Why My Fire Sense Patio Heater Won’t Stay Lit + How To Fix [Solved]

Carbon build-up on the thermocouple or low gas pressure will prevent your patio heater from lighting up. Therefore, your Fire Sense Patio Heater won’t stay lit if the gas valve is off or the igniter gets worn out. 

fire sense patio heater won't stay lit

Fixing those heater issues will help to let your patio heater function again to bring back the warm environment on your patio. And this troubleshooting guide will help solve those problems that prevent the heater from functioning. So, read on till the end. 

Why My Fire Sense Patio Heater Won’t Stay Lit + How To Fix

Why won’t my patio heater stay lit? You go nuts thinking about this issue. And the following reasons will relieve you from this tension. We will break down why your patio heater won’t light up. 

1. Thermocouple Gets Coated With Carbon

Your Fire Sense patio heater won’t light if the carbon build-up forms on and around the thermocouple.

Dirt, debris, and ever the propane itself are the culprit behind forming the carbon buildup on the thermocouple. Lastly, a defective thermocouple will prevent your patio heater from turning on. 


Use a small tooth file to remove the carbon buildup from the thermocouple. Turns out, sanding the thermocouple gently will also help to remove the coat of carbon.

If cleaning the carbon build-up doesn’t bring any luck, it’s time to replace the thermocouple. Regarding this, hire a certified technician or call customer service for help. 

2. Maybe The Gas Valve Is Off Or The Tank Is Empty

You can’t turn on your patio heater if the gas valve on the propane tank is off. A closed gas valve restricts the gas to flow from the tank to the heater.

And without fuel, it’s impossible to ignite the patio heater. Empty or not having enough gas in the propane tank is another caveat behind this issue. 


Inspect the gas valve on the tank to see whether it is on or off. Turn the gas valve on if it’s in the Off position. Next, ensure there is enough fuel in the propane tank. If it’s empty, get your propane tank to your nearby gas station and refill it. 

3. Gas Valve Orifice Gets Blocked

A clogged gas valve orifice is responsible for not turning the patio heater on. The patio heater orifice will get blocked if dirt, debris, and insects nest on the orifices. Besides, the air in the gas line causes the patio heater to not light up. 


Release the blockage from the gas valve orifice by removing dirt, dust, and insects. You can use an air compressor to blow away debris & particles from the orifice.

If you are not inclined, hire a professional technician to clean the orifice for you. On the other hand, you should purge the gas line if there is air in it.

Turn the knob to the on position and open the gas line fully. Start depressing the control knob for 2-3 minutes. Before going to ignite the heater, ensure all the gas has cleared. 

4. Fire Sense Patio Heater Igniter Not Working

The Fire Sense Patio Heater has a spark igniter. Over time, it gets worn out and the igniter won’t work. And in this case, you must replace the igniter. 


Patio heater igniter replacement to learn how to replace the igniter. However, you can call customer service to do this task for you if you are not mechanically inclined. 

5. Gas Pressure Too Low

Too low gas pressure is a barrier that causes your patio heater not to light up. Empty propane tanks, blocked or defective gas hoses & regulators are also responsible for low gas pressure. 


Refill the gas tank with fuel. Next, inspect the gas hose for a clog. If it gets clogged, remove the blockage from it. Otherwise, you should replace the gas hose & regulator assembly if the gas is on but there is no gas flow. 


Why does my propane patio heater keep shutting off?

If the thermocouple is too far from the flame or gets worn out, your patio heater will keep shutting off. To solve this issue, bring the thermocouple close to the flame. If needed, replace the thermocouple with a new one. 

How do you clean a thermocouple on a patio heater?

First off, turn off the gas supply and pull out the thermocouple from the pilot assembly. Then, use steel wool to clean the thermocouple by removing dirt & dust. You can also hire a technician to do this task.

How do you bypass a thermocouple?

Firstly, pull out the tilt switch and keep it aside. Then, use an 8mm wrench to remove the thermocouple from the heater. Secondly, use a 13mm socket wrench to pull the valve housing aside. Thirdly, use the pliers to remove the valve. Finally, put back the thermocouple in its position to bypass it.


The Fire Sense Patio Heater won’t stay lit. It’s a common heater problem. We discussed all the culprits behind this heater issue and provided their solutions.

So, follow every step we mentioned to let your patio heater function again. If the problem continues, call customer service for help. 

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