Harman Pellet Stove Keeps Feeding Pellets [5 Easy Solutions]

There is nothing better than a Harman pellet stove for creating a home fireplace. At home, people want to spend less on pellets while producing enough heat for themselves.

But if your Harman pellet stove keeps feeding pellets but does not burn, it would be difficult for you to control the expenses on it. 

In most cases, a dirty stove consumes more pellets than normal. High flame rate, excessive fuel, high feed rate, and even a bad igniter triac can make the stove overfeed pellets.

Nevertheless, you won’t have to worry about this Harman pellet stove issue anymore.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons and solutions for why your Harman pellet stove overfeeds pellets. Stay with us in the article to know about the solutions.

Harman Pellet Stove Keeps Feeding Pellets [5 Easy Solutions]

Because of how a Harman pellet stove works, it requires enough pellets to keep the fire burning.

However, if it starts feeding excessive pellets, there could be some reasons behind it. Here are 5 reasons including solutions for the issue. Let’s begin…

1. Dirty Stove

Most of the time the Harman pellet stove feeds more pellets than normal because it’s dirty. A dirty stove requires a continuous supply of pellets.

This happens because dirt does not allow air to pass through the vents properly. The stove keeps feeding pellets but nothing properly burns. 


Clean the stove and the vents properly before starting a fire. You can also call a technician to make sure that the stove is cleaned properly. Cleaning the stove regularly will keep it working efficiently. 

2. High Flame Rate

A Harman pellet stove with a high flame rate will require a lot of pellets. The rate of feeding increases automatically when you select a high flame rate. Obviously, you cannot expect to spend fewer pellets while you require a good amount of fire. 


Use the adjuster of the Harman pellet stove and turn the flame rate down.  This should solve the issue and the pellets will be fed at a normal rate. It is recommended to calibrate the flame rate whenever you change the fuel.

3. Excessive Fuel Usage

Putting an excessive amount of fuel in the stove can make it feed more pellets. When the stove gets a lot of fuel, it tries to make the best use of it. Therefore, it takes more pellets to burn. It will also produce more heat with more fuel and pellets.


Use a regular amount of fuel on the stove. If you have bought a lot of fuel, use them only when you are running low. However, a Harman pellet stove won’t turn on with minimal or no fuel in the burner. 

4. High Rate of Feed

Usually, Harman pellet stoves contain a feed adjuster. The feed adjuster is used to set the rate of feeding. When the feed rate is set to high, the stove requires more fuel. If the amount of fuel and the feed rate is unbalanced, the stove cannot burn the pellets properly. There will be a lot of unburned pellets around and the stove will keep overfeeding pellets.


Rotate the feed adjuster properly to set the feed limit according to your needs. Do it whenever you change the fuel of the stove. However, don’t set the limit too low. If the rate of feed is too low, the stove will not be able to generate enough heat. 

5. Bad Igniter Triac

A stove with a bad igniter triac won’t be able to work properly. It will just keep feeding pellets but the flame will not be satisfactory. Even in some cases, the Harman pellet stove won’t turn on at all.


Replacing the igniter triac is important to get your stove working. You can get one for cheap if you buy it on Black Friday. Also, calling a technician and asking them to replace the igniter triac would be a good idea.


Why does the glass on my pellet stove get dirty so fast?

There could be two reasons behind this issue. If the air supply is blocked due to dirt or an improper ventilation system, the glass can get dirty soon. Also, if you are not using sufficient fuel or the fuel quality is low, it would blacken the glass pretty fast.

Why won’t my pellet stove shut off?

In general, a Harman pellet stove does not shut off immediately after you turn it off. This is actually a safety feature provided by the manufacturer to protect you from unwanted ignitions. Wait for a moment until the stove cools down. It will turn off by itself soon.

How do you reset a Harman pellet stove?

Unfortunately, you cannot reset a Harman pellet stove. There is no specific reset button or process to reset the stove. You can consider checking the manual for the default settings. 

Why is there so much ash in my pellet stove?

There can be two reasons why there is so much ash in your pellet stove. First of all, if your feed rate is too high, it will burn more pellets. Burning more pellets will produce more ash. Secondly, if you are using cheap pellets for burning, it will produce more ash as well. Pellets with 0.5% or less ash content will produce less ash.  

What happens if you don’t clean a pellet stove?

If you don’t clean a pellet stove, you will face several issues with it. A dirty stove will have insufficient airflow, so the fire will not be ignited properly. Stoves with a pile of ash are dangerous to use. These stoves can also create a fire hazard. Chemicals like creosote will make the air harmful to breathe in if your stove is not cleaned properly. So, clean your pellet stove regularly.


Thanks for coming to the end with us. We hope you have learned why your Harman pellet stove keeps feeding pellets and found the solutions. Let us know in the comment section whether your issue has been fixed or not. Good luck and we will find you in another article.

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