Envirotemp Water Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The common Envirotemp water heater problems that users face often are the heater not turning or not igniting, the pilot light keeps going out, and sensor failure.

Plus, high-temperature shutdown, water leakage, control valve failure, and no status light are also the major issues with the Envirotemp water heater. 

envirotemp water heater troubleshooting

However, by going through our Envirotemp water heater troubleshooting guide, you can sort out all the problems and get the right solutions. So, keep going on reading…

Envirotemp Water Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are all the Envirotemp water heater issues and their easy solutions explained: 

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1. Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

The envirotemp water heater pilot light keeps going out is the most common phenomenon for Envirotemp water heater users. There are some major reasons that lead to the pilot light automatically shutting off. 

envirotemp water heater pilot light keeps going out

Here either the pilot light has stopped working, or the problem is with the gas supply valve. Let’s know some other possible reasons behind the Envirotemp water heater won’t stay lit issue. 

  • Dirty thermocouple
  • Bent or damaged thermocouple
  • Clogged pilot tube
  • A bad gas supply valve
  • Dirty or clogged air inlet

Here are the included solutions that will fix the issue effectively:


  • In the first step, you need to concentrate on the thermocouple.
  • Clean the thermocouple using steel wool or 60-grit sandpaper. Use an emery cloth and a microfiber towel for better cleaning.
  • Now check the voltage reading of the thermocouple in the multimeter. It should give a reading of 30 to 40 millivolts. A voltage below 25 millivolts is a sign of a defective thermocouple. Replace the bad thermocouple.
  • Then, clean the pilot tube using a wire brush or stiff-bristled brush.
  • You have to ensure proper air circulation of the heater. For this, access the air intake screen and clean it with compressed air. It will suck up all the dirt and debris from the air intake screen. 
  • Finally, check and replace the bad gas control valve. 

2. Heater Sensor Failure

The Envirotemp water heater is equipped with a temperature sensor which is used to manipulate the gas valve through a small electric current. Due to several reasons, the sensor fails to continue its operation. 

Sensor failure of a water heater occurs when the water reaches the sensor section. Also, other major reasons for sensor failure include accumulated sediment in the equipment or defective sensor due to wrong resistance.

Pay attention to the below-troubleshooting part to fix the sensor failure issue from your heater:


  • First up, you can test the temperature sensor to ensure that the resistance is out of range going through it. It will assume that the sensor is faulty. 
  • Take a multimeter and start taking the resistance reading of the sensor. 
  • You will need the heater manufacturer’s chart to compare the resistance at different temperatures with the readings.
  •  If the resistance reading is all ok, be sure the sensor is faulty, but there is a defective gas control valve issue. Replace the faulty gas control valve.
  • On the contrary, if the reading is off, that is a major sign of a defective temperature sensor. You need to replace the temperature sensor.

3. High-Temperature Shutdown

Your heater may shut down automatically after reaching a high temperature. Basically,  when the water temperature of the Envirotemp water heater exceeds 180 degrees Fahrenheit, the high limit switch trips, and then the heater goes to high-temperature mode. 

The heater shuts down in this mode, and your water heater stops heating water. There are far more major reasons underlying the high-temperature shutdown problem. That includes:

  • Faulty heater thermostat
  • Damaged or loose wiring connection to the circuit board
  • Defective high-limit switch
  • The clogged pressure relief valve
  •  Faulty gas control valve
  • Bad thermocouple


  • First up, check the thermostat of the heater and replace the defective one.
  • Now, inspect the pressure relief valve for the stuck debris inside of it. Clean the clogged valve.
  • Ensure good wiring connections of the heater. Disconnect and rejoin the wires.
  • Check the thermocouple. Clean the thermocouple and replace it if needed.
  • Replace the faulty gas control valve as well.
  • Check the fuel line of the valve. Replace the kinked or broken fuel line of the valve. 

4. Gas Control Valve Failure

The gas control valve of any water heater plays a vital role in keeping the gas in control. It is responsible for optimum functioning as well. But when the water somehow enters inside the valve or touches the valve, this problem occurs. 

gas control valve failure

Also, malfunctioning the pilot light, clogged burner orifice, bad thermocouple, and defective gas control valve probes are also some of the major reasons why the gas control valve may stop working.

In some cases, the defective gas control valve itself is the culprit. Follow the below guide to fix the gas control valve failure from your heater. 


  • To fix this problem, first, you have to reset the gas control valve.
  • Make sure that the pilot light is turned on and then reset the valve.
  • Then, check out the thermocouple. Clean the build-up debris from the element. Replace it in the case of a defective thermocouple.
  • Ensure that the pilot is lighting. If not, you will have to clean the pilot tube. Also, fix the kink in the hose and the poor electrical wiring connection.
  • Clean out the heater burner. To clean the burner assembly, it’s better to use a vacuum.
  • Now, check the gas valve probes. Test the probes in a multimeter. 
  • Last, check and replace the bad gas control valve. All you need to do is buy a new gas control valve and install it. Only then it’ll get back to its previous condition. 

