Kozy Heat Remote Thermostat Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

If your Kozy heat remote thermostat not working, specify what difficulties you are facing with it. Common problems are the remote not learning the receiver, the thermostat display not working, and no response to remote commands. 

Sometimes it needs to reset the thermostat completely. No worries, we will describe all the possible reasons behind these problems with effective and quick solutions. Stay connected with us.

Kozy Heat Remote Thermostat Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

It is complicated to operate a thermostat having any operating issues. Obviously, it would be best to have quick troubleshooting to handle this appliance again.

To think, we tried our best to present five general problems with the most straightforward procedures for solving them. Moreover, all of the methods are Kozy heat tech supportive. So, without any delay, go through the main section.

1. Remote Not Learning To Receiver

If the remote is not learning from the receiver, there may be a few reasons for this problem. If there is no proper voltage supply in AC, the remote will not learn. Also, when the battery is damaged, then this problem will happen. 

Sometimes loose wiring affects the action of the remote control. Anyways, there should be some straightforward procedures to solve this problem. Just go through our solution methods:


  • First, check out the voltage of the AC supply. It should be in 120V.
  • Then make sure that the digital fireplace control module is in lockout position. 
  • Now from the receiver box, you will see ON-OFF-REMOTE switches. Just slide the switch to the off position. You have to leave it for about 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, slide the switch to the remote position again.
  • Then press the PRG button. You will find it in the receiver box. 
  • After that, you will hear three beep sounds from the receiver box. It indicates that the receiver box is ready to learn the remote code. 
  • If you can’t hear any sound, check the wires of the receiver box. It would be better to replace it. 
  • Then press the ON/OFF button quickly, and you will hear four beep sounds this time. This also indicates that the receiver box is ready to learn the code.
  • If you can hear the sound, it is okay. If no beeping, replace the complete remote control, or Kozy heat remote control reset may need in this case. 

2. Thermostat Display Not Working

Sometimes it seems that the thermostat display will not work. There may have a thermostat power problem. Either it does not get any power or loses power. Some other reasons are battery power is too low or damaged battery. 

Also, if the furnace exhaust is not closed correctly, the display will not work. When the thermostat panel is not appropriately pressed or for loose wiring, displaying problem will occur. However, let’s back to the solution sections for this problem. 


  • First, check if there is any wiring issue. You have to unscrew the complete thermostat and check if all the connections are tightened and okay.
  • Then, verify the thermostat panel is perfectly pressed. If it is not pressed, the display will stop working or start fading.
  • After that, shut down the furnace door properly. If it is not closed accurately, the activation switch will not turn, and it derives in the unit not working
  • In the case of low battery power, you have to supply power from the HVAC system. It would be better to replace the battery to get rid of this problem quickly.
  • If all these don’t work, you may need to replace the thermostat.

3. Kozy Heat Thermostat Message Flickering or Blinking

There are a few reasons for occurring this problem. Your thermostat messages will start flickering for an insufficient power supply. Or sometimes there is a problem with the batteries. Either battery is dead or low powering. 

In another case, it may happen when the thermostat is turned on just after battery replacement. It would take up to 5min to start again.

Sometimes there is a losing power supply, and it goes to a time-delayed state. It is one type of compressor protection and protects the unit from damage.


  •  First, start by changing the thermostat battery.
  • Then check the Underlying wiring if it is damaged or in a loose connection.
  • If it doesn’t work, you have to understand that there is a bigger problem with the thermostat. Contact the manufacturer. 

4. No Response to The Remote Command

If your remote is working properly, the appliance will not respond. There may have batteries problem. Either it is damaged, or the power is too low.

Also, if there is no connection between the remote and IFC module, this problem will happen.

In some cases, plenty of failed ignitions from the burner are responsible for this problem. No worries. You can fix the problem by following methods:


5. Reset The Thermostat

If all the above methods do not work, try to reset the thermostat. Here, you will get the step-by-step procedures to reset the thermostat. Just go through our following processes.

How To Reset Kozy Heat Remote Thermostat

Here are the reset steps: 

  • First, switch off the thermostat. 
  • Then, you have to remove the battery. It is not a big deal. Just unscrew it from the wall and remove the battery very carefully.
  • After that, place the battery in the backward position. It will line up the negative sides to the positive terminal.
  • Leave in this position for 5 minutes.
  • Then, place the battery in the proper position.
  • When done, your thermostat is entirely reset. 


How to turn off the Kozy heat fireplace?

To turn off the appliance, press the “OFF” button from the control knob. 

What is the exact difference between CPI and IPI?

CPI is such a mode when the main flame is not on, but the pilot will constantly light. IPI is a mode where the pilot is lit only on the ignition demand from the main burner.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, our comprehensive solution guide is helpful to you. And now you can successfully troubleshoot your Kozy heat thermostat problem.

Also, it will be helpful for you to read our simple solution method on Kozy Heat gas fireplace troubleshooting to fix any issues with your fireplace.

If you still have any questions about this, you may ask us in the comment box.

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  1. My remote was all of a sudden flickering and I assumed it was a battery issue. I replaced the 3 batteries in the remote and the remote works well except for the thermostat function. My fireplace is hard wired. The only way to control the fireplace is with the remote. Your instructions are really not as simplified as I was hoping. Thank you.

    • Hi Sherly

      Usually, weak or dying batteries cause the remote’s sudden flickering. Replacing the battery is an easy solution. But as you are saying you replaced it 3 times but it didn’t work well for the thermostat function. You should contact a technician to inspect the exact problem.


    • Hi Michael

      Did you reset your remote as we told in our guide? If not, first reset and see if it’s working or not. If it still won’t work, then contact a technician.


  2. I have a vogelzang vg5770 pellet stove.
    The thermostat does not seem to control the stove when the stove is running.
    I have selected “thermostat mode” but the stove runs higher (hotter) than my desired temperature input.
    I’ve set the thermostat at 68 and the stove runs continuously … never ramping up or down like I would expect.

  3. After changing my remote batteries, when clicking the temperature button on my remote, it no longer shows the smart option. How do I get the SMART option back?


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