries, we also describe the fixing methods for this problem.


  • Resize the pilot and position it in the right place
  • Clean out the blockages of the burner.
  • Resize the burner orifice correctly.
  • Ensure the right placement of gas logs.
  • Replace the venting of the fireplace if necessary.
  • Check the air shutter and set it correctly.
  • If needed, check the inlet and outlet gas pressure. If not okay, contact the manufacturer. 

5. Low Flame on Burner

Before throwback to the solution, roll your eyes at the reasons. Incorrect settings of the air shutter, wrong size of the burner orifice, and blockage in the valve tube. Now have a look at the solutions.


  • Adjust the valve from high to low.
  • Properly clean the blockage of the orifice and the valve tube. If possible, resize the orifice.
  • Make sure the inlet and outlet are in proper gas pressure. 

6. Suddenly Shutting Down During The Use

Your Empire Comfort Systems Fireplace might have shut down suddenly. Multiple causes can create this sort of problem. However, let’s look into the common causes of this malfunction.

  • Low gas pressure
  • Clogged pilot light
  • Faulty flame sensors

As you have narrowed down the possible causes, let’s dive into the solutions.


Check Gas Pressure: Sometimes, the low pressure of the gas can shut down the furnace. It will stop heating the air, resulting in heater shutdown. Leaks can be a good reason for low gas pressure. Check for odors near the furnace. If you can smell gas, then there must be a leak. Locate and fix the leak.

Unclog the Pilot: The Empire Comfort Systems pilot light is responsible for heating the air by burning gas. If the pilot light is clogged, it will stop the heating procedure. Clear the pilot and restart the heater.

Replace the Defective Sensor: A faulty flame sensor shut down the heater without prior caution. These are designed to prevent chaos. However, you will have to install a new one to run the heater. The process is a bit complex. Call a furnace repair expert to get the job done for you. 

7. Burner is Not Lighting Up

This problem mainly happens when the thermopile is not adequately connected to the TH/TP, and TP terminals lead to the valve. Additionally, when the thermopile is not set in the accurate millivolts, this will lead to the problem of the burner.

Sometimes, it seems that the burner and burner orifice is blocked with specks of dirt, so it does not work. Other supposed to be reasons are remotes, switches are not connected to the TH/TP and TP, or wiring problem.


  • First of all, clean off the burner and burner orifice blockages.
  • Must connect switch, thermostat, and thermopile with the TH/TP terminals.
  • Turn the power button of the remote in the proper position.
  • Then check if the thermopile has proper millivolts. You should replace it if needed. 
  • Also, you have to check the resistance of the valve. If that is not okay, replace it. 

8. Bad Smell Coming Out of the Appliance

A foul smell can come out while the heater is functional inside the room. However, it is not always the heater’s fault. Faul Odor can occur for two specific reasons. These are:

  • Presence of odor-vaporing substance (Paint, glue, hair spray)
  • Gas leak

The solutions to these problems are hustle-free. Follow any of the following fixes to eliminate the problem.


Remove Vaporing Substance: Glues, hairspray, body spray, and paints can create a foul odor. The vapors enter the furnace making the environment smelly. To eliminate this problem, remove all the substances that can vaporize. You will get the job done.

Check For Leaks: The majority of the heaters are running on supplied gas. If you can smell a gas odor, check for a potential leak. Locate the leak and repair it. You will have no complaints.

9. Gas Odor Coming Out

The odor must be from a leak. In a few cases, it might be for high gas pressure. Whatever the case is, eliminating the problem should be the prime concern. The solution is simple, follow it to eliminate any gas leaks.


Eliminate Any Gas Leaks: The most logical area of potential gas leaks is at the joints of a connection. If you feel a strong odor near a specific connection, that’s your spot. Fix the gas leak and look for more. If you haven’t found any, your job is done.

Change the Defective Control Valve: Control valves prevent excessive gas from entering the furnace. But, faulty valves can’t handle high pressure. In such cases, replace the valve with a new one. 

10. Loud Whistling Noise

It can occur due to trapped air in the gas line, cold burner, or clogged orifice. Whatever the case is, the issue is not a major one. Follow the said steps to eliminate the whistle.


Keep the Burner On: Turn the burner to HIGH and leave it for some time. If air is trapped inside the line, it will get out eventually. Once the air is out, your burner will stop whistling.

Clear the Clogged Orifice: Clearing the clog of the orifice will stop the whistling sound. Clean the orifice with a cleaning solution to get a remedy for the problem.

11. Loud Roaring Sound From the Burner

A loud roaring sound is concerning. It can happen to the ruptured orifice, bad gas quality, and excess gas pressure. Follow the solution right away to avoid any accidents.


Call a certified technician to repair damaged components for you. For high pressure or unusual flame color, contact your gas agency for further remedy.

12. Pilot and Main Burner Not Working

A defective pilot, faulty flame sensors, and low gas pressure are the causes of the pilot and main burner failure. In such cases, follow the said solutions.


