Heat N Glo Remote Control Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

A damaged remote, a non-programmed transmitter, insufficient power in the remote battery, a malfunctioning signal receiver, and network out-of-range problems are mainly responsible for Heat n Glo remote control not working.

heat n glo remote control not working

The remote control through the radio frequency signal connects with the receiver box. So, interruption in communication will stop the Heat n Glo remote control’s working process. The troubleshooting tips in this article will definitely provide a guide to combat your fireplace’s remote control problems by yourself.

Heat N Glo RemotHeat N Glo Remote Control Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

Mainly, the following reasons hinder the proper functioning of the Heat n Glo remote control. Let’s discuss all those issues and solutions.

1. Transmitter Hasn’t Been Programmed

You need to set up your electric fireplace’s remote before starting to operate. You should complete the transmitter program setup first when you get it first. However, you can set it up following the remote control instructions manual.

The fireplace’s remotes use radio frequency signals to connect to the receiver. Now non-programmed transmitter hinders the movements to reach the receiver. Signal interruption is a common problem for which the Heat n Glo remote control stops working. This problem is more acute in residential areas because of the various electric devices.


The simple way to get rid of this issue is to resync the fireplace to recover the remote signals. You could resync the radio frequency signal following the steps below:

  • Find the receiver box’s “LEARN” button
  • Press the button and release it
  • Press the fireplace remote’s “ON” or “MODE” button
  • If the remote has a beeping sound, it indicates that the programmed setting or synced process is successful

2. Batteries Lack of Sufficient Power

In most cases, the remote control stops working simply because it doesn’t have sufficient power or runs out of power. Therefore whenever you face this problem, check the battery power whether it’s working or not. Usually, for the following reasons, the battery’s capacity runs out. The reasons are:

  • The receiver constantly asks for the signals
  • The receiver’s battery works continuously
  • Using the remote for an extended period
  • Battery leakage


Check the remote’s battery to see whether it’s running properly or not. Checking the battery is easy. Push the remote’s ON button and check the LED indicator’s lit up. If it lit up after pressing the ON button, it indicates nothing is wrong with your remote. But if it doesn’t light up, it means the battery’s power is running out. The other solutions to solve this issue are:

  • Replace the remote battery
  • Avoid remote’s use for an extended period
  • Replace the leaked battery

3. Damaged Remote

The defective remote itself is the next culprit for which it stops working. The fireplace can not receive the signal from the damaged remote. However, the remote becomes damaged when its buttons malfunction or break. The following factors contribute to the damaged remote problem:

  • Sticky remote buttons
  • Greasy circuit board
  • Damaged power button
  • Remote’s internal wiring fault
  • Faulty electric board
  • Broken remote button


Fixing the damaged remote’s problem could be challenging unless you are an expert on it. However, the easy solution is to replace the entire remote instead of fixing the remote’s faulty electric board or broken buttons. It would be a quicker solution than wasting hours fixing the tiny control board issues. The other keys are: 

  • Clean out the sticky buttons and faulty circuit board
  • Replace the damaged power buttons
  • Contact a technician to fix the internal wiring issue

4. Out of Range

Mostly the fireplace’s remote stops working because of the out-of-range problem. The remote’s smooth operation requires the signal receiver to remain within 25 feet. This 25-foot is the maximum distance, and your handheld fireplace remote can operate within this range.

Usually, the residential setting contains signal transmission interference of various objects, including different electronic devices and walls. The interference due to electronic devices, sofas, and walls reduces the radio frequency and causes this problem. As a result, the receiver struggles to receive the signal when operating the remote out of the available range.


You have to operate your fireplace remote control within a specific range. Operate the remote when the difference between you and the receiver is 6-7 feet. In this range, it will function well. The easy solutions are:

  • Operate the remote from the receiver’s closure to check whether the range limit is creating the problem or not
  • Push the receiver “ON” button and check whether it starts running or not

5. Individual Buttons Malfunction

When the remote’s button stops functioning correctly, the entire Heat n Glo remote will stop working. If you use your fireplace remote most frequently, this problem can happen. This is because frequent use causes more pressure on the remote’s buttons. As a result, it can easily damage. 

However, when the remote itself is damaged, in that case, the buttons also become ineffective. Sometimes the individual button’s internal wiring malfunction causes this issue too.


First, check whether the individual button malfunction is responsible for stopping the remote’s working or not. Manually turn on the fireplace and check the buttons. If other buttons function correctly, the faulty individual switches could be the problem. Other solutions are:

  • Contact a technician to examine whether the separate button’s internal wiring is properly working or not
  • Replace the damaged remote and bring a new one


How do I reset my electric fireplace remote?

The remote’s outlet consists of the reset button. Just push it to reset the fireplace remote. If the wall switch controls the outlet in which the fireplace is plugged, you should ensure the switch’s correct position. Make sure it is in the “ON” position.

Are gas fireplace remotes universal?

Your fireplace’s gas valve is the determining factor of whether you can use the remote as a universal remote or not. The remote’s design is used to work incorporation with the millivolt gas valve.

Why does my gas fireplace not put out heat?

Too low efficiency, poor air circulation, BTU rating, or too many walls are the reasons for your fireplace failing to put out heat in your home. Again if the fireplace’s thermostat is set at a shallow unit, it can cause this issue.

Can I get a remote for my Heat n Glo fireplace?

Yes! You can get a remote control for your Heat n Glo fireplace. The remote controls include various features ranging from simple on/off your fireplace to a thermostatic. The use of a remote simplifies the use of your fireplace.

How long can I leave my Heat n Glo fireplace on?

A fully equipped and fully vented fireplace with a sealed glass front can run continuously. On the other hand, the vent-free and front doors supplied fireplace can run up to 3-4 hours maximum at a time.


All those reasons are known to you for why the Heat n Glo remote control not working. Hopefully, you can now solve your fireplace’s remote-control issue by yourself.

But don’t let your hope down if you still fail to solve your remote control issue after trying the above ways. Let us know your problem in the comment box. We will provide you with the solution.

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    • Hi Robert

      Generally, a remote control won’t switch on due to a non-programmed transmitter, insufficient power in the remote battery, a malfunctioning signal receiver, and network out-of-range problems.
      As your batteries are new, check for other issues to find out the main culprit and then fix it following our solution guide on Remote Control Not Working.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  1. I am trying to activate the constant pilot using my remote. Follow the user manual instructions but it isn’t turning on?The batteries are new and it works fine to light the fireplace. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Wally

      As the batteries are new, the remote can’t activate the pilot light may be due to a non-programmed transmitter, a malfunctioning signal receiver, and network out-of-range problems.

      Check all these issues and find out the main reason behind the problem. And then fix it following our solution guide in the article.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best.

    • Hi Greg

      Generally, the Heat N Glo remote won’t work due to one or more reasons like a damaged remote, a non-programmed transmitter, insufficient power in the remote battery, a malfunctioning signal receiver, and a network out-of-range.

      As your remote’s batteries are brand new, check the other issues mentioned above one by one which could be the culprit behind the issue in this case. Then, fix the problem following our instructions in the aricle.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!


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