Harman Pellet Stove Troubleshooting Guide [Ultimate Solution]

The common Harman pellet stove problems are the stove keeps shutting off, the pellet not feeding, or feeding too fast, burning pellets partially, low heat, weak flame, smoke visibility, fire going out, status light staying on, and electric power issues.

We will explore all the above problems, their causes, and simple solutions in our today’s Harman pellet stove troubleshooting guide. We will also talk about the common Harman pellet stove error codes or blinking and how to fix them.

So, Just go on reading the article till the end, no matter what problem you are facing with your Harman pellet stove.

You will get the easy solutions to all in the next few minutes that you could find in Lopi pellet stove troubleshooting guide. So let’s get to fixing.

Harman Pellet Stove Troubleshooting Guide

May it be the problem with your P68 Harman pellet stove, or Harman XXV pellet stove, or Harman accentra 52i, it doesn’t matter. Our troubleshooting guide will work with every model of Harman stove. So, let’s get started and fix the issues immediately.

1. Stove Not Feeding At All

Sometimes the stove auger fails to feed the pellets when the lids or doors aren’t closed tightly. A blocked or clogged auger can cause the stove to stop feeding as well.


If the feed system does not work, your stove will not even start. In this case, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Check The Hopper Tank

The first thing you must do is check the hopper tank. Check the fuel tank and fill it in if it’s empty. The problem can be a clogged hopper as well. In that case, clear all the obstructions. 

Step 2: Ensure the Efficiency of the Feed Motor 

You should check the fuel pot to make sure that there is enough starting gel and fuel in the fuel pot. Do this before lighting the stove. This will provide a sufficient amount of temperature to the ESP control and this will in turn help to activate the feed motor.

Step 3: Activating the Feeder Circuit

Make sure that the firebox draft is properly adjusted. Check if the gaskets are in perfect condition. The hopper lid and stove doors must be closed as well. 

After meeting these criteria, the sensing switch in the feeder circuit will function properly and feed the fuel as required.

Step 4: Hopper Lid Needs to be Perfectly Placed

You have to ensure that the hopper lid is in direct contact with the lid position switch. If the hopper lid is not perfectly placed then it won’t function properly and as a result, your stove won’t feed pellets.

Step 5: Ensure Smooth Combustion

Never use damp pellets. Only the dry and properly processed pellets burn efficiently. Check the combustion blower and motor as well. This way you will be able to make sure your pellets will now burn without any further difficulty.

Basically, these are the 5 simple steps that you can follow if your stove does not feed the pellet.

Multi-Repair Solution:

Changing or getting a new motor will reset your stove automatically. So, you will discover that the stove is working like a brand new one.

2. The Stove is Feeding Too Fast

If you are putting too much fuel in the burn chamber, this might cause the pellets to overfeed. The rate of feeding also depends on the adjuster. 


If your pellets are feeding too fast, reduce the fuel or flame rate. Always clean the burn chamber before lighting. Dirt can cause damage. 

Hopefully, you will find the issue is fixed. Yet, if you find your stove keeps feeding, you can read our ultimate solution guide to Harman pellet stove keeps feeding pellets.

Multi-Repair Solution:

The right amount of fuel will allow the burn chamber to feed the pellets smoothly. It will also reduce the amount of smoke.

3. Stove Keeps Shutting Off

This is one of the major problems that you might face while using the Harman pellet stove. The stove might shut off if the sensors are not getting enough heat. Dirt or damaged areas can also be a reason behind the shutting off. 


Close the stove doors and lids very tightly. Use the right amount of pallets and make sure the air inside is balanced. 

This will reduce the chances of shutting down your stove. Plus, you can read our ultimate solution guide on how to fix the Harman pellet stove shutting off issue.

Multi-Repair Solution:

The above process will help the stove to feed the pellets correctly. Also, it will help to reduce the weak flame. 

4. Stove Burns Pellets Partially

Insufficient air flow doesn’t support enough fire. A dirty burn pot prevents pellets from the burner.

A dirty blower fan doesn’t allow enough air to flow inside the burner. This, in turn, leaves the pellets partially burnt


Here are a few things you can do in case the pellets are only partially burned in the stove.