Replace Faulty Parts: You will have to replace faulty flame sensors or other components. You can find the parts online. However, call a certified technician to do the job for you. 

Clean the Pilot: Cleaning the pilot will also help. But, be careful while reigniting. Do not try to do it yourself. Call a technician.


Can I repair my Empire Comfort Systems Furnance myself?

We do not recommend repairing the furnace all by yourself. Any mishap can lead to a tragic accident. Always call a certified and trained technician to do the repair work.

Are Empire Comfort Systems Vent-free heaters safe?

Yes, according to GAMA, Vent-free heaters are safe for regular households. So, you can buy one for your home.

Do Heaters Soak all the Oxygen?

Gas heaters need oxygen for combustion. However, heaters have Oxygen sensors, which automatically shut down if the room oxygen level goes below 18%.

How long does a Unit last?

A unit can last up to 20 years. However, some units are reported to last longer thanks to good maintenance.

Can I find parts for older models of Empire Comfort Systems?

The company has stored parts for models that are 20 years old. So, you can find spare parts and components upon request. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that the ultimate guide to Empire Comfort Systems Troubleshooting will solve all your problems.

Well, if still you face any issues with your fireplace, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you.

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25 thoughts on “Empire Comfort Systems Troubleshooting [12 Easy Solutions]”

    • Hi Gerald

      To shift the heater into manual mode, turn the knob from the “off” position to the pilot position. Then push the pilot knob that sends gas into the system manually. Push the igniter button once every second until it lights because it may take several attempts to ignite.

      Hopefully, you can successfully shift the heater into manual mode.

      Wish you all the best.

  1. Wall switch will turn on fireplace but the remote will not . Also cannot get the wall switch to beep . Replaced all batteries with fresh ones . No help still remote will not turn on and wall switch will not beep . 31 inch empire linear unit .

    • Hi William

      Generally, a remote doesn’t work due to a Damaged remote, incorrect installation of batteries, a non-programmed transmitter, insufficient power in the remote battery, a malfunctioning signal receiver, and network out-of-range problems.

      As you have changed all batteries with fresh ones, check for other issues and fix them that you get faulty.

      Hope you can solve your remote issue.

      Wish you all the best.

  2. Fresh batteries, there is a pilot flame, remote is synced with receiver, receiver is in remote, and we still can’t turn on the fireplace. When we change receiver to “on” we still can’t ignite our fireplace. Your help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi Doreen

      First, check the main gas valve to make sure the gas is on and fully operational. Bleed the air out of the pilot tub by holding the pilot button down for one to three minutes. Also, check the spark igniter and clean all debris between the thermocouple and igniter. You can also blow compressed air into the pilot area and wait for a few minutes, then try again to ignite your unit.

      If all these fail, take help from the Empire customer service center.

      Wish you all the best.

  3. I recently purchased a 1998 Empire 30000 btu wall heater from a garage sale. The owner told me he had originally bought it about 10 years ago and never installed it he said he got it from another guy who bought 10 years before that and never installed it. This appeared to be true since there was no search on the burners or oxidation. In addition, the little blue thread protector at the heater inlet was still intact.
    The burner flames would not kick in and I discovered that there was a loose wire to the thermal coupler was the problem.. after I fix that it started right up.
    So what I have now is a yellowish pilot light and the mostly yellow flames come up over the top of the 3 burners thar didn’t turn red

  4. we installed a empire vfpa32bp30lp-1 the pilot lite will go out when the burner is on we have cleaned, tighten thermocouple, checked the working pressure, home owner has left a window cracked still goes out after a day or two

  5. We just bought a house that has an empire furnace and we can’t get the pilot to light. We have opened the gas valve to make sure there was propane but even when we have the gas button pushed in the pilot sparks but won’t light

    • Hi Winona

      The spark igniter could be the culprit behind your issue.

      Well, to fix the problem, clean any dirt between the thermocouple & the igniter. Also, blow compressed air in to the pilot area.

      Then, wait for a few minutes & try again to ignite.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!

  6. Hello!
    I just replaced the batteries in the receiver and remote on my empire vsfe 24 gas fireplace. When I go to start it up, the box beeps a few times, then does one longer beep. I can not get it start up. Any ideas

    • Hi Shannon

      You have replaced the batteries in the remote & receiver, but still face the beeping issue, in this case, it would be wise to contact the fireplace owner’s customer support center or a profesional to inspect your unit & fix the issue.

      Best of luck!

  7. Empire vented heater will light stay lite for around five minutes then burner and pilot light shut off. After relighting it stays on around 3 minutes and
    shuts off again. It continues this situation.

  8. Need some help with my mantis propane fireplace that starts up but only runs for less than 5 minutes before shutting down
    I check out door exhaust port and it seems to be venting fine
    Does not run long enough for fire box circulating fan to turn on
    I have no empire rep in my area – kingston Ontario
    Any help offered would be appreciated

  9. my problem is that i have several pilots within the fireplace. Shouldn’t there be only one pilot light but still the flames don’t ignite. Also can’t the thing be opened to clean. Thanks Peter


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