Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

A few common problems with your febo flame electric fireplace are the absence of flame, faulty remote, fireplace not turning on, and shutting down by itself. Plus, noise from the fireplace and ember bed glowing without flame are also issues you may face.

If your Febo fireplace has any of the above issues, our Febo Flame electric fireplace troubleshooting guide will surely help in this case. So, go on reading…. 

Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

In the electric fireplace, you may face several issues. Dealing with appliances having any major issue is really impossible. A quick fixing guide will save us from this trouble. To think about, we have come here bringing seven general problems of the fireplace with possible causes and all effective solutions. Stay connected with us to learn from depth.

1. Flame Not Glowing or Absent

While operating the fireplace, you often notice that the electric fireplace flame effect not working. Sometimes, the simulated flame effect is dim or sometimes absent. Several reasons are behind this problem. Like, when the dimmer control button is too low, the flame will not be present. In other cases, if the LED strip does not function well or stops working, the flame problem will appear.

Sometimes, when the flame wand motor is not functioning or loose wiring connection will lead the unit to this problem. Obviously, there needed some straightforward fixing methods. Here we have mentioned some DIY fixing procedures. 


  • First, start by pushing the flame button high to increase light.
  • If the LED strip is not working, you must call customer care service.
  • In the case of flame wand loose connection from the bracket, go through this process. Remove screws from their holding back panel and then secure the flame wand with the bracket properly.
  • If the flame wand motor problem, call customer care service.

2. Remote Control Not Working

Your electric fireplace remote control won’t work due to a low battery power supply or damaged battery, a faulty signal receiver, nonworking power button, control transmitter isn’t programmed well, and signal receiver problem with fireplace. Now fix the issue by following our below methods:


  • At first, remove all the batteries and replace them with new ones.
  • Insert the batteries in the right place properly.
  • Ensure that the batteries have enough power supply to operate the fireplace.
  • If the manual switch of the fireplace is turned on “ON” position, it may override the remote control signal. So, first, turn off the manual switch and then press the ON button of the remote.
  • Make sure you operate your remote control about 25 feet from the fireplace. Otherwise, the appliance will fail to get the signal.
  • Sometimes there may have a loose wiring problem in the remote. Unscrew it and tighten all the work correctly.
  • If the problem is the fireplace receiver signal, call the manufacturer.

3. Flame Without Heat

In some cases, you can see the flame in the fireplace but can’t get any heat from it. This often happens for some significant causes. The heating element of the fireplace is damaged or burned out, loose wiring or damaged wiring, thermostat wiring problem, incorrect temperature settings with the thermostat. However, have a look through to the mentioned solutions processes:


  • Make sure that your thermostat is in an appropriate setting. Set the thermostat temperature higher than the current room temperature.
  • Check if the heating element is burned out. If so, you have to contact the manufacturer to replace it.
  • Assemble your electric fireplace in proper venting.
  • If there are any loose connections, tighten them or replace that if damaged.
  • Then, the wiring of the thermostat is connected correctly. If not, attach all the wires with the connector.

4. Fireplace Won’t Turn On

An overheat protection device in the Febo flame fireplace prevents the overheating problem. If this device is enabled, the fireplace will stop working. Also, if there is any faulty or damaged wiring in the fireplace, the fireplace will not turn on. 

Sometimes, this problem will occur when the remote control is not working correctly. Additionally, burned fuses or defective circuit boards will create this problem. Anyway, go through our below solutions methods sensibly.


  • To deactivate the overheat protection mode, first, you have to turn off the fireplace. Then, unplug it from the main power supply. Leave it for about 10-20 minutes and let it be cool. After that, restart it again.
  • Now verify if there is faulty or loose wiring. Replace all the damaged wiring or tighten all loose wires.
  • Then, check whether there is any burnt fuse. You must have to replace it or contact customer care if needed.
  • If the problem is with remote control, you have to troubleshoot by following our guide.
  • Be sure that your fireplace is not connected with such a circuit board, where a massive amount of appliances are connected. It would be better to plug the appliance into a different outlet.
  • Plug the fireplace with the wall socket properly.

5. Fireplace Turns Off by Itself

If your electric fireplace turns off constantly and will not turn on back, be sure that there is a problem with the overheat protection device. Sometimes it is enabled as a safety precaution. Also, when the house circuit breaker is tripped, the fireplace is not turned on. 

The breaker will automatically be flipped off when the circuit is overloaded. The problem may happen if the remote control panel is not working correctly. Whatever the case, you need some quick solution. Here they are:


  • Check remote batteries. If possible, replace the complete remote control.
  • Plug out the appliance and restart the electric fireplace again. 
  • Reset the house circuit breaker.
  • Set the thermostat dialer above to prevent the continuous shutdown.
  • Now clean the inlet and outlet area properly if there has any blockage.

6. Excessive Noise From Heater

Sometimes heat produces excessive noise while the heater is on. This is so annoying and needs some effective solution method. But before that, let’s know the reasons behind the problem. If there is any blockage with specks of dirt in the heater, it will lead to the problem of electric fireplace clicking sound

Sometimes it is the sign of a defective heater. In some cases, the wrong placement of flame reflector and rubs against the housing. This will lead to producing excessive noise. Now have a look at solutions methods:


  • First, clean out the inlet and outlet properly and ensure there is no clogged with debris.
  • Then try to reposition the flame reflector. If needed, contact the manufacturer.
  • If they don’t work, you may have to replace the flame reflector.
  • Tight all the screws, nuts, and bolts of the fireplace appropriately.

7. Ember Bed Glowing But No Flame

Sometimes, you may notice that the embed bed is glowing, but there is no flame. This happens when the spinner spindle is not connected with the motor. Or, if the flame motor for electric fireplace stops running, there will be no flame. Even for mackerel parts break down, this problem will occur.


  • Try to fix all the above problems.
  • It would be better to contact customer services or the manufacturer.


How do I reset my electric fireplace?

To reset the complete fireplace:

  1. Turn the fireplace off.
  2. Unplug the appliance and leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Restart the fireplace, and it is reset.

Why does the Febo fireplace keep shutting off?

If there is a blockage in the inlet, outlet, or heater parts, the electric fireplace will constantly shut off. First, clean out that properly and shut down the fireplace for a while. If they don’t work, you have to contact the manufacturer.

When does an electric fireplace blow cold air?

It happens mainly when the thermostat temperature is set below the current room temperature. Always keep the thermostat temperature higher than room temperature. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide has been helpful to you. We hope you could successfully resolve your electric fireplace problem by following our guide. Still, if you have any questions about it, don’t get delayed to ask us in the comment section. Thank you for staying with us. 

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