  • Set the fuel feed rate to low.
  • Ensure proper air to fuel mixture by observing the burn pot clean-out cover and air intake rate.
  • Clean the burn pot and heat exchanger if there is too much dirt.
  • Check the status light. If the Harman pellet stove status light stays on then it means there is a blockage in the air and fuel intel. Clean these parts properly.
  • Examine the blower fan for debris and clean them if needed.
  • Take a look at the air chamber located under the burn pot to make sure there is no dirt.

You can ensure a proper flow of air and fuel, then you shouldn’t have the problem of partially burned pellets. 

Multi-Repair Solution:

Use a fresh batch of pellets to solve this issue. This way your pellet will properly burn on the stove.

5. Stove Fire Goes Out

An inconsistent supply of fuel can cause the fire to go out. If the fuel hopper lid is not properly closed then this can cause the fire to go out.


Here are 3 things you can do to deal with this issue. 

  • Check the fuel hopper to see if it’s sufficiently filled and is flowing smoothly. Clean the fuel obstructions if there are any. 
  • Make sure that the fuel hopper lid is closed properly.
  • Adjust the draft in the right manner if it’s not positioned properly. 

Fixing these issues will assure a consistent fire.

Multi-Repair Solution:

Change the fuel hopper and use a new batch of fuel. This way you will have a consistent flame for sure. And you won’t even have to do any cleaning.

6. Low Heat Output

If the gaskets are not perfectly positioned it can result in low heat output. Damp pellets don’t burn properly. This is why it can’t produce enough heat.


If your pellet stove generates low heat then try the following instructions.

  • Properly adjust the fuel feed rate.
  • Perfectly position all the gaskets on the stove.
  • Make sure the pellets you are using are dry and well-processed.

Getting these things right will solve the problem of low heat output in your stove.

Multi-Repair Solution:

Get a fresh batch of well-processed wood. This way you will have a consistent fire and enough heat to make your room warm.

7. Generation of Visible Smoke

An imbalance in the fuel-to-air ratio can be the reason for visible smoke. If the pipe joints are not properly connected then visible smoke can leak from here.


What you can do in this case is,

  • Adjust the fuel-to-air ratio to a learner setting.
  • Adjust the pellet feed rate.
  • Make sure that the gaskets on all doors are properly working.
  • Notice the vent pipe joints and their connection to the stove. If there is a smell of smoke but no visible sign of it, seal the joints with a silicone sealer immediately.

Multi-Repair Solution:

Readjust the vent pipe joints and their connection to the stove. This way you will have a perfect amount of airflow in the fireplace, and the strong connection will allow a consistent supply of fuel to the fireplace as well.

The above-mentioned 4 steps can solve the problem of noticeable smoke in your smoker.

8. Weak Flame Inside the Pellet Stove

The efficiency of the stove depends on the right amount of air inside the chamber. Too much air or less air can cause weak flames. 


Fit the gaskets in the stove correctly to avoid lazy heat and flame. Adjust the air ratio and check the vent pipes if there is a lot of smoke coming out of the stove. 

Multi-Repair Solution:

Fitting the gasket correctly will not only fix the flame issues but also prevent smoke and ashes from coming out of the stove. 

9. Stove Status Light Stays On

When the burn chamber has way too many pellets inside, this can cause the status light to stay on. 


Keep an eye on the status light. If it blinks too many times, there might be a chance of burnt pellets. 

Clean the blockages and debris. Check if the fan blades are working properly and keep it clean. You will get the solution to the problem.

Multi-Repair Solution:

Clearing the blockage will let the air inside smoothly as well as prevent the pellets from overburning.

10. Electrical Power Issues

Damaged circuits or power chords can end up creating a hazard, so be very careful. 


Adjust the air ratio and check the vent pipes if there is a lot of smoke coming out of the stove. Fix the electrical power or change the cords if there is any damage. 

Multi-Repair Solution:

Changing and fixing the power cords will save you from electrical damage and protect the stove from overheating. And this is how you can deal with 10 major Harman pellet stove troubleshooting.


You can see the troubleshooting ideas are not very hard. we hope, now you can effortlessly solve the issue if you find any Harman pellet problem. You may face other minor problems while using the stove. But, you can fix them very easily. 

Each issue may require a different troubleshooting option, but, the multi-repair ideas can fix more than one issue at once! 

If any of the above options don’t work, you can fix the problems with assistance. There are instructions for Harman pellet stove repair, that come with the stove packaging. 

Follow them properly. Several professionals are available who can help you fix your stove. Get assistance if needed. 

