Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The common Kozy Heat gas fireplace problems include the Kozy Heat remote not working, the pilot light won’t stay lit, pilot outages, and more. To solve all these problems, today, we are here with the Kozy heat gas fireplace troubleshooting guide.

We can declare that after reading the whole guide, it will help you to fix the above problems by yourself. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The Kozy heat gas fireplace will help you acquire comfortable warmth in the internal areas of your home. However, as every good product has its downsides, this one also has some problems. Here, we will elaborately discuss 7 Kozy heat gas fireplace problems, their causes, and simple solutions.

1. Kozy Heat Remote Not Working

Sometimes your Kozy heat remote may not work. The reasons behind this problem are:

  • Low battery
  • No communication between the remote control and the IFC module
  • Kozy heat remote control reset problem


  • In case of a low battery, you need to replace the battery. 
  • To fix the communication between the remote control and the IFC module, you need to reprogram the remote control to the IFC module to solve it. 
  • To solve the Kozy heat remote control reset problem, turn off the remote first and then take out the batteries. After doing that, allow the remote 3-5 minutes to get cool. Then again put your batteries in. Finally, after you have put your batteries in, press the ON button of your remote and it will get reset.

2. Kozy Heat Fireplace Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

The most likely culprit behind this problem is an element called a thermocouple. The thermocouple is a metallic bar that is stuck in front of the pilot light. It senses whether a flame is existing or not. When the pilot light is lit, the temperature of the thermocouple increases. If the thermopile doesn’t generate enough millivolts, then the pilot light won’t stay lit. 


To solve this problem, you need to check if the pilot flame impinges on the thermocouple or not. You need to clean and adjust the pilot flame for the most flame impingement. Also, make sure that the thermocouple connection at the gas valve is completely inserted and tightened with 1/4 rotation.

3. Kozy Heat Fireplace Pilot Often Outages

This problem happens for two reasons. They are:

  • The pilot shield is not installed. 
  • The pilot flame is very high or very low, causing pilot security to fail. 


  • In case of the pilot shield is not installed, you need to install it. 
  • When the pilot security fails, you need to clean and adjust the flame for the most flame impingement on the thermopile.

4. Kozy Heat Burner Won’t Light

Your Kozy heat burner won’t light for various reasons. They are:

  • The gas, control knob, on or off switch, remote, and wall switch are turned off.
  • The remote, wall switch, and on or off switch wires are faulty.


  • You need to turn on the gas, control knob, on or off switch, remote, and wall switch. 
  • To solve the faulty remote, wall switch, and on or off switch wires, check wires for correct connections. Then, you need to place jumper wires across the terminal at the switch. If the burner lights, change the faulty switch. Now, if the switch is okay, put jumper wires across the switch wires on the gas valve. If the burner lights, the wires are defective or connections are poor. Change the wires to solve this.

5. Kozy Heat Burner Won’t Stay Lit

Sometimes the Kozy heat burner won’t stay lit. This problem occurs for three reasons. They are:

  • The thermopile wires are loose at valve terminals. 
  • The thermopile wires ground out because of pinched wires. 
  • The refractory panel placement problem.


  • You need to tighten the thermopile wires in case they are loose. 
  • In case of thermopile wires ground out, you need to free pinched wires.
  • In case of the refractory panel placement problem, refractory panels need to be tight against firebox walls. It might be essential to protect the panels with high-temp sealant, particularly around the intake duct.

6. Kozy Heat Fireplace Red Light Blinking

This problem happens for the below reasons: 

  • Low battery backup. In this case, the red LED indicator light will blink one time in intervals.
  • The pilot flame error condition. This time the red LED indicator light will blink two times in intervals.


7. Kozy Heat Fireplace Glass Sooting

Your Kozy heat fireplace glass can soot for many reasons. They are: 

  • Improper venturi setting. 
  • Incorrect vent cap installation.
  • Vent cap blockage.


  • In case of improper venturi setting, the venturi might require to be opened somewhat to let more air into the gas mixture. 
  • In case of incorrect vent cap installation, you need to adjust it if necessary.
  • In case of vent cap blockage, remove debris if necessary.


