Heat And Glo Fireplace Beeping [3 Easy Solutions]

Heat and Glo Fireplace Beeping is a common electric fireplace issue. Weak remote control batteries and dead receiver batteries are the main culprits behind the beeping noise. 

heat and glo fireplace beeping

Replacing the batteries both on the remote control and the receiver will fix the beeping noise issue. And this guide will help you learn how to change the batteries. So, read on till the end. 

Why Is My Heat and Glo Fireplace Beeping?

This section will break down why your Heat N Glo fireplace is beeping. So, keep reading… 

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1. Remote Control Batteries Get Weak or Dead

Every electric fireplace like the Heat N Glo Fireplace has a remote control feature. If the batteries of your remote control get dead or weak, it will blink a red light. And you will hear an audible beep if the batteries of your remote control get weaker. 


Replacing the battery of your remote control will be an easy fix if you hear the beeping noise.

Just open your remote control at the back of it and change the old batteries with new ones. Make sure you position the batteries like the old batteries. 

2. Dead Receiver Batteries

Heat and Glo Fireplace beeping noise will occur if the batteries in the receiver get weaker. Typically, the life of the receiver batteries is short.

If you hear the beeping noise after replacing the remote control batteries, we bet the receiver batteries are dead. 


Changing the receiver batteries may vary depending on the manufacturer. We recommend you check the manual to replace the batteries in the receiver correctly. Otherwise, you can call customer service to do this task for you. 

3. Dirt Accumulated On & Around The Fan

The fan of your electric fireplace is a critical component. You will hear an alarming beep if the fan gets stuck. Generally, dirt, debris, and dust accumulated on & and around the fan shaft will cause noise. 


Disassemble the unit and remove the blockage from the dirt, debris, and dust from the fan shaft. If needed, you should replace the fan shaft.

Also, don’t forget to check the motor of the fan. Replace the fan motor if it gets worn out. 

How To Relight Heat and Glo Fireplace?

Follow the below steps to learn how to relight your Heat N Glo Fireplace. 

  • Locate your components that are underneath the fireplace.
  • Remove the decorative front and we can access those components.
  • Once we remove the decorative front, we need to identify that we have the standing pilot. 
  • Remove the fixed glass assembly. After you remove the glass assembly, test the igniter. 
  • Ensure the igniter is producing a spark. Press the igniter several times to check that.
  • Now, locate the control knob underneath the fireplace. You can find a hash mark and this indicates what the knob is set to. You can see that the hash mark is located on the OP part of the knob. 
  • To relight the pilot, press in and rotate it over to the hash mark. Then, hit the igniter several times.
  • The pilot light will turn on. Keep holding the knob down for about thirty seconds. After that, you can release it. Finally, press the knob in and rotate it over to the hash mark so that it can match up On position. Now, you are ready to use it.


Your Heat N Glo Fireplace will make a beeping noise if the batteries of the remote control or the receiver get weaker. Just change the batteries and you can’t hear the beeping noise anymore. Otherwise, you should call customer service if the problem continues. 

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