How To Reset A Harman Pellet Stove [3 Easy Methods]

If your Harman pellet stove keeps shutting off or doesn’t work properly even after trying the troubleshooting discussed above, then you probably need to reset your pellet stove.

Resetting a Harman pellet stove can solve the issues you can’t identify. But, do you know how you can reset a Harman pellet stove?

Well, you will know in a minute if you keep reading on. Here’s how to reset a Harman pellet stove:

1. Use The Reset Button

While many pellet stoves have a reset button, most of the pellet stoves don’t have any such system. If there is a reset button then you can sit back and relax while the stove goes through the process of resetting all by itself.

But, if your stove doesn’t have this system then you have to reset the pellet stove manually. In this case, you can simply reset the stove by allowing the pellets to burn out.

There are two benefits of doing this:

(a) You won’t have to worry about moving the pellets.

(b) You won’t have to wait for the stove to cool down.

After the pellets are burned all the way, there won’t be any heat. This is how you will have a perfectly reset pellet stove without much hassle.

2. Try Turning Your Stove On and Off

Another easy and effective way of resetting your pellet stove is turning it off and then on again. Your pellet stove must have a turn-on/off button. Take help from your stove’s manual if you can’t find the settings.

Once you have identified the buttons and turned the stove off, wait for 5 to 10 seconds before turning it on again.

As most Harman pellet stoves don’t have a reset button, you can adapt this method for an efficient result.

3. Cleaning The Stove

Sometimes the debris stuck in the stove can be the reason why it’s not working properly. In this case, cleaning your stove is enough. Try to thoroughly clean all the vents and the opening of the stove. 

You can open up the outer part of the stove to clean the inside as well. But consider detaching the parts of the stove only if you think you can place it properly again when you are done.  

Safety Tips While Using Harman Pellet Stove

Just knowing how to reset your pellet stove and applying the instructions isn’t enough. There are some points you should be cautious about.

If you are not attentive to these concerns, you may have to experience terrible accidents. Here are some major points you should be cautious about:

  • Always make sure to turn off the stove before trying to do anything with it.
  • Make sure there are no children or pets nearby when you are making changes to the appliances.
  • Always wait for the stove to cool down before proceeding to clean it.
  • Remember to follow the manual. Do not try to do anything on your own.
  • Always try to be sure of your stove’s problem. If you can’t detect any problem, observe the indicator light on your stove. Different numbers of blinks indicate different factors.

If you can keep these points and safety measures in your mind then you will be able to reset your Harman pellet stove without much difficulty.

However, if nothing works then you can call a mechanic. It’s better not to always take the risk.

Harman pellet stove error codes are meant by blinks. Different numbers of blinks on your pellet stove can mean different things. 

When you notice your Harman pellet stove status light stays on, you need to know the indications meaning to fix it effectively. Here are the 6 blinks and their meaning.

Indicates diagnostic failure. This means the stove needs a manual reset.

Harman pellet stove status light blinking 2 times indicates the stove’s pressure switch failure. It means that the stove has problems with ventilation. In this case, you have to clean the entire stove.

It indicates ESP or Exhaust Sensing Probe failure. This issue too requires a manual reset.

Harman pellet stove status light blinking 4 times means that the Room Sensing Probe or RSP is not installed or is displaced. Properly installing the RSP will solve the issue.  

This indication only works with auto igniter mode. Harman pellet stove status light blinking 5 times means that the system has failed to light after 4 igniter cycles.

In this case, you need to turn off the mode selector and then turn it on again to either mode.

It means that there is incomplete or poor combustion for a long duration (50 minutes). It can indicate the shortage of pellets inside the stove as well.

So feed the pellet to the stove first. If this doesn’t work then you can just turn off the mode selector and reset the mode to a different setting.

The blinks on your stove may seem insignificant to you. But they hold great importance. So keep these indicators’ connotations in mind to avoid devastating problems that can befall you.

5 Basic Maintenance Tips for Harman Pellet Stove

Here are some basic easy tips to keep your pellet stove safe: 

  • Clean your stove at least once a week. 
  • Use good quality pellets. Never use wet or damp pellets. 
  • Clean the vent pipes and auger grate. Make sure there are no ashes or debris. 
  • Clean and keep the burn chamber empty before use. 
  • Check all electrical cords and power sources every time before turning on the stove. 


