Heat N Glo Fireplace Flame Adjustment [3 Easy Steps]

Perhaps, you don’t know about Heat N Glo Fireplace Flame Adjustment if you get the first gas fireplace from this brand. But it’s simple to customize the flame height or heat setting.

heat n glo fireplace flame adjustment

Below, we will show you how to adjust the flame height on Heat N Glo Fireplace. Also, we will let you know the way of adjusting the pilot light as a bonus. So, keep scrolling. 

Heat N Glo Fireplace Flame Adjustment [3 Easy Steps]

Adjusting flame height on Heat N Glo Fireplace will be a piece of cake, even your child can do it. If you have a wall switch, turn it on and your fireplace will light on within three to five seconds. To control the flame height:

Step 1: Remove the decorative front from the fireplace. Before removing, make sure the front is cool.

remove the decorative front

Step 2: Then, locate the control knob marked as HI-Low as you can see in the picture given below.

locate the control knob

Step 3: To increase flame height, turn the Hi-Low knob to the High position. On the other hand, rotate the Hi-Low knob to the Low position to decrease the flame height. 

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 turn the hi-low knob

How To Adjust Pilot Light On Heat N Glo Fireplace

Once you go through the steps of adjusting flame height, you can also adjust the pilot light. The pilot knob is just next to the Hi-Low control knob. It’s marked as On-Off just like the picture below.

pilot knob

To light the pilot, just rotate the Pilot knob to the On position. On the other hand, turn the Pilot knob to the Off position to shut down the pilot light. 

If your Heat N Glo fireplace comes with a remote control feature, you can easily adjust the flame height and control the pilot light. Just press the up button on your remote control to increase flame height. Otherwise, press the down button to decrease the flame height. 

Here, you can also watch this video to know how to adjust the flame & pilot light of your Heat N Glo gas fireplace.


Why is the flame on my gas fireplace so low?

If you notice the flame on your gas fireplace is so low after turning it off, understand it’s the pilot light. In contrast, a low flame when turning on the fireplace will indicate the burner receives a low gas flow. Regarding this, hire a professional to fix the low gas flow. Also, don’t forget to inspect the flame setting. 

Why is my gas fireplace flame so blue?

When your gas fireplace gets sufficient oxygen, the flame will appear clean blue because of complete combustion. 

What color should a gas fireplace flame be?

The color of a proper running gas fireplace flame should be blue. 

What does a yellow flame mean in a gas fireplace?

A yellow flame in a gas fireplace indicates that the burner for the gas log gets dirty. An improper air-gas mix will create a yellow flame. 


You can easily gain your desired temperature level by adjusting the flame height on the Heat N Glo Fireplace. Just remove the decorative front from underneath the unit. Then, locate the Hi-Low knob and turn it to your desired position. It’s simple.

Well, if still you face any issues with the flame adjustment, it’ll be helpful for you to read in detail our solution guide on gas fireplace flame problems.

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  1. After installing the Thermocouple on my GTI model R-32 fireplace, the pilot light goes out when I install the front glass. What am I doing wrong

    • Hi Roger

      The most common reasons for pilot light failure after replacing the thermocouple are dirty furnace parts, faulty gas valve, defective thermocouple, improper draft positioning, and incorrect installation of the thermocouple.

      To solve the issue, first, try to find out the main culprit behind the issue and fix it by following our solution guide on Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit After Replacing Thermocouple.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

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