5. Heater No Status Light

No status light is a sign of the heater not working. When the Envirtemp water heater doesn’t work, then there’ll be no status light to warn you. This is the machine’s way of saying that your water heater isn’t functioning. 

check Envirotemp water heater igniter wiring connection

The root reason the hot water heater has no status light includes the pilot not lighting, the igniter not sparking, and the faulty gas control valve’s electrical connection. There are other reasons that lead to this issue. For instance:

  • Tripped heater thermal switch
  • Low voltage on the thermopile
  • Defective heater thermopile

Here are the instructions to fix the status light issue from your Envirotemp gas water heater:


  • First up, let’s resolve the pilot light issue. Check and clean out the debris from the pilot tube.
  • Also, unblock the obstructed flex tube and replace the kinked one.
  • If there have dirt particles in the thermocouple, clean this element as well.
  • Replace the defective thermocouple and gas control valve.
  • Now, check the wiring connection of the igniter. It should be snugly inserted into the white or orange connector.
  • Inspect the electrode and replace the defective electrode with the help of a certified plumber.
  • If there is tripped thermal switch issue, press the small reset button in the center of the switch. Also, tighten all the wiring connections of the thermal switch.
  • Test the thermopile using a multimeter, and it should give a reading above 400 millivolts. If not, replace the bad thermopile. 

6. Heater Leaking Water

Leaking water from the Envirotemp water heater is one of the most common problems that users face. The main reasons for the water leakage from the Environment water heater element are:

envirotemp water heater leaking water
  • Sediment build-up at the water tank bottom
  • A deteriorated gasket
  • High water pressure
  • Loosen inlet or outlet connection
  • Cracked in the storage tank
  • Long-wearing and tearing
  • Loosen or opened the drain valve
  • Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve


  • First up, find out the source of the water leakage.
  • Then shut down the heater and gas shut-off valve immediately.
  • If the water is leaking from the cold water inlet and hot water outlet pipes, be sure they are loosened. Take a wrench and tighten the connection. 
  • Ensure that the drain valve is tightened and in well-working condition. Replace the bad drain valve.
  • After that, unclog the sediment build-up from the water tank. For this, you have to flush the water heater. 
  • Finally, check the water heater completely if there is a worn gasket, cracked tank, or faulty pressure relief valve. You need to replace the defective elements. Contact a certified plumber to precisely do the task. 

7. Heater Won’t Ignite

If your Envirotemp water heater is not igniting, be sure either the heater isn’t getting the power it requires to ignite, or there is something wrong with the ignition parts. 

Here, the pilot light tube might be clogged with carbon or shoot buildup inside of it. Also, because of a defective thermocouple, it fails to generate the safe circuit to light the pilot and turn the gas water heater off. 

Other major reasons for the Envirotemp water heater won’t turn on are as follows:

  • Broken electrodes
  • Defective igniters
  • Faulty gas control valve
  • Broken flex tubing
  • Defective pressure switch.

Follow the below instructions to troubleshoot the ignition issue of the Envirotemp gas water heater. 


  • First, you’ve to check out the power panel and make sure the current is working. 
  • Next, you need to check the condition of the ignition parts. For this, turn off the gas supply to the water heater.
  • Disassemble the heater and inspect the pilot light.
  • Clean carbon buildup from the pilot tube and brush away the shoot. If needed, clean the interior surfaces of the tube using compressed air.
  • Then, locate the anode rode and disconnect it from the connection. If it is corroded or blocked with sediment, replace it with the new one.
  • Now it’s time to check the piezo igniter of the heater. Ensure that the igniter gets the needed voltage. Replace the defective igniter.
  • Then, check whether the problem is in the gas control valve. Change the faulty gas valve.
  • Most importantly, check the thermocouple if it is broken or kinked. First, clean the thermocouple with sandpaper and scrub off all the dirt. Replace the broken thermocouple.
  • Measure the voltage reading of the pressure switch. If it gives a high reading, that is a sign of defection. Replace it. 


How can you reset your Envirotemp water heater?

You can reset your water heater by changing the settings manually. When you check the settings out, you’ll find an option for resetting. You can use that option to reset your heater easily. 

How can you relight an Envirotemp water heater?

You can easily relight your Envirotemp water heater by holding the pilot light button and holding it down for at least a minute or two. When you finish doing that, your Envirotemp water heater should relight in no time.

How do I know my heater’s pilot light is not functioning?

When your heater’s pilot light stops flashing or blinking, you need to get the message that your heater’s pilot light isn’t working anymore. This can occur due to any damage to the pilot light. 

Can I manually light my Envirotemp Water Heater?

You can manually light your Envirotemp water heater. You need to connect the heater to a power panel and then turn on the switch. After that, you can light your heater by yourself just by pushing the buttons. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve found the problem which was troubling you and got the right solution for it as well. If you follow our Envirotemp water heater troubleshooting guide as mentioned above, then you can easily fix your Envirotemp water heater problems by yourself. 

However, if you still face any more heater trouble, you better let us know in the comment box. We would be happy to offer you a simple solution as soon as possible. 

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