How long does a Harman pellet stove last?

A Harman pellet stove can last up to 20 years if you maintain and take proper care of it.

What causes a lazy flame in a pellet stove? 

If you detect weak or lazy flame in the pellet stove, check if the burn pot is jamming with too many pellets to solve the lazy flame issue. Make sure the air is balanced. 

How often should I clean my pellet stove? 

Dirt can cause damage to a pellet stove very easily. Hence it is wise to clean the pellet stove at least once a week. 

Are pellet stoves worth the money? 

Pellet stoves work very differently compared to other kinds of stoves. Pellet stoves have some amazing features and, the efficiency rate and durability is worth it. 

Why does my pellet stove keep making noise? 

Too many pellets inside the chamber and lack of air can be the reason behind the noise. Can I leave the Harman pellet stove on all night? Yes, you can keep the Harman pellet stove all night but make sure you adjust the flame rate or temperature.

Final Words:

If you are properly aware of Herman pellet stove troubleshooting, then you have very little to worry about your stove.

Being aware of these problems can save you money and time. However, without proper knowledge about the issues and solutions can beget further disaster. So before considering doing anything with your pellet stove, give this article a proper read.

Do let us know in the comment below if you are experiencing any problems apart from the ones mentioned here. We will be glad to help you out. 

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  1. I have a Harman Accentra insert stove that cycles on and off every minute or two when in the “stove temp” setting. It operates normally in the “room temp” setting. Any ideas as to the cause and/or fix?

  2. Hi I just purchased a Harmon XXV-TC We have had it burning for a couple days. Went to clean it and now the door won’t open. Anyone have this problem?

  3. My Harman PF100 is a good stove but we have had it for 3 years and the igniter only lasted for 5 months, but this year only 1 month, and the price went from 89.99 to 289.99 I think this is for the birds way should it go out at all and not last throw 1 season, I wish we never wood have got this.

  4. I have a Harman PF 100 Pellet Pro Furnace. The furnace is completely cool but the combustion blower will not shut off with the mode selector in the off position. The furnace shut down during the night and failed to reignite. The status code is blinking 5 times and it suggests cleaning. This happened two weeks ago and cleaning it thoroughly took care of the problem. I don’t know why the combustion blower won’t shut off this time though. It shut down by itself 4 hours ago and as I mentioned before, it’s completely cold.

    • Hi Art

      Maybe you are using poor-quality pellets in high ash and moisture content. That’s why the pellets are struggling to burn efficiently. Use high-quality pellets and reduce the moisture content. Let’s see whether it solved your issue or not.


  5. I cleaned the entire box inside but my status light blinks about 5 or 6 times then it will feed again but won t feed normally. Not getting much heat out of either? Pellets seem to be feeding at the rate I set it but just not much heat?? Cant get a repair rep at all? Help, Thnks

    • Hi Don

      You are not getting much heat from your pellet stove because of blockage in the intake or a dirty blower. The airflow insulates the heat exchanger and the ash makes a cover on it. As a result, the blower can’t run properly. You should properly clean the intake blockage and blower to fix this issue. Hopefully, your stove will again produce much heat.


  6. Stove will not always turn off. This is not particuraly a concern except when we leave and the stove is running. I don’t like to leave the stove running for extended periods of time.

  7. I have a Harmon fireplace insert. I started the stove the other morning and it tripped the circuit breaker. I reset the breaker, no indicator lights come on the panel and the stove does not start. I am at a loss, and the store I bought the stove from has no idea when they will be able to send someone out to service it. Any advice would be helpful and very much appreciated.

    • Hi James

      Your Harman pellet stove could be a tripping circuit breaker due to an overload, an open circuit, ground fault, or the stove’s breaker itself may no longer be functioning. Plus, check your stove for wires which may be in poor condition, faulty switches, or a damaged terminal block. Now, find which one causing the tripping circuit breaker and fix it first.

      And the reasons behind your control panel, not lighting, and stove not tarting are no power supply, low air adjustment, bad pellets, faulty fuel feeding, defective igniters, and burn pots which won’t let your stove ignite. Now, find out the issues and fix them. Plus, you can also read our ultimate guide on why the Harman pellet stove won’t ignite and how to fix it.


