Harman Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off [5 Easy Solutions]

One of the most common problems with Harman pellet stoves is that it keeps shutting off.

Here’s what causes the pellet stove to shut down- Insufficient fuel in the hopper, faulty wiring, combustion air damper needs adjustment, issues with the burn pot, and draft stove fan in a low position.

However, go on reading our Harman pellet stove troubleshooting guide to know exactly what to do when your pellet stove keeps shutting off.

Harman Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off [5 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we’ll take an in-depth exploration of the solutions to fix your Harman pellet stove that keeps shutting off.

1. Insufficient Fuel

The pellets are stored in the hopper of a pellet stove. If the hopper on a particular model is large enough, the stove can retain and use more pellets.

As a result, if the hopper is insufficiently stocked with pellets, the stove will struggle to maintain its flame.


More pellets in the hopper could be a possible solution to this problem. Your Harman pellet stove should remain functioning for a long time after you’ve refilled the hopper.

Also, make sure the hopper is clean and free of dirt and debris. Blockage can occur in a filthy pellet container, preventing the product from performing correctly.

2. Faulty Wiring

A pellet stove’s electrical system can fail, preventing it from working properly. Remember that each pellet stove will have an electrical outlet.

This module will assist in supplying electricity to the fans and thermostat from the attached power supply. 

Your Harman pellet stove’s flame may go out repeatedly if the wiring in this system breaks or malfunctions.


By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and identify the precise wiring issue at home.

Step 1: Check all of the switches that lead to the stove and the outlet to make sure there’s no reason why power isn’t getting to it. Check the circuit breaker to see if anything has tripped. If nothing stands out, you should go to the next step.

Step 2: You should now cut off the electricity at the circuit breaker and thoroughly detach the stove. This is necessary to ensure that you are handling wires safely.

Step 3: Using a multimeter, measure the electricity coming from your outlet. The majority of stoves will require 115 volts but check your user manual for specifics. If the voltage is insufficient, your multimeter will tell you, but if it isn’t, you should try a different outlet for the stove.

Step 4: If the problem isn’t with your outlet, you’ll need to look at the individual cables. Examine the cables leading into your stove for obvious damage, paying special attention to the blower, thermodiscs, motor, and ignitor. 

Step 5: Check for any cracked or frayed wires, and replace them if necessary. The simplest method is to take the fractured wires to a local hardware store and purchase exact replacements.

3. Combustion Air Damper Requires Adjustment

Your Harman pellet stove relies on a steady supply of air to keep the flame burning.

Your air damper controls the flow of air, but if there isn’t enough, your pellets won’t fire and soot will build up inside the heater. 


To get consistent heat from your stove, make sure your air damper is set to the proper level. Changing the settings on your air damper should generally solve the problem. 

Every stove model has somewhat different settings, but it should open by 14 inches every time you crank it up.

Begin by closing your air damper completely and then opening it to the lowest setting. Check the flame and adjust the settings until the problem is resolved. 

4. Issues With Burn Pot

On your stove, the pellets are burned in your burn pot. As a result, if your burn pot is malfunctioning, your pellets will not light, and you will not receive any heat from your stove.

If your burn pot isn’t working, it’s typically because there’s a blockage or it’s not attached properly.


Here’s how you fix the common issues with the burn pot to get your Harman pellet stove running.

i) Ensure Correct Attachment

Before you begin, make sure the stove is turned off and thoroughly cool. Check the position of the burn pot by opening it up.

It should be able to fit tightly above the combustion tube, which is where the flame enters to fire the pellets. 

To allow air to circulate, there should be at least 1/8 inch between the edge of the burn pot and the stove wall. Make sure your burn pot is in the proper position by adjusting it.

ii) Clear Blockage

Look for any obstructions in the burn pot and combustion tube. The pot has a number of vents and air openings, which are easily clogged by ash and soot. 

Using an air compressor and disconnecting the combustion tube to clean out any blockages is the best approach to clear this out.

Connect everything back up and test the gadget once it’s been cleared. Hopefully, the lighting is adequate.

5. Draft Stove Fan Positioned Low

The exhaust from a pellet stove is blown to a connected vent by the draft fan. This component’s location could become misaligned, causing the flame to diminish or go out suddenly.

Because of the misalignment, the stove may not provide enough power to ignite a flame.


Reposition the draft fan so that it is in the proper position. To realign this part and avoid costly mistakes, refer to the Harman pellet stove repair manual for your model.

The draft fans on pellet stoves are frequently situated on the right side. When you turn on the appliance after moving the fan, you should feel a draft near the fan.

However, don’t set the draft higher than necessary, as this will extinguish the flame.

Note: Do your pellet stove maintenance regularly. It will keep your stove in good condition and lessen your headache.


How to reset the Harman pellet stove?

There is no reset option on Harman stoves. You can shut down the unit and unplug it for a few minutes to allow it to cool down. Once the stove is cool, plug it back in and turn on the power. This will reset your Harman pellet stove.

How long does a Harman pellet stove last?

A Harman pellet stove that has been properly installed and maintained should last at least ten years. Harman Wood Pellet Stoves are known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. So, you can expect years of service.

Why is my Harman pellet stove so loud?

If your pellet stove makes a roaring noise when it’s turned on, there’s a problem with the balance of air and fuel inside. Cleaning the stove regularly or altering the feed rate can sometimes remedy this problem.

Will a pellet stove heat a whole house?

If a powerful enough pellet stove is chosen to meet the size of the home, it can do an excellent job of heating the entire house. Pellet stoves that heat water for circulation around the house perform best.

How do I stop my pellet stove from squeaking?

Pick up some graphite powder, if you haven’t already. Combine a handful of them with some pellets and feed them through your auger. That should get the job done.


Hopefully, you have a clear idea of what you need to do when your Harman pellet stove keeps shutting off. So, when you face a such shutting-off issue, simply follow our guide and fix it. Thus enjoy a cozy winter.

In case you have any questions, leave us a comment below. We’ll do our best to help you out.

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4 thoughts on “Harman Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off [5 Easy Solutions]”

  1. my Harmon pellet just quit on me yesterday and now only hums. Prior to this it made a lot of noise but ran.My son has the same model and it is very quiet. My stove is approx. 10 years old but ran well. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Doug

      The humming sound indicates the pellet is on and burning.
      Well, the stove might shut off if the sensors are not getting enough heat. Dirt or damaged areas can also be a reason behind the shutting off.
      To solve the issue, close the stove doors and lids very tightly. Use the right amount of pallets and make sure the air inside is balanced. This will reduce the chances of shutting down your stove.
      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.


  2. In the last 2 years We have replaced 2 circuit boards, a room temp sensor and blower combustion fan. Our Harmon xxv will not work right. In room temp we have it set at 70. It will blow for about 10 seconds and then shut off. it will not keep the room at 70 and wont shut off when the room gets real hot. The fan will not go faster when you turn it up all the way and the heat for the stove wont change when it is turned up all the way. We have had 3 different repairmen work on it. Any idea on what is wrong with it. It gets cold in the house only 3 rooms for it to heat. We have an overhead fan thats pushes the air to the other rooms. We have an open area rooms and never had this trouble till 2 years ago.


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