Kozy Heat Remote Control Instructions [9 Easy Steps]

Kozy heat fireplace remote operations include changing the temperature indication display, the system ON/OFF, flame mode adjustment, thermostat mode activation, and deactivation.

Also, smart thermostat mode, fan mode, light intensity adjustment, and CPI/IPI mode are in the row of fireplace remote operations.

kozy heat remote control instructions

Don’t get in trouble if you are confused about all the above operations. Our comprehensive Kozy heat remote control instructions guide will help you a lot. Scroll down to learn in-depth.

Kozy Heat Remote Control Instructions [9 Easy Steps]

While operating the fireplace, you must have to know all the unit’s remote control operations. To do this, you have to read the Kozy heat fireplace manual.

But it is quite tough to search from the manual. To think about this, we have listed nine general remote control operations with complete instructions. So, keep yourself staying with us.

Note: You can also read how to fix a faulty Kozy heat remote thermostat.

1. Change The Temperature Indication Display

The remote LCD screen displays the current room temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit when the system is OFF.

But you can easily change Kozy Heat remote Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice-versa at your convenience. Follow the below instruction to set up that mode:


  • Make sure the fireplace is in the OFF position.
  • Press the thermostat and mode keys simultaneously to set Fahrenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C).
  • Repeat the same operation to set Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F).
  • Check on the right side of the LCD screen whether the temperature is set to your requirements.

2. Turn the System ON/OFF

You can easily turn the ON or OFF the appliance with your remote control. Just see the below instructions:


  • When the fireplace is off, press the ON/OFF button to turn the system on.
  • A beep sound will come out from the IFC Module as a confirmation of the reception command.
  • You will see all active icons on the screen.
  • Also, the IFC module will start the ignition.
  • When the fireplace is on, press the ON/OFF button to turn off the system.
  • A beep sound will come out from the IFC Module as a confirmation of the reception command.
  • You will see only the room temperature icon on the screen.
  • The IFC module will shut off the main burner.

3. Adjust Remote Flame Modulation

The kozy heat remote control system has six levels of flame modulation. When the fireplace is ON, the flame is at maximum level. To adjust the flame level to high or low, have a look at the instructions:


  • Press the up arrow key to increase the flame level as needed. But if the flame is off at that time, the flame will come out into HI. 
  • Also, press the down key to decrease the flame level. But continuously pressing will shut off the flame. 

4. Active Remote Control Thermostat

Your electric fireplace remote control can be set as a thermostat. Thus, you can set the thermostat temperature to control the room temperature with your remote.


  • First, press the thermoset key.
  • The LCD screen will display a temperature bulb graphic icon as an activation of the function.
  • Now, press the UP/DOWN key to adjust your desired temperature.

5. Thermostat Smart Mode

After activating this function, the thermostat will automatically adjust the flame down when your room temperature gets close to the set temperature.

That means it is a smart thermoset function that changes the flame level based on the set temperature and actual room temperature. Anyway, activate the functions by following the instructions:


  • Press the thermostat key simultaneously until the “SMART” option appears with the thermostat icon on the screen.
  • Now adjust the temperature by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow keys as before.

6. Deactivate The Remote Control Thermostat

If the remote control thermostat operation is activated, you can deactivate it as well. For that, you have to remove the batteries and reinstall those again to deactivate the thermostat. Have a look at the detailed instructions:


  • First, remove the battery cover and press the tab of the cover in order to open it.
  • Then, remove 3 AAA batteries from the inside.
  • Then insert them again. 
  • Press the thermostat key, and you will see no temperature bulb graphic is displayed on the screen. That means the remote control thermostat is being deactivated. 

7. Control Fan Mode

Almost every Kozy heat fireplace remote control has fan operation having six different speed levels. To activate the fan mode, follow our below instructions:


  • First, press the Mode button from the remote control.
  • Press the mode key continuously until the fan icon (*) lights up on the screen.
  • Then, press the Up/Down keys to adjust the fan speed.
  • But there is a point to be noted that the fan will not activate until the fireplace is burned for 5 minutes and will start operating for 12 minutes after the fireplace has been turned off.

8. Adjust Light Intensity

The remote control operates lighting mode on six different levels. To adjust the light intensity, have a look through the below methods:


  • Press the mode key at the same time. 
  • When the light icon appears on the screen, press the UP/DOWN arrow keys to adjust the light levels.
  • Wait 15 seconds to accept the new settings by the control mode. 
  • You will hear a beep sound after the confirming reception of the command.

9. CPI/IPI Mode

Every Kozy heat remote control has CPI and IPI modes to control it. The feature is quite important to let ignition in different modes. In CPI, the pilot will light without any breakdown. 

Also, in IPI mode, the pilot will not light all the time. You will find IPI operation is set by default. Follow the below instructions to change your desired pilot system:


  • Press the mode key and find the CPI icon on the screen.
  • Then, press the UP arrow key to activate this.          
  • A beep sound will emit when the command is confirmed
  • If you again want to go IPI mode, just press the down arrow key. 
  • When the system is off, you can see the snowflake icon for both IPI and CPI modes. But you can only see this icon in CPI mode when the system is on. 


How to detect a fireplace remote control low battery?

When your remote control battery is getting low, an icon will automatically appear on the LCD screen. When you insert a new battery, the icon will disappear.

How to activate the remote control key lock function?

To activate the key lock function, you have to press the mode button and the UP arrow key at the same time. You will see a lock icon appear on the screen. 

Final Verdict:

We hope, you can now operate your fireplace remote control effectively by following our guide. Still, if you have any queries don’t forget to ask us. We will come to you with the solution.

Plus, you can read our easy solution guide on Kozy Heat gas fireplace troubleshooting to solve any issue with your fireplace.

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  1. It would be nice to be able to set the flame height default instead of it always being on HI when I turn it on. I have to adjust down to level 3 every time I turn on it on.

  2. I found the 9 step instruction helpful. It was intuitive which is helpful. It is helpful because it makes sense to me!
    Thank you!! 😘

  3. I have replaced the batteries in the remote. It still has no lights on the display? Is there anything else I can try or do I need a new remote??

    • Hi Kathy

      Generally, a remote doesn’t work due to one or more reasons like a damaged remote, a non-programmed transmitter, insufficient power in the remote battery, a malfunctioning signal receiver, and a network out-of-range.

      Well, as you have replaced the batteries, now check the other issues one by one following our instructions on the gas fireplace remote control not working.

      If you get all the issues are okay, then test the power of new batteries too as sometimes they could be the culprit.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  4. What is the auxiliary button for? it is above the dual flame and below the snowflake. You can turn it on or off but none of the instructions on line say anything about this function.

    • Hi Jan

      To change your Kozy Heat remote’s temperature mode from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa, first, make sure the fireplace is in the “off” position.

      Then, simultaneously press the mode key & the thermostat key until you see the symbol change.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Tony

      To deactivate the Kozy Heat remote control key lock function, simultaneously press the up arrow key & the mode key. Also, by doing the same process you can activate this key lock function.

      Best of luck!

    • Same problem… the batteries were dead and this code keeps popping up after replacement. I even tried pairing it again to see if it would clear the code but it’s still there.


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