Enviro Pellet Stove Troubleshooting [5 Easy Solutions ]

The common Enviro pellet stove problems are the blower not working, the auger not turning, the stove blowing cold air, the flame going high and the stove refusing to ignite.

In this article, we will be talking about Enviro pellet stove troubleshooting in detail. If you want some easy solutions for your issues with Enviro pellet stoves, consider reading the whole article carefully.

Enviro Pellet Stove Troubleshooting [5 Easy Solutions]

Here are the five enviro pellet stove issues and their easy solutions.

1. Stove Not Lighting

If the thermostat mode is off or the doors are open, your Enviro pellet stove won’t light. Also, the stove could be unplugged by mistake, and an unplugged stove will not light at all. The reasons are not very complicated. So the solutions will be easy as well. Take a look at them.

The Thermostat Mode Is Off

The thermostat mode of the Enviro pellet stove can be turned down sometimes. With a lowered thermostat, the stove will not start properly. Remember, without a high amount of temperature in the thermostat, the stove has nothing to do. 


Turn the thermostat up and raise the temperature. The stove will start working soon.

Doors Are Open

Enviro pellet stoves maintain a safety precaution. That is, it won’t start working if the doors of the stove and the ash pan are shut off. If the doors are open somehow or you have forgotten to shut them off properly, the stove will not light up.


Double-check the doors to make sure that they are not open. Shut the doors off and remove any obstacles in the hole. 

Unplugged Stove

People make mistakes. We often sleep at night leaving our phone with the charger. In the morning, we discover that we have forgotten to plug the charger in. The same can happen with the Enviro pellet stove as well.


Plug the stove in and turn the switch on. Don’t expect the stove to work without power.

2. Stove Blower Not Working

There could be a handful of reasons why your Enviro pellet stove blower not working. The blower might be dirty, the parts of the blower could be damaged, the auger motor might not be moving, etc. could cause the stove blower to shut off.

Now you have an idea why your stove blower could stop working. Here are the detailed reasons and solutions for the issue.

Dirty Blower

Dirt can block the blower of the pellet stove from moving. Over time, the fans of the blower collect dust. With a large amount of dust, the fans cannot run. 


The easiest solution to this problem is to clean the fan. Get some white vinegar before opening the fan. Now soak the fan in the jar of white vinegar. Wait for some moments until the dirt and the rust has been cleaned off.

Damaged Components

Another reason why an Enviro pellet stove blower does not work is damaged components. If the internal wiring and the fan components get damaged somehow, the blower will not work.


You can fix the damaged internal wirings by yourself easily. Other damaged components causing the issue should be replaced in order to get the blower working again.

Bad Auger Motor

A bad auger motor does not spin properly. The motor could be stuttering or refuse to turn off if it’s broken. Without a spinning motor, you cannot expect the blower to work. 


You can call a technician for fixing the motor. If the motor is irreparable, you should replace it to get it working. 

3. Stove Auger Not Working

The auger is responsible for feeding pellets to the stove. A damaged auger might keep feeding pellets, stop feeding pellets altogether and stop blowing as well. 

Enviro pellet stove auger can stop working for a lot of reasons. An overloaded vacuum switch, overheated or jammed auger motor can be responsible for the issue.

Got an idea about the issue? Here are the reasons and the easiest solutions for issues regarding augers.

Overloaded Vacuum Switch

The vacuum switch can block the auger from getting the pellets. If the auger cannot deliver the pellets to the stove, the heat will not be generated. 


Detach the auger from the stove and remove the pellets. Clean the inner of the stove and reattach the auger. Then put some pellets in the feeder and turn it on. Check whether it’s working or not.

Overheated Auger Motor

Auger motors get hot in general. But it should never get too hot while it’s working. Overheating is a clear sign that the motor is faulty.


The auger motor needs to be replaced soon. A new auger motor will start working as normal.

Jammed Auger Motor

The auger motor can get jammed due to dust and debris in the hopper. Foreign objects can get stuck inside the motor, causing it to fail. 


Cleaning the machine is a great idea to get the motor working. However, if the motor is too old to be cleaned properly, you might consider replacing it.

4. Stove Blowing Cold Air

Pellet stoves are used for heat. But if it’s blowing cold air, there must be some issue with it. It’s important to troubleshoot the issue before moving on.

There could be several reasons why your Enviro pellet stove is blowing cold air. The heat settings can be low or the pellet quality can be worse. The air-to-pellet ratio could be the culprit as well.

Now you have an idea of why the issue happens, it’s time to go into detail. Let’s start.

Incorrect Heat Settings

The heat settings of the pellet stove determine the temperature of the air. If the heat settings are set to low, it will not generate enough heat.


Turn the heat of the stove up to increase the temperature of the air. Soon it will start blowing hot air.

Air-To-Pellet Ratio

When the amount of air entering the chamber is lower than the amount required by the pellets, it ruins the air-to-pellet ratio. The air coming out of the blower should be very hot in general. If it’s cold or slightly warm, you should check the air-to-pellet ratio.


Open the damper and clean the ventilation system to increase the airflow of the stove. This should solve the problem in the first place. If the air is still cold, you might want to increase the pellet feed rate to balance the air-to-pellet ratio. 