Why is my Kozy heat fireplace beeping?

Your Kozy heat fireplace can beep once every 1 second, which warns you that the pilot isn’t successfully ignited in 60 seconds. To solve this, you need to turn off the mode button and then turn it on to attempt ignition again. 

How to light a Kozy Heat fireplace?

Firstly, uncover the Kozy heat fireplace controls. Then find the ignition button. Now, find the control knob and turn it off. After that, light the pilot light. Finally, with a sustained pilot light, turn on the control knob to light the fireplace.

How do you light the pilot on a Kozy Heat fireplace?

You can light the pilot on a Kozy heat fireplace by rotating the knob to the Pilot position. You need to press and remain pressing down on the control knob while UD presses the ignition switch once for each second. When the pilot is lit, stop pressing the ignition switch. Remain to press the control knob for 30 seconds. Then, slowly extricate from the control knob.

How frequently should I need my Kozy Heat fireplace serviced? 

The Kozy heat fireplace maintenance is required at least one time every year. You need to have it cleaned and inspected by an expert service person.

What should I do if I ever smell gas from my Kozy Heat fireplace?

Don’t attempt to light any appliance or touch any electrical switch. Also, don’t use any mobiles in your house. Instantly call your gas service provider from a neighbor’s mobile and follow the gas supplier’s directions. If you can’t reach your gas service provider, call the fire department. 


Hopefully, you could fix your Kozy heat gas fireplace problems after reading our troubleshooting guide. But, when you couldn’t come to the solution, then let us know your problems in the comment box. We will help you ASAP.

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  1. To solve the Kozy heat remote control reset problem, take out the batteries first. After doing that, hold the #2 button while you put your batteries in again. Finally, after you have put your batteries in, it will say upgrade completed, and then press any button.

    I have having problems with the remote and looking at your solutions I’d like to know what is the #2 button?

    • Hi Robert

      Just follow the instruction here to reset your remote:
      Turn off the remote first and then take out the batteries. After doing that, allow the remote 3-5 minutes to get cool. Then again put your batteries in. Now press the ON button of your remote and it will get reset.


  2. I purchased a Kozy Heat Chaska 34-L fireplace last year. The fireplace was installed on January 2, 2021. The pilot light went out after approximately 3 weeks (I did not write down the exact date). I was terrified that gas was leaking into my living room, however, I was told that it was safe and that I could start the fireplace again safely. The pilot light continued to go off 11 more times before summer, (2/13/2021, 3/3/2021, 3/23/2021, 4/5/2021, 4/13/2021, 4/25/2021, 5/3/2021, 5/11/2021, 5/18/2021, 5/28/2021, and 6/5/2021) after which I turned the pilot off for the summer. The company I bought the fireplace from, after sending someone to fix the problem (and could not determine why this was happening), promised to replace the pilot mechanism with a new one. It took them a long tome to do so ( and I did NOT use the fireplace during this time -(again, very frightened, although told that everything was safe), but a new pilot mechanism was replaced (finally) on February 14, 2022. Unfortunately, the pilot went off again 7 days later, on February 21, 2022…. then again on March 11, 2022, and a third time on March 19, 2022. I called the person who installed the new pilot (on February 21 or 22) who was going to call the company again. I have not heard from the company and am going to call the installer (again) and the company to complain -but was looking to find any info that was available about what went wrong and how to fix. Will be contacting them today or tomorrow…. Very glad to have found this information, and will be passing it on. However, WHAT IS WRONG AND IS IT REALLY SAFE? My gas fireplace was purchased as a way to get heat if I lost electricity due to a storm or power failure (since my gas furnace requires electricity to ignite it to run) and therefore I was (am) depending on a dependable pilot for my fireplace. I do (or did) not use the fireplace very often otherwise. Could this be the problem? (and if so, why?).
    Thank you for your info. and help.

  3. My KozyHeat remote will not turn on – completely dead – I replaced with new batteries twice, still won’t turn on. Any ideas why and how to fix?


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