  8. Wow! Thanks William ! My accentra was putting out low heat was dreading working on it found your blog and bingo back up and working like new.bought this stove used and it has been steady been getting worse thought it was going to be electronicsWhew, 2 hrs of cleaning and using my manual it’s heating great Mama’s going to be so happy! Thanks again, John

  9. i have a harman accentra i cleaned it now it wont shut off its turned down to 60 and its 75 in the room if i turn it down lower it shuts off and wont come back on unless i turn it up

  10. I have a Harman XXV purchased in 2013. My question is that when the stove has been run in the stove temp mode, allowed to cool down and then switched to the room temp mode it starts up and runs for 5 seconds and then shuts off. The room temp wire is positioned behind the stove and the stove worked before when I had it in the room temp mode and now it shuts off as I described. The stove temp mode setting mode works perfectly. What do you think the problem is?

  11. I have a Harman XXV Freestanding Stove with touch panel. I have it set now at 67 degrees. It comes on properly and heats up, however, it will not stop heating. The room temperature reading goes up to 78 or 79 degrees and still will not shut down. It doesn’t matter how warm or how cold it is outside it will not shut down. Help please

    • Hi Pam

      If your pellet stove does not stop heating long after the operation, contact your local Harman support team or dealer. Plus, don’t unplug the stove that causes damage to your unit’s electric components.


    • Hi James

      Your Harman pellet stove may not work due to an empty hopper. Check the hopper and fill it if it is empty. Then wait for a few minutes to auger the pellets into the burn pot. Plus, if the hopper lid, the front door, or the ash pan door are not closed properly, the pressure switch shuts the motors off which also could be the reason behind the issue. check each for properly closed and turn on your stove after a few minutes.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.


  12. I have a 2014 P68 model stove…I clean all interior parts regularly…I keep the constant burn off and set fan on low…last night I turned the stove off and this morning it was still on, so I turned the dial to constant burn and then turned off again…it took a few tries before it finally went off. What can I do?

    • Hi Jacqueline

      Generally, this type of problem happens due to a dirty heat exchanger, incorrect blower settings, and blocked airflow. As you clean all interior parts regularly, check the other issues and fix them.
      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Harman pellet stove customer support center.


  13. Hello,
    I just purchased ( about8 months ago) a Harman Allure pellet stove and having some issues that my ocal service guy can not figure out. The stove will light and after about 10 minutes the “warning door is open” alarm comes out. The stove then begins a shutdown cycle. I am told that the vacuum switch needs to be reset.
    Can anybody tell me how this done??

    • Hi Andrew

      As your pellet stove is only about 8 months, you must cover the warranty period. It would be wise to contact the Harman Pellet stove support team or your local Harman dealer before doing anything.

      Wish you all the best.

  14. Allure 50 installed 2 weeks ago. All pipe joints are heat taped but smoke smell continues at the beginning of flame and when the stove is shutting down/coolinig off. The smell seems to be coming from the back panel of the stove not the pipes, but of course I cannot see it, I’ve tried the dark room with flashlight, etc… Husband has NO sense of smell so he thinks I am crazy! I think the amount of soot inside and on the glass is excessive but this is our first pellet stove, so I have nothing to compare it to. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Rural area, techs are not close in proximity.

    • Hi Kandi

      As your pellet stove is newly installed, a smoky smell can happen due to the heat-resistant paint curing. So, there is nothing to be worried about if the smell comes from this curing process when using a new pellet stove. Well, generally, this type of smell may continue for a couple of hours. But if you continuously smoke smell after a few days too, contact your pellet stove customer support center. You must cover the warranty period as your pellet stove is the new one.

      Wish you all the best.

  15. We have a Harman P68 that is 20+ years old. We have had some issues over the years, resulting in the igniter and the distribution blower being replaced (I did that last one myself). Suddenly, tonight, the feed motor is letting out a high-pitched squeal when running (sounds like a vacuum running in another room, or a drill running). Is it time for a new feed motor, and is that something I can do myself (we’re quite poor).

    • Hi Ellen

      To fix your pellet stove issue, clean your stove, adjust the feeding rate & ensure the air & fuel ration is perfect.

      Well, to clean the stove, first, let it be cool completly. Then, start cleaning the hot rod/heat exchanger, burning pot. Also, clean the blower & fan, tighten any loose connection. Plus, tightly wrap any cracked & pedal area if needed.

      Hopefully, your pellet stove issue will be solved.

      Wish you a healthy & happy life!


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