Poor Pellet Quality

We all know that better pellets produce better fire. If you are using cheaper or poor-quality pellets, they will not be able to produce enough heat. As a result, the air will be cold instead of hot.


Buy high-quality pellets for your stove. Consider getting some pellets with 100% wood. Your stove manual might contain some brand recommendations for pellets. Try to buy pellets from those manufacturers.

5. Stove Flame Too High

We need proper flame from the Enviro pellet stove to use. Having a too-high or too-low flame will not be good for usage. 

High air pressure, an unadjusted damper, and a dirty stove could cause your Enviro pellet stove flame to go high. All of these issues can be fixed manually without calling a technician.

So get ready to fix your enviro pellet stove issues and start reading.

High Air Pressure

High air pressure can cause the fire to go higher than normal. When there is too much air in the stove, the fire becomes higher than a stove needs it to be. 


Reduce the amount of air in the stove by adjusting the damper. This should fix the high flame rate in the enviro pellet stove.

Unadjusted Damper

The damper is probably the main culprit for producing high flames. An unadjusted damper is responsible for airflow in the pellet stove. 


Find the right damper position according to your stove. The position varies depending on the stove, so we cannot specify a setting for you.

After finding that position, adjust your damper according to that. Your problem should be fixed.

Dirty Stove

Here is a quick tip for you, 90% of the problems regarding your stove happen when it’s dirty. If the stove and the vent system are dirty, it might be responsible for the fire going high.


Test whether the gaskets of your stove are fine or not. You might need to replace them. Don’t forget to clean the vent system and the stove itself.

3 Enviro Pellet Stove Error Codes, Their Meaning & Solutions

The enviro pellet stove provides some error codes as a safety feature. If your enviro pellet stove is flashing, you should definitely check the error codes. These error codes provide a clear knowledge about what the error is. Let’s begin.

1. Error Code #3

When the temperature of the pellet stove drops under 120 F, code #3 will flash. The stove will also turn off and the fire will go out as well.


Check whether you have enough fuel or not. If there are no issues with fuel, check the pellets. The pellets should be in the hopper. Also, the venting system should not be clotted.

2. Error Code #4

This error code simply means that the stove was overheated. When the temperature rises over 200F, this code becomes triggered.

The stove will shut off as well for safety reasons. You should call your local dealer to reset the stove and find out why the temperature was too high.


You should call your local dealer to reset the stove and find out why the temperature was too high.

3. Error Code #2

If the stove has lost its vacuum for some reason, it shows error code #2. 


Close the doors of the stove properly to fix the issue. If it still shows that error, contact customer support.


Why does my Enviro pellet stove keep shutting off?

If there are no proper air adjustments, the Enviro pellet stove can shut off. Also, damaged parts and insufficient pellets can turn the stove off.

Why is my pellet stove not igniting?

Pellet stoves may refuse to ignite because of bad pellets. Make sure that the pellets are not moisturized and that the stove is kept in a dry place. 

Can pellet stoves be repaired?

Yes, pellet stoves can be repaired easily. The cost of repairing will depend on the type of stove you have and the quality of the stove.

What does the damper do on a pellet stove?

A damper is responsible for setting the amount of oxygen in the flame. You can adjust it by yourself to control the flame.

How high should the flame be on my pellet stove?

The flame should be around 4’-6” above the firepot. If your stove does not reach that height, increase pellets and heat settings to reach that.


After reading the article, Enviro pellet stove troubleshooting should be a piece of cake for you. We hope that you won’t have to face issues with your Enviro pellet stove anymore.

Good luck with your fireplace. And don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries. 

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  1. We bought an Enviro M55 – we had experienced the stove not getting hot- seemed to not be working correctly even after a good cleaning. The final discovery was simple – the setting switch between auto/manual had been flipped to auto somehow(the setting for use with thermostat)we do not use it that way. Just flipping it back to manual had our stove back to normal – who would’ve thought…..

  2. I can not turn up “heat level” on the side of the stove. The arrows wont move the selector (1-5) its stuck on one. Is there a way to reset the electrical panal or any other suggestions please.

    • I can not turn up “heat level” on the side of the stove. The arrows wont move the selector (1-5) its stuck on one. Is there a way to reset the electrical panel or any other suggestions please. I also have the toggle set to manual.

    • Hi SHawn

      To fix the issue, first, clean the pellet stove including the blower.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from the owner’s customer support center or a technician.

      Wish you all the best!

  3. I can not turn up “heat level” on the side of the stove. The arrows wont move the selector (1-5) its stuck on one. Is there a way to reset the electrical panel or any other suggestions please. I also have the toggle set to manual.

  4. When I start the stove pellets drop but there is no sign of ignitor glowing and pellets have no heat source. Is this the ignitor or could this be the control panel?

    • Hi Craig

      To fix your pellet stove issue, first, clean all the vents, and repair or replace all gaskets. Plus, adjust the air-to-pellet ratio by decreasing the feeding rate or increasing the airflow.

      Also, adjust the airflow or damper.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Best of luck!


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